Drawn to the Feet of the Guru

This past Sunday my wife Arjan wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home while I took my 8 month old daughter Charanjeet Kaur and son Narayan Singh to Gurdwara. I like to sit right up front in the Gurdwara by the Guru where the kirtan is played. I find that I don’t get distracted as often by people who are coming inside or people who are in front of me. My focus can be more on the Guru right before me and listening to the Kirtan. It’s a whole different story when you have kids with you though!

Narayan sat next to me, and Charanjeet was in my lap as we started listening to Snatam and Hari Bhajan Kaur play kirtan. As you might have heard from my previous blog post, Charanjeet Kaur is starting to get quite mobile and crawling all over the place. The next thing I know she pushes herself out of my lap and starts crawling towards the Guru. I let her go a few steps and then pull her back. Then again…she gets loose and crawls again back to the bottom of where the ramalas of Siri Guru Granth Sahib are. While this is going on the shabd is being played: "Darshan Maago Dhaehi Piaarae" (I beg for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; please, give it to me, O Beloved!). It started to seem like Charanjeet was trying to Get Guru’s Darshan. So I let her go again and away she goes towards the Guru.


For a baby I can imagine being attracted to Guruji, adorned with colorful ramalas with shiny gold stitching. So Charanjeet kaur went right up before the Guru as she had done before. I allowed her to do what she wanted to do while staying close to her. She seems enamored with the green and gold ramalas. In the front of the Guru is a sort of "railing" made of golden brass with beautiful round marble pieces on the corners. She grabs a hold of it and pulls herself up, and seems to enjoy herself standing there. She loves to stand…and seems very excited. This is right up front….so I again pull her back to me not wanting to make a scene. She wouldn’t stay with me though…and made a grunting sound like I was holding her back from something that she really wanted…so I loosen my hold of her. Again…and again…she crawls over to the same spot in front of the Guru. For whatever reason she just wants to be there…at the feet of the Guru. Sure it might just be her loving the colorful ramallas and shiny gold railing, but I had that feeling like there was something deeper. Like that soul yearning to meet with the Guru. She just wanted to stay there with her bright smiley face.

This is a picture that Narayan sneakily took when my eyes were closed of the area before the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that Charanjeet kept crawling to.

I let her stay there for a while and then moved further back towards the middle of the Gurdwara hoping that she might stay with me. One cannot meditate or listen to kirtan with a baby crawling off. Hahaha…  This worked a bit better…but again she was off towards the Guru. It was pretty funny seeing her determination. My friend Siri Chand Singh was further up in front of me…and he helped intercept her a bunch of times before she finally stopped her efforts to go to the same spot (after me giving her some distractions to play with).

I love the innocence of children. They are so pure and free. It is like they can still connect with God in a way that us as adults have a hard time doing.  Whether it was her actually meeting with the Guru or not…it was an amusing and fun experience seeing my daughter in this way. My prayer is that when she is older she has the same kind determination and love for the Guru; So that she will always be be attracted and drawn to the feet of the Guru just as she did as a baby.


The babies are no longer babies anymore. Here are two two of the kids during the children’s program at Gurdwara. They looked so cute, I wish I had my proper camera to have gotten a better picture.

Here the shabads that Snatam and Hari Bhajan Kaur played during Gurdwara:

Darshan Mangau Dai Piaray
 [Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/western%20-%20non%20traditional/snatam%20kaur/snatam%20kaur%20-%20darshan%20mangau%20dai%20piaray.mp3] Download

Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/western%20-%20non%20traditional/snatam%20kaur/snatam%20kaur%20-%20dukh%20bhanjan%20tera%20naam.mp3] Download 

Sakhi Au Sakhi Vasi Au Saki
[Audio:http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/western%20-%20non%20traditional/snatam%20kaur/snatam%20kaur%20-%20saki%20au%20sakhi%20vasi%20au%20saki.mp3] Download

10 Responses to “Drawn to the Feet of the Guru”

  1. I would expect this behevior from Charanjeet Kaur, my putri.

    Babies know! The vibration and power of the space of the Guru is quite palpable. I have been in that position with babies before (you). I would go up to the Guru and explain to them that this is the throne of Guru and the passageway of wisdom, then sit with them in my lap in a way showing them how to sit and meditate in the space of the Guru by expecting and explaining and reminding them or showing them how to sit and meditate in that space. Feel the sound inside, breath deep etc etc etc….whatever comes to mind.

