SikhNet Flashback – 1991

This is the SikhNet computer in 1991 in Oakhurst California. An new, powerful 12 Mhz AST 286 with 1 megabyte of expanded (not simply extended) memory running DOS. It allowed me to multitask using a DOS program called Carousel and run SikhNet in the background while I was working on other stuff in the foreground. Notice all the boxes of 5.25" floppy discs on the left and the DOS and BASIC programming manuals on the lower shelf of the desk.

Oh yeah, that’s our son, Gurushabd Singh, in the picture getting started on the computer at the age of one.

…..Guruka Singh



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    One Response to “SikhNet Flashback – 1991”

    1. sifar says:

      The first computer I bought I believe in 1995 in India was an XT/AT 386. I remember having boxes of 5.25′ floppies. Later I got a 3.5′ drive installed on it. Then I moved to this part of the world and I think that computer still must be lying somewhere in the storage in my parents house.