Children See…. Children Do…

The below video is a clear display of how children learn from those around them. As parents we don’t always realize the things that our children are learning from us (both good and bad things) and from those around us.

“The video ‘Children See Children Do‘ was to let all adults know that they have an influence on children within their community and that they can make a difference to children’s well being.

The video creative team was trying to address the concept that responsibility for children’s well being goes beyond parents and child care professionals and rests with all of us. The video was to target the general public – all adults.”

5 Responses to “Children See…. Children Do…”

  1. Sifar says:

    That’s why it is really important to provide a child with a solid base in the initial phase of the child’s life. Joint families have elders (Grand parents) living with the childern and they can impart with the child the basic knowledge of rightful living, good manners and ettiquettes. Young parents sometimes out of stress may act in a manner that might be inappropriate for a child to see, but living together with elders take care of that. If one take a child more often to a other places of recreations, then when the child gorws up, he/she will not feel comfortable in different environments (i.e. in place of worship or religious ceremonies). A child is a blank slate and you can write what ever you want on it. I did not have to write all this as the video shows it all, but I could not resist add my views…..

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    I think the video’s kind of heavy. They could have definitely shown more positive actions for kids to emulate. I could have actually been entirely positive and been more inspirational and effective.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    *It could have been entirely positive…

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    I think the makers of this video intended it as a warning – so that people would examine their own unconscious behaviors in the light of their effect on their children. That’s why they purposefully chose negative behaviors.


  5. singhni says:

    I kept waiting for the ‘positive’ side of it….then it ended. Children also learn ‘good’ things that elders around them do. They are big sponges who absorb it all.