The Warrior’s Song – The Extraordinary Jaap of Guru Gobind Singh ji

by Shanti Kaur Khalsa 

In 1685, the young Guru Gobind Rai sat on the banks of the river Jamuna at Paonta and contemplated the glory of the One God in an ecstasy that could not be contained.  Having left the city of Anandpur Sahib a few months earlier, his exalted mind found the gentle peace of Paonta Sahib to his liking.  At nineteen years old, he was the undisputed leader of the Sikhs.  Still unproven in battle, he was soon to face his first test of the sword.

The 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, was born Gobind Rai in the village of Patna in the eastern province of Bihar.  He was the only child of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujri was born on the 7th night after the new moon, December 22nd, 1666.  Just as all children are reared in the laps of their mothers, the Tenth Guru grew up kicking and playing in the lap of Mata Gujri.  His grandmother, Mata Nanaki and his uncle, Kirpal Chand loved and protected him in the early days of his infancy.  However his youth was short lived, and he shouldered the responsibility of the Sikh nation when his father was martyred at the hands of the Mughal Emperor in Delhi when he was only nine years old.

Guru Gobind Singh writes in his autobiography, the Bachitar Natik, that he was born into this world with a mission to protect the good and saintly people, and to uproot the tyrants and evil doers.  This could only be done by living a life of action, courage, and leadership.  As the Guru matured into a man, he exemplified these aspects.  He lived amongst his people, not separate from them – a saint and solider, a man of the world yet a master of the divine.  He lead them every step of the way, protecting them from aggression and oppression and sacrificing every facet of his life for the common good.  He created the glorious order of the Khalsa out of the common people of the Punjab with unique form that made them stand apart in a crowd of millions.

But in 1685, Guru Gobind Rai was still a youth of nineteen, and that hard road of destiny was a few years away from unfolding.  He spent his days in Paonta Sahib as a poet and a scholar – teaching, learning and sharing his love for the One Lord.  It was during this time that the Guru wrote his powerful prayer – Jaap Sahib.

The Jaap Sahib is 199 verses composed in five languages, in rhymed couplets of defined and sophisticated meter.  It does not narrate a story, and does not depart philosophical wisdom.  Instead, it calls out 950 names of the unformed and limitless Creator.  Some couplets speak of what God is, and others speak of what God is not.  Together the words and rhythm create an experience of God that supersedes mere intellectual understanding.

The rhythm of Jaap Sahib is like that of a horse at the gallop, and the beat of the hooves drum martial spirit into the heart.  The cadence of the Jaap Sahib is used for marching, martial practice, and dance of the pantra.  The Jaap Sahib is written in ten distinct meters, or Chands, that weave into the experience of the practitioner.  A chand is a verse in which the syllables and the rhythm are arranged in a precisely controlled pattern.  Chhapai Chand, Rual Chand, Rasaawal Chand, Harbolmana Chand and Ek Acchhri Chand are used just once, Charpat Chand, Madhubhar Chand and Bhagwati Chand are used twice, Chachri Chand five times, and Bhajang Prayat Chand six times.

The construction of the chands is complex.  For example, Madhubhar Chand is defined as four "feet", or lines, with 16 syllables and a pause after every 8 syllables.  Rasaawal Chand has four feet with each foot consisting of 24 syllables and pauses after the 11th and 13th syllables.  So although the phrases roll easily off the tongue, they are sophisticated in design, disciplined in nature, and produce a consistent impact on the consciousness.  More than the outpouring of ecstasy from an enlightened personality, the Jaap Sahib is a complex, precise, mathematical composition from a brilliant mind designed to evoke a specific response from the human psyche.  All this came from the phenomenal Tenth Guru as a teenager about to embark on the journey of life.

The Jaap Sahib is now the opening bani, or verse, of the holy Dasam Granth Sahib – the collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh It begins with the Mangla Charan which introduces and sets the stage for the bani.  Unlike other bani of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Jaap Sahib starts with "Siri Mukhvak Patishai Dasavee – from the Great Mouth of the Tenth King."  In the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, we read Mehela Pela – which refers to the First Guru Nanak Dev ji, Mehela Duja – referring to the second Guru Angad Dev ji, etc. This is a feminine reference – mehela – acknowledging that all beings take the posture of the feminine before the One God.  "Nowhere has Mehela Dasavaa been used because tradition, conception, and experience had changed.  That is the combined character of a Sikh, to be a solider and a saint in one person.  Shastra and Shaaster – the spiritual knowledge and the technology of self-defense – have to be together in one person.  That is what Guru Gobind Singh gave us with absolute flawless detail" In the Dasam Granth Sahib, the Sikh stands as a soldier saint before God.

