SikhNet Radio on your Mobile Phone?

Do any of you have internet access on your mobile phone? If you do…could you do me a favor and test to see if you are able to listen to some of the SikhNet Radio Channels on your mobile phone?

There are two links for each channel. If the first one does not work…then try the second one.  Let me know if it works or not. It is possible that it will work on some mobile phones and not on others. This will also depend probably on the internet connection and the software player that is on the phone.

If you get it to work on your mobile phone then please email me the following info:

  • Which link worked (there are two links for each channel)
  • Mobile phone model
  • Company that you use for mobile service
  • The country that you are in.

11 Responses to “SikhNet Radio on your Mobile Phone?”

  1. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Gurmustuk ji

    i wrote a few days ago explaining that there were problems listening to mobile radio on a Samsung Sync with service. The links marked “Channel” all returned a message “Format not supported” and the links marked “Ch” idled and then timed out.

    After doing some experimenation, I was able to get onto many of the home pages for the stations including Harimandir, San Francisco and Freemont. But never could get audio. When clicking on the live audio buttons, this is what I found.

    The stations seem to store files in formats compatible only with the winamp or Windows Media Player. My problem had nothing to do with my phone but rather with the Internet service that ATT/cingular support–

    My husband couldn’t hear live audio channels on his phone either with Sprint service, and the Samsun Sync phone. He is thinking that the page with the list of stations might need some Java script to detect services that support only mp3, and then redirect to a page with a compatible service interface. This is his bliss. I haven’t got a clue. supports in turn only mp3 file formats. So I can listen to the Daily Hukamanama – English translation on the Sikhnet site – with no problem at all, right from the home page. But not any of the mobile channels.

    Switching from a wap platform to a wap platform did not help either. So it looks like some service providers will not support the live broadcasts.

  2. Harleen Kaur says:

    The radio did not work on my cingular 8125 either. I am using wifi to access the internet.

  3. Parvinder says:

    Which link worked (there are two links for each channel) – No link worked. It clicked on ChN, it would try to load it in quicktime and then give a error “couldn’t play the movie”

    Mobile phone model – Iphone 3G

    Company that you use for mobile service – ATT

    The country that you are in. – USA

    I really wish we have something like pandora or a similar App for Keertan radio

  4. Dr.Mohan Singh Virick says:

    I also have problem on a 3G iPhone Roger Canada

  5. cannot be played on iPhone radio streaming. I have also downloaded AOL radio from Apple store (Freeware) to play radio channels, but is not listed there. I believe Admn.  has to contact the AOL Radio and get listed as a World International radio channel.

  6. jaspreet says:

    SAt Sri Akalji
     live in India. I am using nokia6600 handset.I want Sikhnet radio on my can i get.

  7. Teetu Singh Sadana says:

    Is there any to get daily hukamanama on our mobiles ?

  8. Kuldip Singh says:

    Sat Sri akal ji,
    Today i loading ch9 (Hariminder Sahib) ,after click Begin Downloading, but not show how much MB downloading continues here, massage display with that estimated time left not known…so if I successfully play ch9 on mobile, I will return here. Other channel links provide at my own website  

  9. parvinder singh says:

    Hello , i have been using my mobile radio on my Blackbery Bold ; it works perfectly fine and the bold was launched a little over 6 months ago and it is under ATT but what i am missing is the channel for Simran i wish it could be added .So please try to add the channel for Simran
    thanks for everything Sikhnet is doing …….

  10. jatinder singh says:

    Sat Shri Akal g to all of which are using this sites ..i”m using the nokia 6630 mobile ,,i want to Sikhnet radio on my can i get. and also tell me how i can get daily hukanama on our mobile

  11. jagjit singh says:

    Wahi guru jee ka khlssa te wahi guru jee kee fhti