Los Angeles Sikh Youth Groups?

There is a possibility that I will be traveling to Los Angeles on the weekend of April 7th/8th to be a part of the huge vasakhi celebrations that are going to be going on at the Los Angeles Convention center. I was thinking that if I was going to be in the area that it would be great to meet up with other Sikh Youth or Sikh Youth Groups. I particularly like to meet youth and individuals who take leadership roles and are active in their community. It is good bridging the local off-line…to the internet world. It would be great to get together friday evening or saturday.

Email me ASAP if you have any ideas because I have to decide soon if I am going to go to LA :)

3 Responses to “Los Angeles Sikh Youth Groups?”

  1. ratemyturban says:

    why dont you go to Surrey in canada for the nagar kirtan on the 7th? there are lots of youth groups like the http://academy.gurmatstudies.com/ and kaursunited.com that would really enjoy meeing with you!

  2. I would love to come to Canada…but that is a bit far for a last minute trip…and tickets can be costly (Plus I don’t have my passport because I had to mail it in to get it renewed). The last time I went to Canada…I somehow spaced out and thought that I didn’t need a passport (like when traveling to Mexico). I missed my flight…and learned my lesson. Haha….

    Los Angeles is a relatively short flight (2hrs) from Albuquerque and I was invited by the sangat to participate in the Basakhi event.

    I love to meet up with youth/sangat all over…and hope to have the opportunity to visit other communities in the future.


     wahe gugu ji  da khalasa  wahe guru je de fateh

     veer ji actually i am hashmeet kaur from delhi  (india  ) and coming to USA in first  week of march with  my husband , actually i want to live in gurdwara in LA  and LS .   if there is any gurdwara in those town for 4 days then plz let me know .

     ok  guru rakha