Your Gurdwara Broadcast Live On the Internet/SikhNet?

So, you might have gotten an email today announcing the "SikhNet Radio Network" and tuned in to the various live broadcasts. Pretty cool eh? I would like to invite all of you who have a regular Gurdwara program in your city/country to become a part of the SikhNet Radio Network, and enable thousands of people from all over to tune in. So, when kirtan is going on at your Gurdwara, not just those sitting in the sangat will hear the kirtan, but people from all parts of the world! If you have your own Gurdwara website, we can provide you with some HTML code that will add a little web player button right on your website.

It’s actually not that complicated to get your Gurdwara setup and broadcasting live. So, if you are interested and meet the below requirements then send me an email so we can help you get setup and listed on SikhNet. It is great publicity for your community too!

Did I mention that this is a FREE service that SikhNet is offering? If you can get a used computer from someone in the sangat then the only cost for the Gurdwara would probably be the internet connection. What are you waiting for then?? I’m surprised that I haven’t already gotten a bunch of emails from people wanting to get their Gurdwara online!??

Requirements for Live Broadcasting

  • Regular Gurdwara Program – Initially we are only featuring and hosting Gurdwaras that have a regular Kirtan program (Every day).
  • Always on Fast Internet Connection – We recommend that you use DSL, Cable or similar fast internet connections. Dialup modem will NOT work.
  • Responsible person to setup and monitor the computer/live broadcast – In most cases you won’t need to look at the computer very often, however there must be a person responsible for the computer who is able to fix things, restart the computer and deal with other possible problems if they arise.
  • Dedicated Computer – You will need a computer which is to be used only for the live broadcast. This can be a used or older computer, but we suggest that you use Windows XP (rather than windows 98 or ME).
  • Gurdwara Schedule – We will need to get a general daily schedule so that we can list the times that people can expect to listen to Kirtan. In the future we plan to have an automatic indicator that will show something like "Now Broadcasting" during scheduled times. As more Gurdwaras become part of SikhNet Radio Network this will be helpfull to listeners who want to listen to Kirtan that is happening at that time.

If you have the above mentioned things taken care of and would like to get your local Gurdwara broadcast live online through SikhNet Radio, then please contact us and we will send you more information on how to get setup and broadcasing.


3 Responses to “Your Gurdwara Broadcast Live On the Internet/SikhNet?”

  1. Sundeep Singh says:

    Singh ji, could you add SF Sikh Centre to the list? They have daily broadcasts of Panthic Vidvaan Giani Takhur Singh ji’s inspiring katha. They also have tons of katha/kirtan for download.


  2. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Thanks Sundeep ji,

    I can even get this on my phone because the kathas are in mp3 format. Great idea.


  3. Kaur R says:

    SF Sikh centre is already there, as channel 14 on Sikhnet Radio, live broad cast from El Sobrante Gurdwara Sahib. The networking efforts of Sikhnet are truly appreciable.