The Global Langar Project

Langar - (reproduced under GNU licence)

Are You Serving Your Local Community Through the Guru’s Langar?

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

My name is Deva Singh and I’m working with the Global Langar Project.

Our mission is to bring people together all over the world to prepare, serve and share Guru’s Langar to all people who wish to partake and to increase awareness of Guru’s Langar outside of the Sikh community.

Not only is the serving of Guru’s Langar something that is close to our hearts, but it is a core part of our identity as Sikhs of the Guru. Being actively known for serving Langar promotes our Sikh identity. It is something that all Sikhs, everywhere, have in common and is among the very best ways to establish our identity as people who live to serve others.

All of us know about Guru’s Langar, but at many Gurdwaras outside of India we see mostly Sikhs partaking of the Guru’s bounty. Our project hopes to bring Langar to the wider community and to bring the wider community to Langar!

As we know, there are many efforts that already exist to serve humanity through providing free food. We would like to find out what is working now and explore how this can be replicated in other corners of the Earth so that the radiance of the Guru’s mission – seeing and serving the God in All – can fill the hearts, minds and stomachs of as many people as possible!

To this end we are asking you to please share information about any food/langar programs in your area that serve people in the public beyond your local sangat. If you don’t have or don’t know of a current program of this nature, but are interested in starting one, we would enjoy communicating with you to explore how we can work with you to create greater impact with our service.

Thank you for taking the time to participate and we look forward to hearing of your local projects along with your ideas and suggestions for the Global Langar Project.


4 Responses to “The Global Langar Project”

  1. Deva Kaur says:

    Here are some excerpts from an email I received today from Jasbir Singh Ji about starting a Langar kitchen here in Florida to help tornado victims:

    “…we wish to support the effort of United Sikh Foundation to help out the victims of recent storms and tornadoes in Central FLorida mainly in the town of Lady Lake. It is planned to set up a langar kitchen to provide meals to the people….we need volunteers from the sangat to support the effort, by being there to help prepare and distribute food. We also need financial support….Kuldip Singh from New Jersey has come here to organize it. We being the local sangat must help, otherwise he will not be able to commit to FEMA any help from us, and will probably go back…we need large sized range/grill/gas burers…large utensils….I’m sure the sangat will rise to the occasion…meeting 8:30 AM tomorrow Sun Feb. 11 with FEMA in Lady Lake…”

    Please bless our efforts!!!

    Deva Kaur

    P.S. if any one from out of town wants to come out and help I’ll host you or help make arrangements for it.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    I really like the idea and completely agree with it. The challenge for where i live is that the Sikh community is small (approx 50 families) and i don’t think there would be sufficient funds to perform something as large as this. However, if anyone has any ideas on how to do this in a small community your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome..

  3. vaa ji vaa forum barcalona 2004! i remember being a part of this! :-)

  4. Devakaur khalsa says:

    Update on the the Lungar project in Central Florida (relating to above post). The local officials would not allow the Lungar kitchen, as they were concerned that it would hurt the local economy (restaurants).