Audio Translation of Daily Hukamnama – BACK AGAIN

I wanted to let you know that the Audio English translation of the Daily Hukamnama from Harimandir Sahib is back!

View Hukamnama and Listen to the Translation

Hukamnama PodcastAlso Get the free Hukamnama Audio Podcast.This will enable you to have different options to get the daily hukamnama automatically. Whether it is on your computer or on a portable MP3 player like the Ipod.  Cool eh?

You can also register to get this audio hukam every day via email. 

Do you want to learn more about the significance of a "Hukamnama". Read this short article about the purpose of a Hukam and what it means for you.

3 Responses to “Audio Translation of Daily Hukamnama – BACK AGAIN”

  1. Jyotinder Singh says:

    Thank you so much….I really needed it the most.
    Hope it never stops now.
    Guru mehr kare.
    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Whaeguru ji ki fateh.

  2. Antonia D'Onofrio says:

    Only one response to the return of the daily English translation! Now here is the second. It took restraint not to respond right away because blogging makes me very uncomfortable. But this is the greatest gift!

    Three weeks before my birthday in July, and right into August, I experienced a fierce test of spirit because of a psychotic break of the person closest to me in my life. In fact, I wasn’t even sure our world would continue as we knew it to be. The English katha got us through it, mostly because the voice of the guru is sweet and clear in the incredibile beauty of the giani’s song and the depth of his interpretation.

    Throughout those otherwise bitter days, I combined the hukamnama with and hour of music from Sikhnet and meditation: a birthday present to myself. And then everything turned around, and we are OK.

    And, Yes, Jyotinder, May it never stop now!

  3. bhupindersinghkohli says:

    very good thanks