Sat Kriya – Dealing with Sexual Energy (among other things)

One question which I see often in the SikhNet Question and Answer Forum is how one can deal with sexual feelings. This is particularly an important issue for youth who have increased sexual energy and are not yet married. As a youth it can be extra hard feeling this "pressure" as one goes into puberty and starts to have strong sexual feelings. Western society doesn’t help the situation either. It is so common these days for an average person to wear skimpy/sexual clothing out in public and see this in most magazines and TV. This only aggravates the situation…and makes a person think more about sex.

7 ChakrasThis sexual energy is just a creative energy that is in every person. This energy can be used to create life, or other artistic/creative actions. It can come out in the form of a beautiful piece of art, a brilliant idea, or something that you create.

We all have seven energy centers in our body (Chakras). –  "The Second chakra/center holds the basic needs for sexuality, creativity, intuition, and self-worth. This chakra is also about friendliness, creativity, and emotions. It governs peoples sense of self-worth, their confidence in their own creativity, and their ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way. It’s influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed in the family during childhood. Proper balance in this chakra means the ability to flow with emotions freely and to feel and reach out to others sexually or not. If this chakra is blocked a person may feel emotionally explosive, manipulative, obsessed with thoughts of sex or may lack energy."

So, you may ask, how can a person keep this energy flowing through their chakras and deal  with sexual thoughts and feelings? One particular method is using a Kundalini Yoga Kriya called "Sat Kriya". This kriya has MANY benefits (not just in dealing with sexual energy)! I used to do this Kriya/Exercise every day, and it helped me a lot in many ways (not just as a teenager). I just started doing it again with my morning Sadhana and thought you all could benefit from it.

Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini Yoga and should be practiced every day for at least 3 minutes. Its effects are numerous. Sat Kriya strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural flow of energy. This relaxes phobias about sexuality. It allows you to control the insistent sexual impulse by re-channelizing sexual energy to creative and healing activities in the body. People who are severely maladjusted or who have mental problems benefit from this kriya since these disturbances are always connected with an imbalance in the energies of the lower three chakras. General physical health is improved since all the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from this exercise. The heart gets stronger from the rhythmic up-and-down of blood pressure you generate from the pumping motion of the navel point.

The main effect is a control and balance of the lower three chakras or energy distribution centers in the body.  It does this by mixing the prana and apana at the navel center.  This generates a heat in the system and opens the inner channels to the upward flow and rotation of energy. Sat Kriya also rejuvenates the sexual system and helps the brain and body to recover from toxicity and memory loss due to drug abuse.  It is good for removing energy imbalances in the lower three chakras and, as a result, is good for problems in the lower back and alleviating mild depression.



How to do Sat Kriya 

Sat Kriya Position

Posture:  Sit on the heels. The heels are straight up into the buttocks, stimulating two acupuncture pressure points, one in each buttock.  The knees can be slightly open.  Lock in the chin; stretch the arms over the head until the elbows hug the sides of the head.  Interlace all the fingers except the index fingers which are together and pointed straight up.  Cross one thumb over the other.

Focus:  The eyes are closed and focused at the third-eye point.

Mantra:  The mantra is "Sat Nam."  Chant the "Sat" from the navel point.  As you chant "Sat," pull the navel point in with an obvious jerking motion.  Imagine you are receiving pranic energy from God / your higher source through the navel point.  Chant "Nam" and send the energy back out into the cosmos through the third-eye point. 

End:  Inhale, hold the breath and apply root lock, squeezing the energy up from the buttocks up the spine and out the top of your head through the "crown" or 7th chakra.  Exhale, release the lock and repeat two more times.  Relax in corpse pose for at least as long as you’ve practiced Sat Kriya.  (Ideally, the relaxation is twice the length of time as you practiced this exercise.)  

The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energize and heal the body.  While chanting, the spine stays still and straight.  This is neither a spinal flex nor a pelvic thrust.  You stay firmly seated on the heels through all the motions of the kriya.  The abdominal contraction is focused at the navel point.  There is an automatic contraction of the rectum and the sex organ areas as in the lower body lock called “root” lock or mulabandha, but the lock is not forced and is pulled naturally from the navel.

To build Sat Kriya in time and effect, start with rotation cycles:  3 minutes of Sat Kriya with three minutes of relaxation.  Repeat this cycle 3 to 5 times.  Build gradually.  Then switch the cycle to 5 minutes Sat Kriya and 5 minutes rest.  You can then add 3 to 5 minutes to the kriya time as you are comfortable until you are able to do an entire 31 minutes."

You can also watch this online video that I found, that describes the practice of Sat Kriya and you can see what it looks like in practice.

In the Siri Guru Granth Sahib the Chakras and energy centers of the body are referred too quite often, yet I think the average Sikh knows very little about this topic. There is so much about the body that current western science knows very little. Many of these yogic techniques have been around and helped people for thousands of years. One has to understand that illnesses can be caused by more than viruses or physical things. Most illnesses are caused by an energetic imbalance in your body and manifest into a physical form. I know this might be a bit deep for you all…but I wanted to start the topic so you could think about it. If you want to read a bit of what it says on this topic of "Chakras" in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, you can do a search for the word "Chakra".  

NOTICE: Before engaging in any exercise or suggestion, including those that may be in this website, consult your health care professional. This material is not intended to provide medical advice nor is it intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by your health care professional.

50 Responses to “Sat Kriya – Dealing with Sexual Energy (among other things)”

  1. Gyanam Sai says:


    Thank you for posting this article about Sat Kriya, and for all the comments people have made. Some people made promises to record their experiences from doing Sat Kriya, on this blog but unfortunately they haven't got back yet.

    I've been doing Sat Kriya daily for nearly 3 weeks now. I have certainly noticed a calming of sexual thoughts throughout the day, and night. It's not that I'm trying to be celibate, but the circumstances in my life have created this (temporary) situation.
    I'm not sure if it's the Sat Kriya practice, or other elements in my life but I'm also noticing myself with more energy, confidence, enthusiasm and calm.
    I'm planning to continue the practice for another 3 weeks at least. Depending on how it goes I may well keep at it, once you have a routine going it's better to stick to it.
    BTW the breathing really takes care of itself if you just get on with it and don't think too much about it.

    <take a deep breath, exhale. Half breath and suck in your tummy chanting "SAT", release the tummy "NAAAM". Another half breath and repeat the process. Keep going 3 mins, quite fast>

    Hare OM
    Sometimes you suddenly stop for a moment, and then you have to get your rhythm back, but as long as you don't think too much about it, it comes quickly.