Pathways to the Sacred – Interview with Guruka Singh

Here is an audio recording of Guruka Singh being Interviewed by Josh Jourdan on WPVM radio’s "Pathways to the Sacred". It was very interesting to hear all of Guruka Singh’s stories and explanations about being a Sikh. Have a listen!

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About Pathways to the Sacred Radio Show – "Throughout history human beings have sought to explain and connect with the life force of the universe. Throughout history human beings have fought each other for coming to different conclusions and believing different things. May Pathways to the Sacred act as a bridge our differences and celebrate our similarities. Hosted by Josh Jourdan".

19 Responses to “Pathways to the Sacred – Interview with Guruka Singh”

  1. jaswinder says:

    WaheGuru ji,

    very interesting.

  2. gs says:

    Guruka singh ji,

    Thank you for sharing your very deep personal experience that you had with Guru Ram das ji.

    I have one question for you. Is it true that if we share our personal experience with others then we never get to experience it again?

    Because LONG time ago, It was my very first day of meditation and after few minutes into it I saw flashes of light as if someone is taking pictures with a camera then after few minutes later slowly moon like figure came before my eyes ( my were closed) and my entire body and head felt very cool. It was an amazing experience.

    However, after the meditation I could not resist myself of sharing this experience with others, so other people could also experience it. But after that day I never had such an experience.

    Do you think it could be my ego became the obstacle or I should’ve kept to myself…

    The experience you have had can’t be expressed by words. You are very fortunate that you have obtained darshan (glimpse) of Guruji! I salute you for your hard work and love.

    take care

  3. mandeep singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    The interview was very inspiring and moving to listen to Guruka Singh Ji’s life experiences and relationship with Waheguru. Guruka Singh’s outlook on life is so positive and deep. Guruka Singh Ji have you ever thought of an autobiography? :) The Panth could learn a lot from your life history.


  4. Guruka Singh says:

    No, it is not true that if we share our personal experience with others then we never get to experience it again. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Every experience we have is different from any before it. Each moment brings us a new experience. Each experience is perfect for the moment in which we have it. Each person’s experience is unique and perfect as well. One does not share experiences with others from one’s ego, but to help others to understand what may not be understood otherwise. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says: “When you are in the company of the Sadhsangat, open your bag of virtues and share them with everyone.” All of our experiences are sacred – not just some of them. Each moment is sacred. This moment is sacred! All we need to do is pay attention and experience the awe in every moment. Wahe Guru!


  5. Harleen Kaur says:

    After listening to Guruka Singh ji, I am not sure whether it is so simple for a person to realize what he or she is destined to do. Somehow, I do not remember my dreams or have dreams then how do you know your path? I have tried meditation, but it has not worked unless of course I have not been patient enough with it. I would think, at this point in life, I would know where God or Guruji is taking me or where I am meant to go and where I am meant to be. I was born and raised Sikh, but, I do not have the mental strength to ignore the negative or what I think to be negative experience. The way to the Sacred is challenging unless you devote yourself to Sikhi and let go of the materialistic or superficial world. It is hard not to fret or become impatient when you are so dependent on people.

  6. Guruka Singh says:

    When each of us took this incarnation, our soul made a contract with God to deliver to this earth what we came here to deliver. Each of us needs to remember what we came here to do and then do it. One way to do this is to present yourself to your Guru and just ask him to show you. Do Matha Thake and simply say, “Reporting for duty, Sir. Show me what you want me to do and I will do it for you.” It is in letting go of what we think we want that our purpose is revealed to us.

    Yes. It’s that simple.


  7. kaur says:

    Sat Nam Gurumustuk Ji,

    Going off topic here…would you happen to know the dates of summer solstice this year?

    Thank you :)

  8. Guruka Singh says:

    Summer Solstice Sadhana will be held from June 15th – June 23rd this year.


  9. Ravinder Singh says:

    This is such a great interview. Thanks for sharing, i actually learnt alot too..

  10. dre-kulwant kaur says:

    Guruka Ji…

    I so loved this interview….so beautifully shared and spoken….u are a blessing…thank u so much for sharing….

  11. Nandeep Singh says:

    I listened to the interview. And theres one bit which i kind of disagree on and that was about how you can be a sikh aswell as being a member of another religion. I’m not too sure on this point. As far as i was aware i thought that prior to the events of vasakhi 1699, it was possible for a person to be a guru’s sikh and still practice their other faith. However after that day, Shri Guru Gobind Singh said something along the lines of “Dharam Nash” – which meant you had to be a Sikh and could not follow another path. Add to that “Khalsa Mera Roop hai Khaas”.
    I was just wandering if i got the wrong end of the stick, or am incorrect on my understanding.Please don’t take offence to my post if it comes across as being rude etc.. as i am merely asking a question.

