Snatam Kaur and Celebrate Peace Tour


Snatam Kaur and the rest of the people with the Celebrate Peace Tour have been keeping busy! They are in the middle of a world tour. Here are a few links from Snatam Kaur’s most recent email newsletter. You can signup to get the newsletter too if you are interested. This tour is such a great interfaith effort and really brings people together in a way that is beyond religion. 

  • Snatam Kaur Live In Barcelona, Spain

Over 900 people attend Snatam’s first concert in Barcelona, Spain in May of 2006. She performed with GuruGanesha Singh and Manish Vyas at the beautiful Santa Maria de Tie Cathedral. Watch the Video

  • Notes From The Road (Blog)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
As you may have heard we had 1100 people at our first concert in Mexico City. It was absolutely amazing. When I first walked out on stage I was totally overwhelmed by the love from the audience. They clapped and clapped and clapped and I hadn’t even started singing yet! I found that this love permeated through our whole experience… Read More

  • Interview with Snatam Kaur on WCRN Radio

Snatam Kaur with Michael Stock on WCRN in Miami (December 2006) – Listen to the Interview

She is going to be playing at a few Gurdwaras in New York and New Jersey this weekend and next week

Welcome. The Celebrate Peace Tour is excited to welcome two new members to our band, Manish Vyas and Ram Dass Khalsa whose amazing sound and musical expertise will provide a whole new dimension to our performances.

Manish Vyas is an internationally renowned world fusion music and tabla master who has enthralled audiences of up to 50,000 people. His ability to blend his talents together with many forms of world music has brought him not only the appreciation of music lovers throughout the globe, but also to the eye of celebrities in the music field including a private performance for Paul McCartney.

Ram Dass Khalsa, 19, will be the youngest member of the band and is an extremely talented musician who is classically trained in clarinet and piano and also enjoys playing guitar, saxophone and bansuri. Ram Dass was the winner of the Rachel Reilly Young Artists Award in 2002 and was selected to debut Pulitzer Prizewinner Steven Stucky’s “Meditation and Dance for Bb Clarinet and Piano” in 2004. In 2006, Ram Dass played at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood with jazz greats Joseph Jarman and Roscoe Mitchell of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. (You can check out his blog at: . His last blog post "My taxi" was interesting).

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  1. i am living in talwandi sabo bathinda
    damdama sahib we are making a new site of damdama sahib 4th takhat of sikhism
    i am india in punjab
    i proud of sikhism

  2. it is best way to reach sikh community. i congratulate you .iam from amritsar it is my home land. my job takes me to ahmedabad i work for this institute . iam sending the website of my company. do let me know if i can do something for you in particular and sikh community in general.

  3. Kiran Kaur says:


    I was wondering if Snatam Kaur will be coming to the United Kingdom this year?

  4. Baljinder Kaur says:

    Thank u for the video, Gurumustuk ji
    Snatam ji yet again shows the guru’s kirpa .
    Totally enlightening performance again, please continue with inspiring the world.

  5. harvant kour saini says:

    Could you please give me the address and location of Gurudwara in Mexico City as i’m planning to come to Mecxico and would like to visit there.
    harvant Kour

  6. Navneet says:

    Hi All, please post the address of Gurdwara in Mexico. I would like to visit the same.

  7. Prabhmeet says:

    did you get the address of gurudwara in mexico City?