Sikh Rock Sensation: Hargo

One of my friends Hargobind Hari Singh (Aka: Hargo) just came out with a cool music video. It’s always great seeing Sikh youth maintain their identity as a Sikh and infusing a spiritual message into their music. I loved the fusion of guitar, tabla…and the dhol beats at the end of the video. Nice Jacket too, with the words on the back: "Only God Can Judge Me".

Hargo is emerging as one of America’s newest rock sensations. Domine is one of Hargo’s feature songs.


9 Responses to “Sikh Rock Sensation: Hargo”

  1. great music video… I liked it very much..Good Luck to this artist. As a matter of chance, my cousin’s name is also Hargobind Singh but he is just 7-8 yrs old as of now… lol

    Keep up the good work

  2. gurusharan says:

    Where do we find his CD? It’s not on amazon.

  3. You can get a copy of his latest CD “In your Eyes” on CD Baby

  4. Ravneet Singh says:

    I really enjoyed his music, and I hope to get his CD soon, becasue he is a great artist.

  5. Kiran says:

    Not bad…

  6. Also available on iTunes Store (that’s where I got it). And, although I hate to be nitpicky, my editorial eye kicked in – doesn’t the jacket say “Only GOOD can judge me”? Maybe I’m not seeing it right…


  7. Sim says:

    Is he amritdhari?

  8. Rattanjeet says:

    hmm, i think it says “only Good can judge me”… i wonder what that means…

  9. soul says:

    I can’t hear because i am deaf but can feel soul know moody… Hargo really great music and stonger because i am deaf hard but easy can feel.

    from soul