40 Day Sadhana Commitment (Care to join me?)

Someone forwarded me a link to the video (shown at the bottom of this post) and after watching it I started thinking about video….emotions…Sikhi…..and media. I have produced many short videos so understand the value of a good message, music and emotion. However, for some reason I started thinking, “What is the value of just evoking emotions in a video?”. I think it is important to understand the history and sacrifice that the sikhs before us made and to value being a Sikh. However, I am a person of action so like to try to encourage more than emotion. Ultimately if you don’t act and do something to develop that spiritual connection and practice the teachings of the Gurus, then it is just entertainment. We say “Proud to be Sikh”, but what does that mean? I don’t think it should just be a feeling of proudness that you are “in the Sikh club”. Wearing a turban or being in a Sikh family doesn’t make one a Sikh (in my opinion). Someone is a Sikh by their actions, not their family or outward appearance. These examples from our past should be there to inspire us all to strive to become betters Seekers (Sikhs). We all need to take action and work on ourselves.

Yesterday during Gurdwara we listened to a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib and one of the points he was talking about was having a daily Sadhana (daily discipline); getting up early in the morning. This is one thing that he taught over and over and over, and is one of those core things in Sikhi (Getting up in the Amrit Vela – early morning before the sun rises and meditate on God). For most people (including myself) this in itself can be challenging at times. However I think it is one of the most fruitful things a Sikh can do. Of course it is easier to just sleep in and do nothing. It takes discipline and persistence to be on a spiritual path. The rewards are sweet though!

Everyone has their own experiences with having a daily Sadhana. Some are able to be very steady and others not. In the course of my life it has been an up and down practice. Lately it has been difficult for me to wake up early for my Sadhana. My 7 month old daughter Charanjeet Kaur has been teething and waking up all through the night, so, none of us get that much sleep. It’s hard to get up early if you are going to sleep really late (or not getting much sleep). In spite of this I still do my best to make time to meditate and do banis. It is one of those things which makes me feel whole and “connected”. It should not be something that you do out of guilt because you feel you “have to”. It should be something you do because it makes you feel good…and whole.

A while back my daily practice lapsed because I got so busy at work and was up really late every night. I was too tired to wake up early….and when I did wake up I had to jump right to it and help with all the family stuff (Getting Narayan ready for school, helping with Charanjeet, go back to work, etc). After a while like this I started to feel pretty bad. I caught myself thinking negative things about people and getting stressed out. This was most unlike me. The trash of the mind was starting to build up and overflowing into my conscious mind. This is what happens when I do not meditate and keep that spiritual practice. The difference is like night and day for me. When I meditate….things flow naturally and I feel in the flow with Guru’s will. I also notice how my intuition becomes very tuned in and I start to know things before they happen or what needs to happen. Going through life without a daily spiritual practice is like throwing all your garbage in a guest room in your house. It piles up and starts to stink. Your mind and actions start to stink without cleaning your mind.

I am not perfect and have not always been able to get up every morning early, however what I think counts is that I keep going. When I get off “the track”…I pull myself back on. It’s a priority for me. This happens again and again… but as long as I keep pulling myself back then I am ok. One has to just “Keep Up” and make an effort to work on themself. I am sharing this because I am sure that many of you might also have trouble waking up early in the morning or having a regular spiritual practice. Obviously if you cannot wake up early then you can still make time every day to do something. Morning time before the sun rises however is ideal. You can watch this video about getting up in the morning which might give some ideas and inspiration to get started.

One can listen to people preaching about Sikhi and Gurbani (including all my blog ramblings!), but if you do not ultimately do something and act on it then it is a waste. Being a Sikh isn’t an intellectual thing. It is about doing and experiencing.

40 Day Sadhana Commitment
So…to end this blog post I would like to offer you all a chance to have an experience of doing a 40 day Sadhana, and making a commitment with me. The commitment is to get up early before the sun rises. Decide and commit to doing a certain spiritual practice (Doing a specific Meditation, Banis, etc.). – Make your pledge!

Here is what I will be doing every morning (you can do this or something of your own choosing):

This is just to give you some ideas. Pick some things that will work for you and is realistic (so that you can actually accomplish it!) but try to break out of your comfort zone and do a bit more than you might normally do.

