Being a Khalsa – Audio Lecture

This past Sunday at Gurdwara we heard a very thought provoking lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib which was originally from January 1st, 1989. It’s always hard summarizing his lectures because quite often he talks about many different topics and there is not always a central theme.

Set some time time aside and have a listen. Any of the MP3 files that I post can be burned to a CD to listen in your car, or listen on your computer, Ipod/mp3 player.

You can hear other lectures that I have posted, in the Audio/Video Archive under the section "Lectures" – "Siri Singh Sahib" or viewing the "Yogi Bhajan" category.

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5 Responses to “Being a Khalsa – Audio Lecture”

  1. Sant Subagh S. Khalsa says:

    in the flow of the Great Father , salud!

  2. Mandeep Singh says:

    Gurfateh Gurumustuk Singh Ji!!!

    I have a request to make see if you can help.

    We have a group of high-school students (non-sikh) visiting our Gurdwara Sahib (in texas) next week.

    I was looking for a short (~15 min) audio/visual content (movie/presentation), which can sound interesting to them as well as give them basic info about Sikhs.

    Kindly see if you can suggest.

    Mandeep Singh

  3. mandeep singh says:

    Khalsa Ji,

    Yogi Ji’s lectures always seem to be in riddles to me but also with alot of knowledge. “Take a nap take a crap” lol that was funny. Some Sikhs get annoyed if you ask them to many questions on Gurmat or Bani etc and tell you to just get on with it but if you listen to bhai sahibs lectures he makes it clear how difficult but rewarding this path is. Yogi Ji also goes as far as calling some Sikhs a disgrace to the panth. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    P.s Great to see the audio translation of Hukamnama back ;)

  4. Ravinder Singh says:

    This is another great recording and lecture by Sri Singh Sahib. He is an inspiration..

  5. Kamaldeep Singh Bhachu says:

    Best lecture I learned alot from it. Thanks you.