Espanola Happenings…

Driving home and taking a quick picture of the sunset.

Guru Simran Kaur organizes different events for the kids every month to teach them about the Gurus. Tonight they planted various plants in pots and decorated them. I think the activities tonight were related to Guru Har Krishan. (I wasn’t there for most of it so missed the introduction).

Charanjeet Kaur smiling as she always does. She smiles so much!! I love it. It just warms me on the inside. She now has two teeth on the bottom and more coming on the top any day now.

200 Push-ups?? Go Charanjeet…. 50 more!! Actually she is crawling all over the place now. Ever since she was born she has been trying to stand (seriously). She really doesn’t like being on her back…and likes to be mobile. I’ve got to keep an eye on this fast Girl. She is tough! Her latest favorite activities are eating and taking baths with Narayan. She loves the water.

It’s been a while since I posted any family pictures. Now that it is getting warmer out I’ll probably be outside more with the kids. The cold showers don’t have the “juice” that they did a month ago (now that it is warmer). Pretty soon…they will be warm showers. Oh well…there is always next winter.

3 Responses to “Espanola Happenings…”

  1. Poonam Singh says:

    SSA, I tried several different ways to download Gurbani font, but could not. Can you please help. My browser is Mozilla firefox. Thanks. Nice Pic of Charanjeet doing push-ups.

  2. Amarjot Singh says:

    You need to come visit me in Wisconsin… here the cold shower has “juice” flowing all year :)


  3. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Very Cute!!! She can do 10X as much pushups as I can :P