Are you ready? I have setup a pledge on the PledgeBank which you and any of your friends/family can join. The deadline for this pledge is Feb. 2nd which is not far off, so take a chance and make a commitment and see what happens. You will not be alone since myself and others who pledge will be doing it too. It’s like a Virtual Worldwide Sadhana :)

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The above video is a dedication to Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji Maharaj and his three beloved Sikhs, Bhai Mati Das Ji, Bhai Sati Das Ji and Bhai Dyaala Ji.

38 Responses to “40 Day Sadhana Commitment (Care to join me?)”

  1. g says:

    First I would like to know what time we are going to wake up then how much time will be spent on each step such as 1) yoga excercises, 2) simran 3) Bani reading.

    Once I know the specifics then I will make a commitment with rest of the team!

  2. G: I purposely left this open so that you could choose what works for you. The purpose of doing this was not to get you all to do what I want to do…but to commit to doing something that YOU want to do for yourself. The only specific that I had mentioned was to wake up and do it in the Amrit Vela (before the sun rises) and commit to doing this practice for 40 days straight.

    Pick what you want to do for your daily Sadhana and for how long. What time you wake up will depend on how long of a Sadhana you will be doing.

    I’ll probably need about an hour or more to do the things that I have chosen to do for my Sadhana. So I’ll wake up around 5:00 AM (I have to get up before Charanjeet wakes up).

    When I told Arjan about my Sadhana plans she asked me “So, how little sleep can you live off of?” In other words…”How many hours of sleep can you function with”. At lunch time we saw another tooth breaking through Charanjeet’s gums. Ouch…it’s got to hurt being a baby and getting teeth.

  3. g says:

    thank you for providing the info. 5:00am sound feasible. I shall start from tomorrow, (warm up). Take one day at a time.

    thank your your prompt reply

  4. Hari Singh says:

    Great idea! I hope many will join.

    I would just like to add a few positive comments and observations:

    1. To get up early and join in yoga, Simran & Bani – you must have the correct focus. The MOTIVATION must be your love for the Guru – You are making this life change as your commitment of your love for Guru Nanak and because of your love for Sikhi. The logic must run like this: Because my Guru says I must get up early and meditate, I know this must be correct and helpful to me, I must do it more than anything else. I love my Guru – I am going to do it…. That is the thought pattern that I believe one needs to have!

    2. Make a gradual change to your life style – for most people, sudden change just does not work. I am sure it work for a few; but the majority will ONLY be successful if they make a gradual change to their life style.

    So, If you normally get up at 7am; first change this to 6am. Fix your alarm for 6am and do 1 hour of mediation and Bani; Make sure that you sleep at least 30 minutes earlier; then 45 minutes eariler; then 1 hour earlier than you do now. After this has become a natural pattern and you can stick with this for several weeks, then start getting up at 5am; sleep even earlier or have a nap during the day to restore your required hours of sleep. Don’t engage in late night activities; Schedule these for the morning – You must sleep at your set time be it 9pm, 10pm or 11pm – Don’t slip on this – else the battle will be lost. Say NO to all late night activities. After a set time say 8pm or 9pm; keep the general lighting in the house dim and don’t engage in highly motivation tasks – do activities that are relaxing; watch TV; read a book or magazine, etc (with the correct lighting); have general chat with the family, etc

    – Don’t let your body dictate the time when you get up and hence your life style – When the alarm goes; be nasty to your body – don’t listen to it wanting to sleep a few more minutes – Make sure that your love for the immortal Guru is bigger than the voice of your mortal body. Don’t even let there be a discussion. Get up – start your Bani – straight away – even if you muddle the lines – just start your Mool mantra or Japji Sahib – if you muddle it – say it over again – walk to the bath and splash cold water on your face – in your eyes – keep doing this and soon the sleep will disappear and then you are in control and your love for the Guru has won.

    If when in your bed – after the alarm has gone off, you have a discussion – the body will always win because the mind is not yet in control. Have your alarm at a distance – Whenever the alarm goes – be forceful; get up; walk to the clock; switch it off and go straight to the bath – No another minute to wake up properly, etc, etc – Make it mechanical and be strong here. If you fail at this stage, you will never be able to reliably control the time when you wake up.

    Always set your alarm realistically – NEVER set it early as this will become an excuse in the morning. The time of the alarm is the time to get out of bed – Set the alarm at the exact time you want to be out of the bed – Don’t give yourself 5 extra minute to lie in. The time on the alarm is not the time when you will wake and then have another 5 minutes to get out of the bed – this practice never worked for me. The getting out of bed must be absolute – when the alarm goes off – FORCE yourself out of the bed. When you walk to the alarm, a few feet away, the mind will be becoming more awake and stronger in its ability to tackle the body’s excuses.

