Snatam Kaur – Gurbani Audio Clips from Gurdwara

Here are two audio clips of Kirtan sung by Snatam Kaur at Gurdwara earlier today.

Guru Ram Das Rakho Seranahi

[Audio:] Download 

Sakhi Au Sakhi Vas Au Sakhi

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8 Responses to “Snatam Kaur – Gurbani Audio Clips from Gurdwara”

  1. Hari Singh Khalsa says:

    Hey Guru Mustuk can you put up the clip from yesterday of Ravi and Guru Prakash doing a shabd from shabd hazarey? I felt good with the Snatam Kaur kirtan, but I was way more engaged with the other kirtan yesterday. I also enjoyed Siri Amrti Singh and Narinjan Kaur very much.
    Also can you post up the kirtan from Bhaisakhi day with the nagara? That was totally awesome. Everybody was in chardi kalaa and I think you could feel it in the music.

  2. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Gurmustkh Ji,

    I would also love it if you would post clips of the two nagara chants from Sunday 2 weeks ago. April 15, I think. They were mystical!

    Thank you

  3. mukande kaur says:

    Guru Mustuk Veerji

    Can you please post Nirinjan and Siri Amrits keertan?

    Thank you soul much!
    I look forward to merging with it

  4. drsavi says:

    Wonderful audio.
    Many Thanks

  5. Jaswinder Kaur says:

    I downloaded kirtan sang by Snatam Kaur. It is the first time I am listing to these artists first time. I have been repeating the clips since than. Thanks you very muck for making them available. I will be looking for more audio clips inthe future.

    Thanks You!

  6. kirpal mr says:

    Thanks snatamji 4 this so sweet melodies kirten, thanks again, god bliss u.

    kirpal family.

  7. Jaskaran says:

    This site is a heaven for the sikhs. Thank You very much. Im pleased with the faith in god.

  8. Ragi RAVINDER SINGH says:

    satgur ji aap ji te hor kirpa karn, aap ji ho wad chad k guru ki sangt di kirtan rahi sewa karde raho ji or satgur ji asisan prapat karde raho ji. ragi ravinder singh jalandhar001- 94657-54472