In the Mangla Charan, Guru Gobind Singh promises – "Who can ever recite all Your Names!  By your Grace, describing your actions we come to know You."  Karam Nam – Naming the actions of the One God – is the essence of the Jaap Sahib.  By reciting Karam Nam, Guru Gobind Singh gives his Sikhs into an experience of the transcendental far beyond the rational faculty of man.  The Jaap Sahib is a self-manifestation of God that delivers the listener, as well as the speaker, to a level deeper than intellectual understanding.

As described by Dr. Jaspreet Kaur, "In the opening of Jaap Sahib, [Guru Gobind Singh says that] God had no physical appearance, no caste, no garb or signs of palm-lines which are the sign that help man recognize or distinguish anybody.  He is perpetual, self illuminated, and measureless in power.  God is the king of kings and God of millions of Indras.  He is sovereign of three worlds, demigods, men and demons; and the woods and dales proclaim Him as indescribable.

In the ending verses Guru says that God is a creator, preserver and destroyer of all.  He is the enemy of miscreants and strikes down the tyrannous.  Yet out of his infinite mercy.  He provides daily bread to all.  He redeems man from hell and births and deaths.  He is present with all and His grandeur will never vanish.  God [as described by] Guru Gobind is no particular entity giving rise to social particularism.  He is ‘all in all and for all."

The power and mystery of Jaap Sahib gives us an active and dynamic relationship with God within us and without us.  As told by Yogi Bhajan, "Once there were five holy men who appeared before God.  The first one bowed and said, ‘You are Almighty God, my only God, I bow before you.’  God turned his head; it didn’t work.  The second one sat down and beautifully sang the praises of God.  God put plugs in his ears.  It didn’t work either.  The third started reciting poetry in praise of God.  God looked at him and looked at him and did not utter a word.  The fourth was very appreciative, delightful, singing beautiful hymns, in absolute perfect bhaktee but God just sat down and closed his eyes.  The fifth looked at God, raised his arms and made a gesture of beckoning as if to say, ‘come here’.  God got up and walked over to embrace him.  You ask me why?  Because God is God.  Those who dwell in Him know it well.  Those who don’t can talk the rest of their life without making sense."

When we recite the Jaap Sahib, we raise our arms to irresistibly beckon the Formless Supreme One to us.  And without fail, He rises to embrace us when we sing this song of the warrior- saint.

SikhNet will host the second annual seminar on "Jaap Sahib – the Song of the Warrior Saint" this summer in Espanola, New Mexico.  For more information visit or contact Shanti Kaur Khalsa at [email protected]

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  1. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Shanti Kaur ji

    Your essay is so learned and also speaks from the heart. What a powerful combination!

    Antonia D’Onofrio

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic article! I hope this is going to be put into a book somewhere, because it is certainly of that standard. What especially caught my eye was the discipline of the poetic structure of the Bani. I was hoping all the Chants would be explained, its just amazing! I am certainly going to look into that in more detail!!! Satnaam!!!

  3. g says:

    amazing article, lots to learn. I was wondering that we have great scholars in sikh dharma now, why not write books on sikhism so that the world would know this path. Its our duty to spread the word of “the truth” so that world may become a better place.

    we have numerous great scholars ,why not get all of these great minds togther and come up with a project for the future.

  4. Ajai Singh says:

    Bhai Ji, Sat Nam,

    Thank you! I have been feeling so far from the Guru these past weeks and struggling to find a way back into his Darshan. The Jaap Sahib has always spoken to me in a very personal way and I had forgotten that.

    As alwasy, you are a true Sardar to the whole community.


    Ajai Singh

  5. Mohinder Singh says:

    Sat Siri Akal,

    Jaap Saheb is a Amrit Bani and it is in our Rehat maryada to read it every morning along with Japuji Saheb and other Banis. But whole of Dasam granth is a big question mark on sikhism nowdays. Some other banis are written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji but it is not believable that the whole of Dasam Granth is written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Most of the Bani is written in simple punjabi and it cannot be read aloud, forget about doing KATHA of it in the Gurudwara before Sangat. It even doesn’t give you the feeling of that you are reading holy book. I am not saying anything about Jaap Saheb. I love Jaap Saheb and I am trying to memorize it but some of other Banis of this Granth that are not compatible with Siri Guru Granth Saheb Ji’s Bani. In one of the video you posted long time ago, where Jagat Guru Singh said he asked Siri Singh Sahib, how to treat and respect Dasam Granth, the reply was just like Siri Guru Granth Saheb Ji. Jagat Guru Singh said he was surprised by the reply of Siri Singh Saab.