    I use a clock radio with a buzzer with mains connection – no batteries to run out. It always works and it carries on sounding until you switch it off. It is LOUD and it is reliable. I put it at least 5 feet from the bed. You can’t switch it off from the bed. You must get out of bed to switch it off. Don’t use the snooze facility – If your alarm has it, disable it – cover it with tape. This can become a hindrance to you – so never use this facility.

    If you feel exhausted during the day, try and develop the ability to have a 30 minute nap during the day. If you can’t do this; just go to sleep early. You will NEVER be able to get up early if you deprive your body of sleep. Make sure you get your require amount of sleep daily – most adults need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Make sure you sleep early enough to get the required number of hours of sleep. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you will NEVER make a change in your life style.

    These are the techniques that have helped me – See if they work for you – I hope they do – Amrit wala sach namm wadi-yae vechara!

  5. Kirpal says:

    I use a clock radio with a buzzer with mains connection – no batteries to run out. It always works and it carries on sounding until you switch it off. It is LOUD and it is reliable. I put it at least 5 feet from the bed. You can’t switch it off from the bed. You must get out of bed to switch it off. Don’t use the snooze facility – If your alarm has it, disable it – cover it with tape. This can become a hindrance to you – so never use this facility.

    Ah! Hari Singh Ji,
    I should share story of putting always at least 5 feet waway. When I was in high school ( boarding school) we use to hide alarm outside of the room. However, every single day we will find the alarm clock ( too about good 20 minutes) turn it off, and go back to sleep. So, my point in my case you can put alarm on the roof and I climb to the top, turn it off, come back and sleep.
    They say Warish Shah Adata nahi jandihan phave kathi pooriyah pooriyah ( Warishah says “I will not break my habit even if you cut me piece by piece)

    I am going to commit to 40 day sadhna- Gururmustuk Ji we should very specific about time ( I know you already mentioned 5 a.m)and the what all we will include in the practice.

    So we 4 in the team- g, hari singh, gurumustuk, and Kirpal.
    We should write journal enteries on how we struggled to get up everyday.

  6. Kirpal, glad you are joining us in this commitment!

    I think Hari Singh’s suggestion of putting the alarm clock away from your bed is to force you to get up. If the alarm is right there…it can be easy to unconsciously or semi-consciously just turn it off. When it is further away…it takes a bit more effort so would help.

    One of my friends used to have a hard time waking up so he would have about 10 alarms (the kind with the loud bells). Even one would shock me out of bed with an adrenalin rush!!

    Another friend of mine would fill buckets of water and place them between the clock and his bed…so he would have a hard time getting to the clock. Hahaha… Lots of funny stories.

    I prefer to use an alarm that can play a music track of my choice…because many of the alarms are shocking to my system when they go off.

    I guess we all use what works for ourself :)

  7. g says:

    Hari Singh,

    thank you for the tips and you are right that we have to make an effort to get out of the bed! You have shared lot of pearls of wisdom with us.

    As I mentioned, today was my trial day for meditation (since actual date feb 2 according to Gurumustuk), I set my alarm at 5am and it did rang in the morning exactly at 5am. I turned it off and went back to bed and about five minutes passed by then suddenly shabad written by Guru Gobind singh ji came to my mind (ray man asi kar ..) which mentions get rid of sleep and mediatate, so I jumped out of the bed and in 3 minutes I was full awake and by God’s grace I did some meditation on “WAHEGURU”

    With eyes closed say “WAHE” when breath in through the nostrils and say “Guru” during expiration.

    I hope there will be more people joining us. Lets share our experiences and keep each other motivated

  8. Amarjot Singh says:

    Great ideas and thoughts everyone so here is my two cents. I know for a fact that our body listens to us, it’s just that we don’t take time to talk/explain to it. For example when we go to the doctor and he/she says “Now I am going to tap your elbow/knee and this will happen.” or I am going take the blood pressure and it will squeeze your arm etc. Has anyone thought why/what is happening at that moment? The doctor is making us aware on what he/she is going to do and while we are listening our body is listening to it too, that is why when the doctor performs their task we are not shocked…. My point is TALK TO YOUR BODY. After reciting “Kirtan Sohila” or which ever Bani/Hymn/Song/Prayer you do, talk to yourself and say “We are going to wake up at ….” then ask The Guru to help you and you shall see The Guru will give a nudge or two in the ambrosial hour where you CAN wake up. At this point and only this point, weather you wake up or not is the choice you make not your body.