    Many Thanks

  12. merika says:

    I should start by saying that I am a physicist and I’m surprised at the references Guruka Singh made to Sikhism and Technology. I am not in a position to comment on the tying of the tuban and the merits that it has re. pressure points on the head etc, but I do wish to disagree on the facts that Guruka Singh made about turbans and tying of hair.

    1. Hair is not a conductor. Hair is an insulator and does not carry electric charge inside it. Usually a current is carried by free electrons in a material and hair does not have any free electons travelling inside it.

    2. The principal of inductance only works if you have two conductors side by side. As hair is not a conductor, I have no idea why tying it together would induce a current.

    3. People may misconstrue the fact that hair stands on end or separates when combed to say that hair is a conductor – the separation of hairs when combed in dry weather is caused by negative charges accumulating at the ends of the hair. Gathering the hair together just causes the charges to disperse into whatever material one wraps this in, and lose it’s charge. This is taught in basic high school physics.

    It is interesting to note how little knowledge of physics can be mixed into existing religion to make statements that are neither here nor there, and basically have no scientific proof. This makes the religion seem to be more interesting and advanced to people who don’t know much about either religion or science.

  13. Guruka Singh says:

    Merika – Thank you for your comments. I too worked as a scientist – seven years working as a research associate in high energy physics at OSU and my degree is in biology. That said, I never meant to imply that human hair is a conductor of electricity. However it does provide a pathway for electromagnetic energy. At university, I remember having a long argument with my neurobiology professor about the human aura – he steadfastly refused to admit its existence. However it exists, as anyone who sees auras can attest. It is a human weakness to assume that our foundations of knowledge are secure when so many things, including such fundamental things as gravity and the composition of matter, are in fact yet undetermined. Ultimately, I am a pragmatist, and, as the ‘scientists’ of Vedic times did, I explore and experience reality directly. Yes, sometimes things have to be put into the simplest language possible (especially on a radio show) in order for people to grasp the concept. Were I speaking to a different audience, I might have used different language. You, and anyone else, can directly experience the function of human hairs. It’s not a mystery.

    By the way, have you ever noticed how the hairs on your body grow in patterns that follow the lines of force of the electromagnetic field of your body? For example, in the armpit, hairs grow in two directions – one following the em field of the torso and another following the em field of the arm.

    There is much yet to be discovered by our very young scientific method and validation of things that were understood by the rishis thousands of years ago is happening today, albeit slowly.


  14. Guruka Singh says:

    Nandeep Singh Ji – You are right. As Sikhs we respect all religions. To truly experience a religion, and find that wellspring of inspiration and guidance, one must dig deep into one’s true path. That is true of any spiritual path. In the interview I was speaking of being a Sikh in the most universal sense – that of being a student of Truth, and that we are all born as Sikhs – not culturally, but consciously. So when one is true to one’s path, one lives the core values of Sikhi. Just because one has not yet become aware of one’s Guru, does not mean that the Guru is not guiding and protecting that one.


  15. Adi Shakti S. says:


    This topic has come up a lot recently in conversation for me. I have summed it up into two titles. Everyone is born a Sikh, as Guraka explained. However, those who follow the teachings of the Gurus Nanak through Gobind Singh are Khalsa. It is in a time of great lack of duty in the average “sikh” that those who actually follow the Hukam of Guru Gobind Singh at Vasakhi are of the Khalsa, and that is our identity.

    I have a friend who is an Amritdhari Sikh, a SS Minister, and still finds himself saying he is a Christian. I am in the same boat somewhat, born to christian parents and finding the Guru later in life, I have many christian fundamental ideals, but I still don my Bana and follow the teachings of the Guru. As long as I am true to myself, and true to my commitment to the Guru, I am following one of the Primary teachings of Nanak. That is how all people are born Sikh, but a lucky few get to become Khalsa. Sikh is the Potential to become god, Khalsa is god.


  16. Nandeep Singh says:

    Guruka and Adi Shakti,

    thanks for clearing my little misunderstanding up.

  17. Kevin Daughtry says:

    Nandeep Singh,
    I am not attacking you, quite the contrary, i agree with your feelings from coming from a different religeon. This is why ,all the more i love this show for acting as a conduit for all points of view to be heard. Praises be held from all, for Josh Jourdan, because his heart is great enough to feel love for all of us, despite our religeon, or their differences. Tune in and support, all views of faith, that we all may one day appreciate one anothers views in a pure and good light.
    Peace On Earth,
    Kevin Daughtry
    [email protected]

  18. Liza says:

    Guruka Singh,  ” We are student of Truth“  .. Thank you, I really like that.  Our chosen paths may be different, but our goal is the same ~ the Oneness of being with the Creator.
    Ek ong Kar – The Creator of all is One.

  19. Tracy says:

    Awesome! Just awesome! Great interview! Thank you for posting this for us! :)