Jaap Sahib – A Five Day Camp (Espanola, NM.)

Many of you might be thinking about what to do this summer. Well, I wanted to let you know of an exciting SikhNet event which is happening right here in Espanola, New Mexico (SikhNet Headquarters)!

Guru Gobind Singh jiFrom August 4th – 9th 2007 we are holding the second annual seminar on "Jaap Sahib – the Song of the Warrior Saint". This isn’t a scholarly or intellectual event. This is a learning and experiential event. Last year I participated in the camp and it was awesome! You can see a few pictures and some audio/video clips from the 2006 Jaap Sahib Camp.

This year a few of the featured teachers and musicians are: Chardikala Jatha, Snatam Kaur, Shanti Kaur, Bibi Inderji Kaur (wife of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa yogiji), and others that are still being arranged.

If you are looking for some inspiration and want to a great experience this is a great opportunity for you. You’ll meet many very unique individuals, learn a lot, and have fun too! We tried to keep the costs as inexpensive as possible. The registration fee goes fully to cover the costs of operating the camp.

Sikh Youth Camp (after the Jaap Sahib Course)
Directly after the Jaap Sahib course some of the local Sikh youth are independently organizing a two day Sikh youth camp. The main goal of this venture is to inspire and network Sikh youth for future of the panth. If you are interested in also attending this event you can read some of the details online.

4 Responses to “Jaap Sahib – A Five Day Camp (Espanola, NM.)”

  1. PritamSingh says:

    Under the title Jaap Sahib is Guru Gobind Singhs Amrit Khanda :) Vaheguru

  2. PritamSingh says:

    Nope its not :)

  3. Quantico says:

    I wandered the four corners of this world seeking an enlightened master. Then I had a revelation, that when you are ready, the master will reveal himself to you and there is no need for wandering.

    Just like in todays age, these words can provide a lighthouse for lost souls. who are seeking enlightenment through new age means and media.

    What is the purpose of such one must ask themself. When the true journey begins inside each and everyone of us. Then who can you call lost and who will you call found?

    I believe this was the ingredients of Yogi Bhajans teachings; that the YOGI must be awoked within each and everyone of us as indiviuals.

  4. Gurujot Singh says:

    The khanda is an image i found on google images. it’s not historical.