    Now days, Taksals in India are doing aakhand path of Dasam Granth and parkash as well along with Siri Guru Granth Saheb Ji.

    The names of this book has changed many times. First it was called Bachatar Natak, then later it was called Dasam Granth, now new edition of it has printed on the front of the book, Shri “Guru” Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. This is link where where they show the books title as Shri “Guru” Dasam Granth Sahib Ji.
    Another link where Dr. Jasbir Singh Maan proves that Most of the Banis of Dasam Granth are written by Hindu Scholars and not by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    There are many more links I can provide where they condemn Dasam Granth completely.

    Don’t take me wrong. I love you websites and I have been reading your blog ever since you started and I read it probably 3 times a day and sikhnet as well. We are sikhs of ten Gurus and our present Guru is Siri Guru Granth Saheb Ji. Anything that is not compatible with SGGSJ, should not be part of sikh life style. I am not saying we should ignore Guru Gobind Singh’s Bani. Jaap Saheb is his creation and Swayie as well. May be some other banis but we cannot accept whole of Dasam Granth his creation.

    He sheltered many poets, scholars and pandits. it could be a result of their doing. Chandi di waar, Charitro pakhyaan, chobish Avataar, etc.

    we faced many bettles, sikhs lived in jungles, Gurudwaras were taken under by hindus (mahants). They made lot of changes to destroy sikhism. Those attacks are still happening.

    I am really sad to see that sikhs are not united. Our leader, so called Jathedar, should be called Sewak, but it is okay, to make him happy we will call jathedar Joginder Singh vaidanti, is licing central goverment of India to keep his position as Jathedar of Shri Akal Thakhat.

    As long as we will get jathedar of Akal Thakhath of joginder singh’s calibre and goverment of Badal, we will never be united, our youth will suffer in DRUGS, CAPS will replace TURBAN in Punjab and else where.

    Sorry of all the mistakes.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ||
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||

    Mohinder Singh
    [email protected]

  6. Kamaljit Kaur says:

    I have been through an emotional time with an ill child for the past three years, and it is because of the love of the Bani, the Jaap Sahib and Shabads that my family and I start the day feeling safe in the knowledge knowing that the Guruji are with us.
    The article is easy to follow and understand and brings great peace to the soul.

  7. Prabhu Singh says:

    Sangat Ji (and Gurumustuk Singh Ji):
    The Akal Takht has asked us that we do not “publicly” discuss the authenticity of the Dasam Granth. This is a public forum and so is Google Video, therefore this discussion should not be made here or there.
    It doesn’t matter the intillectual, physical, or spiritual powers of people, there will always be somebody who believes different than you.
    I personally am not impressed with most ‘intellectual’ debates regarding the Dasam Granth and Ragmala. I have an opinion about both and I will not change my opinion for anybody.
    The Sikhs with the most authentic practices accept the whole of the Dasam Granth. Are we Sikhs to assume that Guru Gobind Singh didn’t know the depravity of humankind and was therefore incapable of writing about it?
    Prudishness and fanaticism have no place amongst Sikhs. We should be able to discuss and read about any topic so that we can face the times with courage and understanding.

  8. Dr. RD Singh says:

    Well said Prabhu Singh! Guru’s intellect is infinite, hence beyond our scrutiny.


  9. Lotus says:

    Any religious authority that doesn’t allow open discussion is not a “living” religion. This is why Martin Luther instigated the break from the Catholic Church. This is why I follow Guru not man. Thank you Gurumustik and Shanti for opening up conversation – Wahe Guru!

  10. Kabir says:

    Loved the Story..

    It has motivated me to do the Jaap Sahib more often.

  11. Lotus Ji, the discussion is an open one, just not a public one. There is a difference. It means that people are of course able to freely discuss religious issues, hence the entire concept of the Akal Thakat, but discussing this particular one in public creates further doubts for the wider public, which is not cohesive towards the common goal of solving religious issues and clearing the doubts of people. There’s a time and place for everything. Also, you’re right in saying you should follow Guru and not man, but do not forget that the Infinity within man is Guru, so when a group of heart-centred souls get together to make a decision, it is equivalent to that of the Guru. Hence, the concept of Panj Pyaree. Ofcourse it is not for me to decide who is heart-centred or not, that is your own decision. Satnam.

