Mataji Stories from India

A funny story from an email that my mother just sent me from Amritsar. I don’t know if this was an accident or not, because I also recall being on the top of Nanak Nivas and dropping gum or something like that into aloo ticki burgers where a street vendor was cooking. 5 year olds can be mischievous. Hey…that sounds familiar! Sounds like mischievous 5 year old Narayan.

"Satnam ji, I am remembering all the wonderful and funny moments I have had over a 34 year period since I frist came to Golden Temple. There are so many children coming and dipping and toddling and screaming when they get dipped into the nectar tank.

When you were 5 years old we spent a few months in India and one month at Darbar Sahib. One morning we were sitting on the mezzanine overlooking the Guru on the Ragi’s side. You were very adored by all as you dressed in full Nihang Chola and 3 colored Damalla.

This day the Granthi gave you an unusually large hands full serving of Prasaad. I was doing my nitnem as we sat in the alcove just above the ragi’s. All was sublime and beautiful as the kirtan wafted about decorating and embellishing the air. Then suddenly, a small "plop" sound……and then the tabla stopped. It was a jolting surprise as I looked up and saw you leaning over the golden edge of the window. I looked down and saw the tabla player taking his hankey and wiping off prasaad that had fallen directly bulls eye hit onto his banyan. Then without any further fuss, he continued his playing. I was cringing waiting for the head sevadar to come over and scold us or ban us from coming inside the Golden Temple again. This never did happen."

I remember going round and round (inside and out) of the Harimandir Sahib to get more and more parshad during that trip, when I was 5 years old. Those memories of the sweet parshad are fresh! 


7 Responses to “Mataji Stories from India”

  1. HavocSingh says:

    Nice picture… Looking very cute..

  2. PritamSingh says:

    hehehehehe Now we guide our children but we cant be hypocrites :) We as kids do some goofy things. I was getting ready to spank my daughter for breaking the dvd player and my dad ran to her rescue and said "Hey, you broke the vcr when they first came out and I didnt spank you." My parents say I was a handful, and that my daughter isnt anything as mischievous as I was or as they still say, am. :)

  3. Harkiren Kaur says:

    lols Gurumustuk… if Narayan turns out anything like u looks like u will have your hands full!!

    who cld have guessed that the same kid would end up becoming Mr Sikhnet one day.. hail to all the prashaad and bubble gum droppers of the world :p


  4. Hahaha… Our hands are already more than full!! …and not with Parshad like in this story. I think Charanjeet is also following the line. Well…it’s our challenge to help mold these kids so that they can be leaders for tomorrow….and it is not always easy. Such is life :)

  5. Gurmustak Singh Ji, WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH.HAPPY VISAKHI to you and all my Sikh brothers and sisters in New Mexico and around the world.

  6. sandeep kumar mahi says:

    happy visakhi to and ur all relatives
    i am not sikh
    i am sc
    but my father is a sardar
    i think sikh religion is the best religion of the world
    but i saw many time some sikh nojwans were take DRUGS
    many sikhs are use ciggrate or jarda i don’t like it
    my BP is very high that time when this type
    story i see
    i do not nothing many time i think take talwar and bus cut the head on body
    so ur committee doing something about this matter
    i am ready for this jung with everybody becouse i want every PUNJABI’s are good looking
    my english is not good but i think u understand wat is my mean
    pls send me rep

  7. pritamkaur says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

    I have been reading your blog and sikh net for a long time. now i got my own blog, yet it is nothing compare to all the stuff you have on y our blog and ur beautiful family…..
    By the way, children are children, i guess most of us have the same childhood nitty gritty stories to be told by our mums.
    pritamkaur-singapore..j and rajveer friend whom you met when you were here.

    check out my blog —