    HaH! Beta, you need have any doubt the depth of awareness of the soul you have attracted. Still, the training is needed.

  2. Gavnit says:

    She is so Cute!!
    May be Guru Ji was calling her,
    Come near my daughter.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    Charanjeet Kaur Ji is so adorable. I agree that babies are very close to God and having their darshan is very special as well.

  4. Gunneeta says:

    I read on an aura website that children upto the age of 5-6 years old are able to see people’s (and thing’s) auras around them. That is why you will notice that kids lovingly gaze into some people’s eyes and smile at them but start crying when they see some people for no apparent reason. This could be an explanation that they are able to distinguish between good coloured auras and dark coloured auras.

    Another really good website also said that kids upto 2 years have their tenth gate open and have extremely high spiritual levels and know their life’s aims very well. (SGGS says that while hanging upside down in the womb, the child knows fully well what is the purpose of his life and promises God that he will fare better in this life opportunity he is getting..I can’t seem to find the quote right away).

    If all this is true(I personally believe that it is!) then probably Charanjeet was attracted to the bright aura of the Guru and went upto the Guru, paid her salutes and told the Guru that I’m doing good so far in this nice family you’ve sent me to…I haven’t forgotten my real aim yet and just keep me in your vicinity! :)

    We all hope that as Charanjeet grows up and walks through the thick fog of this Maya world, she will remember her loving determination to meet the Guru as she did this time!

    Waaheguru ji ka Khalsa Waaheguru ji ki Fateh

  5. Mandeep Singh Khalsa says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fataih
    dhan guru dhan guru pyaaray
    daas is a singh (not quite sure though)
    waheguru … i was so happy to read what u have written veer jee
    dhan guru nanak!! if we could only understand the urge of ur daughter’s aatma to go to guru jee’s feet and then be there all her life..!! ohh !! so beautiful..
    plz do mail daas and get in touch with him..
    u may wonder why ..coz daas is in need of sangat of u guru pyaarays…and plz guru kirpa karay i’ll paras ur charan sometime…waheguru i think i have said enough for now….
    waheguru do let me know if we have some forums on sikhnet …i never knew when i opened the webpage that i would get to read so bfull a thing and moreover listen to the bfull shabad that u were listening to
    dhan guru nanak
    dhan guru granth saheb jee
    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fataih jee

  6. Dilpreet says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the shabads. I have a small request, I am not able to access Snatam kaur ji’s website, I am really pained because of that. I checked the resolution and also downloaded the flash player. I saw at some other computer, we can see some links above the shabad which is at the end. The shabad plays and I can hear and select different shabads but the other links aabove are just not visible. Can you please convey it to Snatam ji’s website maintainance engineer. many thanks.

  7. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akaal G !

    yes that is another reason why Charanjeet Kaur was going towards the Guru. Her name CHARAN – JEET means … in the GURU’s lotus Feet… she is Guru’s favourite! oh Gurumustak Singh Ji you and Arjan Kaur Ji are blessed to have two beautiful children!

    it is said that children at a very tender age cannot speak because they carry their memories of the previous birth. once they learn to speak, the past memories diminishes gradually. But, children do always convey very basic messages that the adult complex minds are unable to interpret.

  8. avijit singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh

    can anyone please help me download snatam kaurs
    album called anand
    i have two albums but need more

  9. virender pal singh says:

    i,ll just say