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True Tales, an informal memoir writing group (not necessarily a group of “writers”), was born in the Spring of 2002 out of several realizations: Much of the existing published history of 3HO and the birth and growth of Sikh Dharma in the West has been PR-oriented: focused on major events, leaders within our communities, significant activities, accomplishments, and, of course, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogiji. For the most part, this history is missing countless little pieces: the peeks into lives, personal transformations and lessons learned that provide a fuller picture of who we really are, where we have come from, and the road we have traveled thus far. While True Tales began as a group for 3HO “old-timers” in L.A., it has evolved over the years to be much more, and to include really anyone who has a story to tell. While not everyone may be a great writer, everyone has a great story! Ours are really about the journey of life itself, the hand of Guru ever present in our lives, the transformation that can occur from a small event, a life-changing moment, a lesson learned, or simply the opening of one heart to another.

These small stories make the big story. Some of our stories are flat out hysterical, and others have been difficult to tell. Releasing them to the written word is cathartic and healing and allows us to inject into the story the wisdom and lessons learned from whatever the incident was. Sharing our stories with each other has proven to be just as potent. This process creates a sacred, intimate space in which our connections to each other are more fully realized and appreciated. So, even though sometimes the subject matter may be from a painful experience, the stories themselves are uplifting, provoke enlightening dialog and give insight into the nature of the spirit.

We hope you enjoy our stories, and we also welcome your contributions! We add new writings and readings just about weekly, plus there are book recommendations, writing tips, and more.

Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa
Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa

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