Love of Poetry and Sikhi

Guru Kirn Kaur from Phoenix, Arizona wrote a beautiful book of poetry titled "Pure Longing Fulfilled". She not only does poetry but is a really good artist. and had made some amazing paintings. I was reading through her poetry book today and picked out a few poems that I liked. Here are two recordings of me reading the poems by Guru Kirn Kaur.

After I finished recording the poems I felt like every time I spoke to Arjan or Narayan I had to rhyme my words. It was a funny feeling. Poetry has such a unique way of conveying a message.

If Guru Nanak Came Back Today 

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Daily Bread 

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More Poetry by Guru Kirn Kaur Khalsa 

3 Responses to “Love of Poetry and Sikhi”

  1. Simran Singh says:

    Thank you Gurmustuk Singh! If Guru Nanak Came Back Today is awesome. It is amazing how Guru Kirn Kaur made this poem serious and humorous at the same time.
    I wonder if we can hear the sound of the reading in the Poet’s own voice?

  2. Glad you liked it. Yes…it is always nice for the poet to read the poetry….but that would be more of a project to get it done. It’s easy for me to just hook up my microphone and do a quick recording.

  3. Simran Singh says:

    Gurumuskuk Veerjee, you are absolutely right. I feel I can always ask for more from a bigger brother like you :)