Anand Sahib Translation: Paurees 36-40

by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Eyes of mine!

The Creator placed
The Divine Light
Inside of you.

There is
Nothing else
For you to see
But Divinity.

There is nothing else
For you to see
But Divinity.

And when the
Divine One
Looks back at you

And you see
The Divine Essence
In all around you

Then you have truly
Seen something!

This poisonous world
That you behold

Is really simply
The Divine
In form.

It is just
The Divine in form.

Let yourself see it
This way.

Through the blessing
And gift
Of the Divine Teacher

You will
Understand this
In the depth of your being.

All that you see
Will be
The Energy
Of the One.

There is nothing else
But Divinity.

Says Naanak,
These eyes were blind.

Yet by
Intermixing and intermingling
My being
With the
True Sound of Wisdom

They became bright
With Divine Sight. (36)

Ears of mine!

You were sent here
To listen deeply
To the Ultimate Reality.

You were sent here
To listen deeply
To the Ultimate Reality.

Attached to the body


With all of your being
To that frequency
And vibration
Which expresses
The Truth.

Those who deeply listen

Their minds and bodies
Become fresh and lush

And their tongues
Merge with
The Essential Taste.

The Ultimate Reality
Which is
Beyond mental comprehension

To experience it
Is so awesome.

For those who are
In this state

They can’t even
Talk about it.

Says Naanak,
Deeply listen
And remember
The Deathless Identity
Inside you.

Then you will be
In your
Original Purity.

Deeply listening
To the Ultimate Reality
Is what you
Have been sent here
To do. (37)

Divine One,
After you placed
The being
In the cave
Of the body

The breath
Was played
Like a musical instrument.

And as the breath
Was played
Like a musical instrument

The nine doors
Of the body
(Eyes, ears,
Nose, mouth
And the lower functions)


But the Tenth Door

The mystical crown
Where the heavens
And earthly reality

Was kept secret.

Those who
Attach themselves
With trust
To the Door
Of the Teacher

For some of them,
The Tenth Door
Shall be shown.

There, the Infinite Forms
Of the Divine Spirit
Reveal themselves

And you will see
The nine treasures
As forms of the One.

There is no end
To it.

The Divine
In all Its forms
Is Limitless.

Says Naanak,
Beloved Ones,
After the Creator
The being
In the cave
Of the body

The breath
Was played
Like a musical instrument. (38)

Sing this
Wisdom Song
Of the Ultimate Reality

In the family home
Where Such Truth lives.

Sing this
Wisdom Song
In the family home
Where Such Truth lives

And there
Meditate always
On the Formless One
In all the forms.

Those who you
Rely upon,
Divine One,
They meditate
On this Ultimate Reality.

By flowing
With the Sound of Wisdom
They understand it
In the depth of their being.

This Ultimate Reality
Is the Husband
Of all.

And for those
Who are extraordinarily blessed,

They obtain Him.

Says Naanak,
Sing this
Wisdom Song
Of the Ultimate Reality

In the family home
Where Such Truth lives. (39)

Listening Deeply
To this Wisdom Song

The consciousness
Of living every breath
In tune with
The reality of the Spirit

Has appeared.

We are so
Blessed and lucky!

All of our
Wishes, hopes
And intentions
Are fulfilled.

The Great Transcendent
Lord and Master
Has been received

And we cross over
All sorrows, agony,
And afflictions.

We cross over
And pain

By deeply listening
To the frequency and vibration
That opens us
To the experience
Of the Formless One
In all.

The realized souls
Have adorned themselves
In their finest.

Brothers and sisters

Everything is
Fulfilled and completed
Through the knowledge
That the Teacher’s
Sound of Wisdom

Those who
Deeply Listen
To this Sound
Become Pure.

Those who speak
From that consciousness
Become Pure.

Abiding with
The True Sound of Wisdom
Everything is

Naanak makes
One humble request.

Attach me
To the feet
Of the Teacher

And let that Teacher
Play me
As a musical instrument

The subtle, silent frequency
Of the Divine. (40)

All Love in the Divine,
Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

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  1. Jaspreet says:

    Simply Brilliant. Anand hi Anand. May the Guru and the Infinite Lord deepen your listening even further and you continue to share the jewels of Gurbani with the world.

    God Bless you.

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     Shabad Gavan Aayeian 

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