    It’s The Guru who asked us to get up early in the morning, it’s Him who has put these thoughts in us and I am sure He shall help us to make it a part of our daily life.


  9. Geeta Kaur Ahluwalia says:

    LOL! Warish Shah Adata nahi jandihan LOL! Kirpal, that is what my respected Biji always used to say when we were ziddi as children. Thanks for bringing this sweet memory of my beloved Mom. Thanks also to Hari Singh for his very helpful suggestions. I have had an inner struggle with myself for quite some time now. I always tell myself, truthfully, that if Guru Ji wants my head, I will give it to Him in a nimakh, in an instant, in a heartbeat! Then why is it that I am unable to wake up at Amritvela, which Guru Ji wants me to do? I feel that I am the biggest hypocrite in not being able to follow this Hukam. I think Guru Ji inspired Gurumustuk Veerji to start this pledge for anaari like me, who sincerely want to walk in Guru Ji’s Path but yet are struggling to do so. Now that I am pledging to do this Sadhana with my virtual Sangat, I know that we will all succeed, because Guru Ji Resides in His Sangat. Guru Fateh!

  10. Parminder Kaur says:

    Amritvela! I tried so many things different things to wake up, nothing seemed to work, until one day my husband came up with this brilliant idea. This has worked for me, maybe it will for you too.

    Turn on the music (Gurbani Kirtan) and set it to play softly all night. Each time you wake up in the middle of the night, spend a few minutes listening to the Guru shabad and motivate your body to wake up when the alarm goes off.

    In the morning, when the alarm goes off – have the alarm clock about 5 feet away from your bed – walk to the clock to turn it off, then turn off your music system / computer. This takes a few minutes, by the time you are done, you will be wide awake!

    It may take a few days to get used to sleep with the music on, but soon you will have a wonderfully restful sleep and wake up fresh, energetic and cannot wait to meditate!

    One more thing, there is no greater motivation than to know that you are not alone. There is fear in being alone. Gurmastakji, I am so happy you have taken the initiative to come up with this idea of Commitment. I am sure this Pledge will go a long way in making Sikhi a great experience. Now, when we wake up in the Amritvela, we will feel the presence of the Sadh Sangat around us. We are no longer alone!

    Guru Fateh!

  11. Parminder Kaur, thanks for sharing your ideas. I think it helps a lot when you create a support group of friends or other Sikhs who can support each other in a goal such as this.

    Locally many friends help each other by calling them on the phone to wake them up…or make sure the other person is awake. Some friends go to the Gurdwara for Sadhana so they drive together…and when you know someone is relying on you…or is going to go with you than that helps.

    If this “40 Day Sadhana Pledge” works and there is interest I could organize similar types of things on a wider scale on SikhNet. Could be smaller things like doing a particular bani every day.

  12. dre--Kulwant Kaur says:

    im in ……and I give thanks for the push…I’ve been wanting to do this since the beginning of the year…this is just the push I needed….

    so do we all begin on…Feb 2? is that what im understanding…….?

    thank u as always for sharing and giving me the push I needed….

  13. Herjinder K says:

    I think this is a great thing.


  14. P. Kaur says:

    Can I join in without registering on “PledgeBank”.?

  15. Harpreet Singh says:

    Count me in.
    Waheguruji da khalsa, waheguruji di fateh.
    This is a great idea….

  16. T says:

    Count me in as well! Lately I have been working long hourz and almost 7 days a week…so found it a real challenge to wake up early.But after making this commitment i’ll have more motivation to wake up. So thanks Gurumustuk veerji…this is a great idea!

  17. Great! We are getting close to 15 people who have pledged! Please go to: http://www.pledgebank.com/sadhana
    and make your pledge so that we have a count and reach the goal of at least 15 people. There is an option to remain anonymous too.

    It’s good to do something to seal your personal pledge of commitment to doing something. Otherwise you’ll can just fall back into your normal routine.

  18. Guruka Singh says:

    Having trouble getting up in the morning? I know what you need! Here’s Clocky!

    It’s an alarm clock that if you don’t get out of bed jumps off your nightstand then runs away and hides!


  19. Guruka Singh…this is too funny!! Hahaha… you always find the cool and interesting things. I can imagine a comedy video of a Sikh waking up in the morning for Sadhana and the alarm clock have a mind of it’s own!