  12. g says:

    jasdeep singh,

    I totally disagree on your thought that ” when a group of heart centred souls get together to make a decision, it is equivalent to that of the Guru” because it is rarely that regular human beings will ever have the depth of understanding to equivalent to of Guruji.

    If Guru Gobind singh ji made the descsion that only Guru Granth sabhib should be considered as Guru we should follow that no matter what few people think is right when they get together . So, in the future we might begin to think that we should change few things in Guru Granth sabhib because our understanding or few heads got together in any matter becomes equivalent to guruji.

    Lets Focus why do these things keep on happening in sikh dharma again and again? History has the answer to it.

    1) Since the begining of times people have thought of various ways to supress sikhism. In the past scholars from different religions have tried to distort the history of sikhism to make it weaker, which it kinda worked in the past but people became more educated and began to question these scholars of those times.

    2) Then people thought that another way to make punjab weaker is by dividing it into smaller land ( for instance Punjab was divided into Himacheal pardase, Haryana etc) However, it did not work because people are really hard working and punjab still was prosperous.

    3) Then people thought lets make primary language of punjab is Hindi, again people began to question the validity of it.

    4) Then people thought to supress this dharma is make it a sect of hinduism or of islaam and it would slowly be dissolved away, but people (punjab) were becoming more educated and smarter… so this tactic did not worked as well…

    5) To make people poor by not giving (punjab) required electricity which is generated in punjab for agricultural purposes… however people got their own diesel engines to get water out of the earth….

    6) Why not destory the center of sikh dharma which is golden temple that would create fear and people will change in despair, well again, did not worked at all

    7) Introduction of alcohol and drugs freely to punjab so that yonger generation would be sucked in to it. Yes, this is working very well because majority of younger generation is doing drugs and education for them is not a priority. That’s why over 95% of edcuated people come from southern india (gujarat etc). So, other people have been very sucessful in this tactic and sikhism began to decline in punjab area.

    8) But sikhism began to become alive among western sikhs because they understood the depths of sikh dharma and now its slowly flourishing. Now the question is how can these people can be turned away from sikh dharma ? The one thing that brought them under sikh dharma is because of Guru Granth Sabhib which is universal truth. So, why not create Doubts among these people and people that are already lost by bring tenth granth sabhib forward.

    This is the best tactic ever used. Lets make our own scholars as sikhs and they only need five because five can override Guru ji ….. Ha ,ha ha…

    These people are very smart and they will do what ever it requires to dissovle sikh dharma.

    So, are we going to over ride what are Guru ji said Personally to us. Do you think that Guru Gobind singh ji made a wrong descision?

    I personally take 10th granth sabhib for knowledge and for history purposes but the LIVING GURU is Guru Granth sabhib only.

  13. N Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!

    Let’s not focus on authencity. Our focus should be on connecting with Waheguru. Any bani that connects us to Waheguru should be respected, no matter who it is written by.

    I really enjoyed the essay, and agree that Jaap Sahib goes beyond intellectual understanding.

  14. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Respected discussants

    The SPGC only asked that the sangat not stir up controversy about Dasam Granth. It did not foribid discussion. And there is a special commission of scholars who are examining the authenticity of some not all of the Dasam Granth, actually a small number of sections. Questions of authenticity need to rest in the hands of scholars who are steeped in history and knowledge of srriptures.

    This discussion has been very restrained, and it has been very objective. Celebrate that!

    Thanks to everyone here who contributed to my knowledge of Jaap ji Sahib. Thanks for the expressions of devotion, too.


  15. harvinder singh says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru ji ke Fathae!

    You have wonderful site keep it up. I beg Guru Ji to give you more blessings. Our Gurus are not far way in distant heavens, they are always here by us when we think and concentrate on them. We can never understand Dhan Dhan Guru Govind Singh ji or his writings. Just because some one gets a PhD they pretend to know it all. The modern scholar gets up at 11 o clock and starts his research. He/ she should rise up at 2am and do three hours of meditation, then practice compassion simran and seva all day. Only with constant simran our thinking is aligned with the Guru ji. Please forgive me for any mistakes
    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru ji ke Fathae!

