Charanjeet growing…..

Charanjeet Kaur is now 9 months old. Time sure does fly by! She is now crawling all over the place. Zipping around with her brother (Narayan chasing in the rear).

Now that she can crawl she is adventuring all over the place. This is her crawling on the rocks in the front of the house.

Charanjeet fast asleep on her Auntie Kiranjot Kaur’s lap. We miss you Kiranjot!

She loves this horse. You press buttons on it’s ears and it sings a song and makes different sounds. Her faces just lights up with joy. I love watching her on her "Pretty Pony".

In her beatiful white dress for Gurdwara (Thanks Amaji!)

See you again soon!

2 Responses to “Charanjeet growing…..”

  1. amar says:

    gurumustak singh ji
    wahegurujee ka khalsa , wahegurujee ki fateh
    ev’time i see charanjeet and narayn it feels great ,you hav a lovely and blessed family , may god keep u in high spirits.

  2. Kiran says:

    awww bless her! shes sooo cute

    Hi GM? How do?

    Time does indeed fly by… i still rememebr congratualting u when she was born.

    Lots of pyar


    P.S its a nice warm sunny day in London today…