    If anyone gets the clock, report back about what you thought of it. I wish there was a video to see it in action.


    Well…after posting this message I decided to do a quick search on Youtube and found a video about the “Clocky”. Have a watch and see a prototype in action.

  20. you can count me in too, lets give this everything we got ..

  21. Bikramjit says:

    Guruka Singh…hahaha.. it was so funny..your idea is awesome…count me too…

  22. gsingh says:

    Gurmustuk Singh ji,

    thanks for giving the push….It would be be very good to be part of sangat when I will get up everyday….

    Since you mentioned starting some other projects, that would be awesome….You are the torch bearer to motivate and lead us…..

    Rab Rakha


  23. P.Kaur says:

    How about this for an alarm clock!
    “Flying Alarm Clock”


    “You’ll have to get up when this little baby starts, because it takes off and flies round the room, making a really annoying noise like a mosquito,
    so you’ll have to find it first, before you can turn it off. Even if you hit the snooze button, it will take off again, so it will undoubtedly get you out of bed, though of course it might smash the place up a bit before you catch it, and if you sleep with the windows open you might find yourself running round the garden in your jimjams (no way to wake up) and may frighten the neighbourhood dogs.

    There’s also a slight danger that if you are a really heavy sleeper, and the things flies around the room without waking you up, eventually it will run out of juice, so it could wake you up by dropping on an exposed body part, such as the head, though I suppose you’d at least be awake. Or unconscious, possibly!

    However it’s a terrific fun item, and has already won a technology design award for its innovation and flair and makes a neat gift for anyone who has trouble getting out of the old pit in the mornings.”

  24. 'BenJahmin' Rasmanc says:

    Where there is discipline there is no failure.
    Where there is failure there is no discipline.
    Simple Law Of Polarity.
    Time Is Now.
    Dont Stop
    Zion Love

  25. Midwest Singh says:

    Where I live, the sun doesn’t rise until 7:50 AM. Does that mean that 6:30 is Amrit Vela in the winter?

    BTW, the best way I have found to wake is to buy a lamp and a timer (like the kind you use to turn the lights in your house on and off when you’re gone). Then set it to turn on the lights some 15 min – 30 minutes before you wake up. It’s very hard to wake in the dark, and that’s what you’ll be doing if you’re getting up at Amrit Vela. So you might as well wake to a lit room.

    Or do you think that defeats the purpose?

  26. Dear Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    Thanks for starting this Sadhana Pledge,it is a chance for me and alot others to walk the first step towards our Guru.

    Its going to be a lot tougher than just signing up, and take that from me , a guy who gets back from partying at about 2-3 in the morning , atleast once a week.

    So for this 40 days , hopefully no more partying , and just time for Waheguru.

    Hope we all can be a strong inspiartion for each other.


  27. Manjit Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    It is Feb 3rd, 2007, 3:35AM. Since I haven’t pledged out of fear of not keeping up, I have decided to do it on my own with you guys but without pledge starting this morning. I will extend it to 40 days since I started late. It is becoming somewhat easier for me lately. Last month or so, early morning wake ups have been gradually increasing say from 10 days per month to 20 days a month. I hope it makes evrything practise. If I may add, one of many many things that helped me was a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib where he makes it clear that don’t feel bad if you can’t get up but just ask Waheguru that it would be great if you can get up next morning. Aftre a while the person will just start waing up automatically. THank you Gurumustuk Singh Ji for this action!

  28. Manjit Singh says:

    Oh! I say ttry getting up without any alarm at all. I personally don’t like the sound of alarm because I associate it with my clean shaven drunkard life when I hated getting up with the alarm. Your heartfelt love for the Guru will automatically starts setting in to wake you up.

  29. Sat Atma Kaur says:

    Sat Sir Akal. I did join in, despite the fear of not being able to keep up, but today Feb 3 was my birthday and there is no better gift than Sadhana. I am facing a lot of challenges in my life right now, and to overcome them Sadhana is the best way to keep up. And knowing that I am supported and not alone is giving me the security I need right now. And fighting depression. Thank you everyone for you support :)
    Sat Nam.

  30. Ravinder Singh says:

    Happy Birthday Sat Atma Kaur!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Well there are over 30 of us that are with you when your doing your Sadhana so you’re definately not alone.

