NAB Conference – Las Vegas

Well… I just got back from three tiring days walking through the endless exhibits at the NAB conference in Las Vegas. I got to see the latest technology related to radio, video and TV. It was a bit overwhelming, but I learned quite a bit. Along the way I met a few Sikhs who are also involved in TV/Radio. I think we will continue to produce educational video content at SikhNet and plan to show this on various TV/Cable networks.

Las Vegas in general was not my kind of place though. It seemed to live up to the nick name  of "Sin City". So much Maya…and focus on money, sex, fame, etc. Let’s just say….I’m glad to be home.


One of the endless show rooms at NAB.

Gian, me and Prabhujot…right before we left to drive to the airport. We all went together. They


Arjan and Charanjeet saying goodbye.

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