  16. Mrs. Sandhu says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
    I was fortunate to attend “The Khalsa Women Weekend Retreat”. I enjoyed all the vegetarian dishes made during the retrea6. Is it posibble to have a recipe column on sikhnet?.
    Thank you Ji

  17. swaranjeet kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
    Thank you very much …for such a precious and wonderful site,we get a lot of knowlegde and able to learn so many things about was really feeling great to read and know about jaap sahib.
    keep it up..waheguru sada sikhnet nu chadiyaan kalan wich rakhe.
    thank you

  18. jolly says:

    I thank Sikhnet for reconnecting me to JAAP SAHIB & the wonders and end results are there for all to see.
    Recitation of JAAP SAHIB does bring about a stage in a person which can not be explained in words. The above article is very uplifting.

    Last year I started reading DASM GRANTH on sikhnet itself but unfortunately it was removed from the site unceremoneously.I fully agree with some souls for not getting into controvercies about SHRI DASAM GRANTH,
    as our GURU & His Knowledge is infinite & supreme,
    aseen alpag jeev us nu comprehend nahi kar sakde & nor should we try. HE KNOWS THE BEST.Lets leave it at that.We can not pick & choose whatever our minds are able to comprehend.So lets celebrate being his sikhs & connect to his bani without meddling with it.


  19. sandeep pangarkar says:

    i want to have a book = “Panth Prakash” written by Guru Gobind Singh ji

  20. navjot says:

    thanx for awaring others for such beatiful thoughts of our gurus .waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  21. jasjit singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fatheh

  22. Jas Sahota says:

    This is a generalisation about a very small but laud minority

    I can not understands that how can people who read gurubani daily and claiming to be the true Sikh and have such a narrow minded understanding. It is beyond me, I am not a amrit dhari and don’t read gurubani daily. I only listed to it, and it had transformed and guided to a way of life and given me the ultimate light.

    How can one say they only bow in front of Guru Granth Sahib and not follow his teachings written inside. There may be political reasons perhaps. If that is the case it is an insult to the gurubani.. We are trying t understand the vastness of gurubani with our narrower minds. To be true follower of guru granth sahib, one needs to start respecting the his holy people and saints regardless of their faith. If people cannot see beyond hindus and sikhs, they haven’t got any idea what the gurubani is all about.

    Up till now, Chandi Di Var was respected so that is had to be read correctly, now people are ashamed that how can Guru Gobind Singh Ji write such a var for the universal mother energy (Davi Shakti) that Hindu’s believe in. They rather be closer to what gurujis were fight and gave their lives against. To be a true Sikh of Guru Granth Sahib, one needs to have bigger heart and guru’s teaching’s understanding.

    How can people read Sukhmani Sahib and ill speak about saints. It seems to be fashionable nowadays to speaking against holy men. I was once in the early morning listing to a Gurubani radio, my heart was filled with the love and bliss and then the presenter started to translate the gurubani hukamnama, He started to talk about false saints (babe) and what the gurubani really meant, contradicting the hukamnama itself. How can these bias people be trusted to lead Guru Nanak’s mission. Soon, they will go through the history and judge who was sikh and who wasn’t, like they recently, changed the misals history because they wanted to discredit Harminder Singh. They have started to judge the tenth master and his judgement to have hindu poets in his darbar. They will start to inform the future Sikhs if Bhai Nanad Lal or Bhai Ghanya was a sikh or a hindu or they will change Bhai Nanad Lal’s name to Bhai Nanad Singh. Guru Gobind Singh didn’t had any problem with his followers weather they were Peer Bhudu Shar or Bhai Nanad Lal, it was their love that counted more for the tenth master, but his Sikhs are now questing his judgement. Guru wasn’t anti hindu or anti anyone. Please don’t try to fit the sea of guru’s intellect into you own version of Sikhism which is so or to say a very narrow one

    Please don’t insult the greatness of the gurus, they are not only Sikhs guru’s they are every human being’s gurus.

    Apologies for the bad English and any offence caused.

  23. The essay about Guru Gobind Singhji is full ofknoweldge,except a few corrections. Firstof all when Guruji was in Paunta Sahib he wasn’t as bal gobind rai he was Gobind Singh.The pious bani of Jaap Sahib is completely in the praise,appreciation of Almighty,the creator of all.In different ways He has beenpraised. Dasam Granth is the wholesome of Guru Gubind Singhji the 10th guru none else ,it’s misconception that ot hers .pundits too have contributed in it.Dasam Granth is prakashed at sachkhand sri Hazoor Sahib, hukamnama is also displayed.Furthermore it’s Natak, Chhand, Patshahi,pehla,please correct because when it is read by non sikhs it should go accurate to them. It’s very good effort done by the site.It’s very much sure that we should concentrate on the Naam which is depicted in Jaap Sahiband bow to the God.

