Miri Piri Academy – Amritsar, India

In case you don’t already know about Miri Piri Academy (which is in Amritsar, India) check out the video at the end of this post. It gives you an overview about the school and it’s focus. This school is an EXTREMELY unique opportunity for a student to grow both academically and spiritually. Myself, my brother and most of my friends went to boarding school in India, and I give a lot of credit towards this experience, which helped shape me into the person that I am today. Chardikala Jatha is another good example of excellence in many ways. Yes… they were Graduates of MPA and the previous Indian School program (that I was also part of).

If you are a student (high school and younger) and want to have an experience that will change your life, then I suggest that you check out the school, which is now enrolling for the next school year (Fall 2007). I know that as a parent I want to give the best opportunities for my children. This includes both standard academics and spiritual education. You may ask where I will be sending my kids when they are older? Take a guess :) Narayan can’t wait till he can go to MPA.

These days the focus is normally given mostly to financial success and academics. There is little attention to the Mind…Body and Spirit. A person may have a lot of worldly wealth and success, but inside is empty and unhappy. 

Miri Piri Academy is named after Guru Hargobind’s two swords, Miri and Piri. These swords represent the mastery of both temporal and spiritual worlds. The ideal of the warrior/saint is central to “Miri Piri” philosophy, and a cornerstone of spiritual awareness. The emphasis at MPA is on the values of kindness, courage, discipline and commitment, which form a strong base for the growth and development in the students.

“I want these children to be stronger than steel. They should walk taller than the stars, be brighter than the sun, and be as peaceful, bright and beautiful as the moon.”

“These children are the fruit of prayer and sacrifice. The steel of Guru Gobind Singh runs through their veins and the grace of Guru Ram Das flows from their hearts.”

“To be a parent in the essential sense is to make your child strong to face tommorow. This is what your child wants from you, nothing less…. nothing more.”Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

To Learn more about Miri Piri Academy you can visit their website at: http://www.MiriPiriAcademy.com 

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11 Responses to “Miri Piri Academy – Amritsar, India”

  1. Gurjeet Singh says:

    The video is very informative, very nice. i wish i was a part of miripiri academy, it will be really nice if the academy provides courses in short durations to learn raag, or gatka and various other things.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    Miri Piri Academy is so beautiful. Wish i could live again to study and live there..

  3. Guru Darbar Singh says:

    Miri Piri da School, Rehit Piare Ik Hasool!!

  4. Jatinder Pal Singh says:

    Dear Gurumastak Ji,

    I wonder if Indian students can also attend MPA. If so, is the Fee Structure same for Indian & Foreign students.

  5. Jatinder Pal Singh… anyone can attend MPA, though I think it would be expensive for Indian residents…and I don’t think there are different fee structures.

    The school is still “young” and only has a capacity for about 130 children. In order for them to change pricing or have a larger group of kids major funding would be needed to help improve the school and expand it. Right now they are trying to appeal to the sangat for financial support…but this can take time.

  6. Dr Sandeep Singh says:

    I think school on these line should be opened all over india.This is the best way we can pass on our values to next generation.I dont think there is shortage of funds if a collected effort is made.

  7. jaswinder singh (uk newcastle) says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
    Dear Bhaji Gurumustuk Singh,
    I hope you are well. xx. I watched the video on MPA, and what a wonderful place to learn it is..i am 27yrs old, and since a very young age always dreamed of studying in such a place, and when i read or watch the material and katha you present on line, its like re-living what i yearned for… i try and study as much as i can, but its difficult as i was the only sikh in my family untill last year when Guru ji blessed my mother and father. and also we have a family business which has expanded in short time with guru ji’s kirpa, and takes up a lot of time. I see everything as a path to reach my goal, which is to study and gain as much knowledge on SGGS ji, and to learn kirtan. with all the work that we do is that i can help people in the near future and fund place like MPA to expand, so more children can attend, and recieve the gift of knowledge and be equiped for the hurdles in life…..Chardikala Jatha never did get back intouch, i presume they are very busy….i was hoping to arrange a tour around the uk, there are many guru ki pyarai all over the uk at Gurudwaras who i had mentioned a possibility of smething in the future, and they wre very exicited of organising and participating, arrangements for them to come ..infact..maybe we should ask 1 of the other jathai….what would you sugest Bhaji? Much love Guru Rakha xxx
    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh.

  8. inder jeet singh says:

    mere har prabh ki koi baat sunave so bhai so mera beer… hey mere gusikh veerji, proud to ur contibution to sikhi and sikhi bana,shame on we indian sikhs that for so called materialistic world we even not fear to avoid the real bana provided by guruji and for the rest of gursikhi,leave it,who cares.sir,shortly i also have some selfishness in my soul to contact u, we regret for our self-,enterdness,i hve two daughters,one has grown up with 4 yrs,i am interested in giving her the gurmat plus modern education of which i verywell know that our indian or prabandhak comittee schools are only for name,they cant give our children the right path,therefore i request ur academy to pls accept my bainty-request to pls give shalter to my daughte in saving her career and character.kindly help me in this .hope my ardaas will be granted by SACHE-PATSHAH..

  9. jaswinder singh says:

    Gurumustuk bhaji, how r u? well after 1 year , we finally got the CKJ tour, and what a tour it was, im sure the guys will tell u when they meet up……… the kirtan was amazing, something that will live with all the sevadars for the rest of our lives………1st uk tour……….. many more to come Guru Ramdas rakha ji …………satnam xx

  10. Ravinder Kaur Saini says:

    There is no other place so holy ,so spiritual,so secure,so informative,so creative,so beautiful,so exciting and so wonderful than Miri Piri Academy at Siri Amritsar in India.I am sure as a parent one can decide to leave his /her child here without giving a second thought.
    Do you know I was a sikh by birth before i joined this wonderland but living in the company of these angels i became sikh by my heart, by my soul. Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings taught me the real meaning of life.I was a teacher there but in or out side class i always found that these Khalsa Singhs and Kaurs are more intelligent than me because SS Sahib’s teachings are deep rooted in their blood stream through their parents beliefs.Once a 7th grader explained to me that a woman does not need any makeup.She is beautiful the way she is born.She further said that Yogi G used to say “A woman needs to be gracious like a princess and a man needs to be couragious like a lion.” Isn’t it amazing?