    Feeling good today and not tired at all so it’s very unexpected. Having a cold shower also made me more alert and actually helped me during the Sadhana with greater level of focus. I guess like you say you never know until you experience it..

    Had a question does it matter if i finish up the Sadhana after the sunrises? I started at about 6:10am and finished at approx 7:30am today which is just when the sun rises. Just wanted thoughts on this so i don’t develop a lazy habit during the next 40 days..

    By the way Gurumustuk thanks for organising this, i wanted to do Sadhana this year but it’s always just a little hard commiting by yourself so thanks for motivating me to do it..

  31. >>Since I haven’t pledged out of fear of not keeping
    >>up, I have decided to do it on my own with you
    >>guys but without pledge

    Manjit Singh, The benefit of making the pledge is that it helps you keep the commitment. Otherwise your mind will come up with excuses…and “since you didn’t make the commitment” the mind will find a way to give you an excuse to not do it every day. So..have no fear or guilt and JUST DO IT! Leave it to Guruji to help you and make it happen. If for some reason you miss a day…then don’t guilt yourself to death, just keep going! The goal is just to help get yourself to become regular and continue every morning so that the experience can build.

    Ravinder Singh, I don’t think there is a right or wrong time to get up. Your whole sadhana doesn’t have to be done before the sun comes up. However it is ideal that most of your daily practice be done in that 2.5 hours before sunrise. This time is a quiet time and the energy is very different. Watch the video by Guruka Singh which will give you some answers related to your question.

  32. A.S.K. says:

    Mrsikhnet, i want to say thanks to guruka singh. If it wasnt 4 him i would of been a lazy overgrown unreligeous idiot. After watching all his videos i’ve changed my whole life. All my ways.
    I do the sadhana everyday now. I just cant say how great i feel after doing my sadhana.
    Thanks Mrsikhnet

  33. Sukhdev Kaur says:

    I have started 40 day Sadhana today, with the 62- minute Sadhana meditation.
    I have been wanting to do this for so long, but my ego hadnt let me. It is now or never! And today I feel sleepy but filled with energy and intuition!

    Sat Nam!

  34. Geeta Kaur says:

    Pyarey Cyber Saadh Sangat Jeo:

    We have now reached the mid-point in our 40 day Sadhana..for me this journey has been very blissful. The first day I woke up even before the alarm went off! I think this was probably because I had some anxiety that I may sleep through the alarm, and I kept walking up every couple of hours to check the time. Every morning at 5am, I can feel the spiritual vibrations from all of you, and this feeling defintely helps in staying the course. This feeling that we are all doing our Nit Nem together. My mind still wanders but I think everyday I am making some progress, even if it is baby steps. One thing I have to work on diligently, besides focusing on the Banis, is my waking/sleeping pattern. Even though it is now 20 days of daily waking up at 5 am and reading Five Banis, my bio-ryhtms are still out of whack. I think I take very long naps to catch up on my sleep and as a result I tend to go to bed around 1 or 2 pm. I tried fighting sleep by not taking any nap at all so that I could go to bed early, but fatigue overtook my resolve and I had to take a nap. How is everyon’e sleeping/waking patterns coming along? Gurmustuk Ji, I am so happy that you started a pledge for this 40 day Sadhana..Thank You! I will strive to continue waking up at Amritvela every day for the rest of my life in the cyber company of all my brothers and sisters. Guru Raakha.

  35. prabakasthuri says:

    Dear soul, it is so refreshing to know that your religion does encourage amrit vela. We perform amrit vela too at 4.00am to 4.45am. we get up at about3.20am. Like you have mentioned earlier  it is true amrit vela makes a huge different to your life style. Carry on with love. Through amrit vela we acctually feel more closer to the almighty.  God bless u.

  36. P.J.Singh says:

    Save ma boli punjabi new juneration not speak in Punjabi Mostly DSGP School Student also Speak in Hindi iam not heat hindi but i want to  save my ma boli

  37. Avneet says:

    The video on the shaheedi of Bhai Mati Das made me cry both the times I watched it. I sometimes feel we are so weak that we start crying even by lookin or hearing about it, where as our ancestors actually went through all this. Being cut in half is certainly more painful than it looks in the pictures. I’m just amazed at the amount of shardha these bhagats had and I pray God Bless all of us with the same courage.
    The song was truly inspirational and the singer’s voice was so calm and …it was just beyond words for me!

  38. Hardeep singh says:

    I will also get up early in morning to do simran. Thanks for kind information.