  24. My real information is I,m a follower of Sikhism in the true sense.I try to practice the teachings of Gurus and Grubani while living in this world.,at work place or home or wherever Iam. Ihate hyp ocracy ,lies and unnecessary rites and rituals ,I respect every religion equally but do not discard any one ,never try toshow this is good or thati sbad this is what Ihave learnt from the gurus.Itrully believe —”Manas ki jaat sabhey ekey pahchanbo,Avla allah noor upaiya ,kudrat ke sab bandey -ek noor te sab jag ypjaiya kaun bhaley kaun mandey.” Please inform what else do you want to know about me ,itw’ll be provided gladly,i beg your pardon if any thing is against your wish and sentiments. I’ve already supplied my e-mail.

  25. kuldip bajwa says:

    Amazing!!! Good description and depth…

  26. Well said words about Jaap Sahib, ‘Jaisa sevayaiya taisa hoi’ its only in sikhi that you can reach that level of master,though it needs lot of perfection, nadar and flight.God is nothing but embodiment of Truth, Love and all other virtues which help us to elevate ourselves. For a lay men toughest job is to embrace from heart and that is what Guru stands for.Jaap Sahib has a very distinct style of speaking about God. The process begins through Negation as its very very difficult rather impossible to establish God or His virtues.The fourth dimension of Depth (other three being length, breadth and height) is always to be found by an individualas its visible hidden.Deeper one goes more one finds and uniqueness lies in the fact that no two people have found that bliss as common to them rather new to everybody eachtime one reaches there.All means justify the end if the end is in line of the message of the MASTERS.

  27. marc crete says:

    hello i come from canada.i am christian and i began to pray in strange words that i dont words is (mehela).i speak french and a little english.can you help it ok with god to pray like that.

  28. Sukhpreet Singh K says:

    Marc Crete, your relationship with the one God is frankly ur very personal relationship. Remember God is only one, remember God through any of his infinate names, remember that God as the creator of all, remember fearless God, remember that God does not hate anything, remember that God will exist after your existance come to an end, remember God does not take birth (but Gods light, God mark, dwells in all living things including vegitation because he was the one who actually created it), remember that God does not need energy to be God (EVERYTHING else needs energy to be whatever it is), remember that God can only be realised truely and completly and continually and comprehensivly if God so wishes. IF U CAN CONTINUSLY REMEMBER THE ABOVE AT ALL TIMES THEN IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW YOU PRAY.

  29. Sukhpreet Singh K says:


  30. Navpreet Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    The closest word that I can think of to “mehela” is “Mahalaa”, which is usually at the beginning of a “shabad” that identifies which Guru is the author of that passage.

  31. If I were to really, really, think about it, s Song – The Extraordinary Jaap of Guru Gobind Singh ji is a great way to frame your point, especially when The Five Love Language Man Edition is taken into account.

  32.  Dear Sadsagatji , I normally do not get involved in discussions where hypocrites are involved, but this is the one time that I just have to say that while a lot of good { very ,very , } people are doing a lot to enlighten the world with their knowledge of our beloved Gurbani and our Guruji’s  Etc. Etc. , along come people like ” Mohinder Singh ” ji, { because my elders taught me to be polite , no matter how daft the other person is.} and spew out blasphemy about our GurugranthSahibji.  I do not say that we should have blind faith , but to say that our Guru Granth Sahibji is a work of literature written by hindus —-   does he have any understanding of the significance of ,  BAPTISM , to Sikhism ? the very reason that we celebrate VAISAKHI ? YES  until that very day we were all HINDU’S . On that M emorable day Guru Gobind Singhji created the KHALSA . I am not a very learned scholar , but I do state that until the day that I depart from this earth , that I will beieve in the teachings of the Sikhs , NOT  LIKE A HERD ANIMAL , BUT WITH TRUE FAITH.  I am sure that a lot of the Gurkhalsas ,( male and female ) will back me on this subject . Can I please beg people like ‘ mohinder singh ji what peple like Antonia D’Onofrio , who are not SIKHS , by being born into the faith , but are more awake to the knowledge to be gained from our scriptures  and the respect they have , for the words of wisdom. I humbly beg forgiveness if I have upset any person , or people , with my ranting and raving .  In the seva of the Satgurus , Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa ,Wahe Guruji Ki Fateh .

  33. swaran says:

    can any body tell me how to reside for dukh bhanjani sahib?