Remembering Being a Kid

I while back I was going through some old pictures of myself and family from when I was a kid. It was funny seeing this "other person" that is me, but at a different stage of my life. Now that I have two children, one who is the same age (almost 6 years) as many of these faces in the below picture. It’s an interesting parallel thinking about being the kid…and the parent (having gone through both). When I am tired/serious and Narayan is being goofy/mischievous …the parent (serious) side of me just wants him to be adult like and listen and be responsible. The thoughts like "Why can’t you just do xyz without complaining?" come up and the frustrations. But then again…I have to remind myself of the Kid in me…and that Narayan is just a kid. Childhood and the innocence of that time is so precious that all of us parents have to remind ourselves of that, and not try to hurry them to become adults…or adult like. It’s a challenge for me because I tend to be on the serious side and working all the time. I need more playfulness and just "letting loose". If I had a title that matched me…it might be something like "Mr. Responsible". How would you title yourself based on your personal characteristics?



Here is a cute little card that I made for my mother on Valentines Day in 1982 when I was about 7 years old. It is so funny seeing kids writing like this. It brings back the playfulness in me and reminds me of being a carefree kid.


Ps. In case you couldn’t read it…I did my best in translating it to: "Dear mom, I will behave a lot and will do what you say. Wherever we go I will accept it.". I’m not sure about the last part , the dialect in it is hard to understand.

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  1. Upinder Kaur says:

    Very Intresting post!
    The thoughts like “Why can’t you just do xyz without complaining?” made me think over it for quite some time…
    Still wondering why we forget good old days so fast.Yet it always happens with all generations.
    Lots Of love to Narayan and Charanjeet.

  2. PritamSingh says:

    1st off my personal label would be Mr.Broadrange (I am pretty much well balanced spiritually and worldly. I can relate to alot of things/people.

    I think I relate better than most because I do remember that I was a kid at one time. I let my daughter do whatever she wants but…. When she has no choice but to listen she fusses and cries but shes learning. I want to be way more open than my parents. I was not raised a Sikh so even if I raised my daughter to be lets say “normal in society” she would be raised by a Sikh so she benefits anyway. I dont spoil her but I feel I was not given proper treatment as a child compared to how I treat my child.

    I can relate to adults because I am one and I relate to kids because I constantly remember being one, so I try to veer kids onto a better path rather than condeming them.(Ill admit I was a really stupid kid compared to my ways now) So if you relate to your kids(or others)happy,mad or in sorrow then you will connect with them the best.
    Also remember that kids love to play,play and then play.Playing involves yelling/ screamimg/ running/ jumping and I see some parents make their kids be zombies (which is like buying a hyper dog and leaving it in a cage)What do you expect other than defiance sooner or later?????

    kewl topic, makes yah think

  3. Kiran says:

    Hey GM, how do?

    It’s amazing how much u an Narayan look so much alike…almost like the same person…

    Also Pritam Singh has an excellant point and I see exaclty where he’s comming from. From what im hearing from you, your a good parent n your child(s) going to turn out good too.

    As for being an relating to kids…im have to say that even at the age of 22…im stil a kid…all be it a big kid….lol cant help it…

    may Waheguru bless us all

    Lots of pyar


    p.s it was a nice sunny day in London today , weather man says it’s going to be cold tomorrow, surprise surprise…thats London weather for ya…

  4. You were such a wonderful child and you are a wonderful adult, Beta ji. Your smiles were and are, so warm and loving. THe card you made for valentines day, was it copied from the black board in your class room? Just wondering if this was the teacher’s form letter that you would write when you were in school in India at Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School in Mussoorie. The teachers always had the kid write form letters that they wrote on the board for the kids to copy. They also read all the mail coming and going and censored the letters if they did not like what was being said.

  5. Ravinder Singh says:

    Brings back memories from my childhood pics. Thank you for sharing..

  6. gurkipreet kaur says:

    seems likes u choose five hearts to put on the card maybe not intentionlly….( maybe im wrong)
    thats what caught my attention when looking at the card hehehe
    vry sweet

  7. pritamkaur says:

    hi gurmustuk

    i enjoy Sikhnet alwyas. this is pritam, whom u met in singapore, ravi and guruj’s friend. Keep up the sewa of informing the world over. Guruji blesses u and sikhnet la.

    my blog: