“Cyber Sikh”

     By Harmohanjit Singh Pandher
    From the book, "Sugar, Steel and the Maple Leaf" 

    "What does the command ‘www’ truly mean   
    In the land of our personal computer screen?

    If the ‘World Wide Web’ is our cursor’s first reply
    Then it’s high time to reboot our frozen third eye.

    For, ‘Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru’ is the key,
    To breaking the binary code containing life’s mystery.

    Even the information superhighway isn’t immune
    To the Webmaster who launched the sun and the moon.

    Bill Gates may have developed Microsoft Word,
    Yet Guru Nanak revealed the Light of God’s Word.

    Material things lay within a double click of the mouse,
    But priceless joy is programmed into every Sikh house.

    Silicon Valley produces Pentiums in plenty of piles,
    While only the Almighty rids viruses in all of life’s files.

    And though the system that won’t crash is solely the Nam,
    Nowadays everyone’s printing cash by adding ‘dot.com’.

    Yet in this modern era known as the Information Age,
    Our planet is still blinded by injustice, ignorance and rage.

    What good are breakthroughs in microchips and megabytes,
    If millions are persecuted and denied basic human rights?

    So let’s delete the evil emails from our innermost inbox,
    Send out messages of compassion in our everyday talks.

    Link up with the Lord by logging onto His Interface,
    Make our mind’s modem the Guru’s guiding grace.

    Surf the Guru Granth and then take that leap of faith,
    Store its Divine Data deep in our soul to keep it safe.

    Clear our heart’s hard drive of all our hatred and ego,
    Download the sacred software of love…and away we go."

3 Responses to ““Cyber Sikh””

  1. Sat Nam Kaur says:

    Thank you for posting this poem!
    Beautiful and creative!
    So true are the words here, that they speak to my heart.
    Sat Nam Kaur

  2. Manpreet Kaur says:

    A beautiful poem full of God’s grace by the grace of God. Thank you.


  3. Thank You… I hope the author won’t mind my action of sharing this beautiful and creative poem with my online friends.

    Thank You