Come Join me for a Skypecast

I have been using a cool program called "Skype" which allows you to talk and chat with people through the internet and do all sorts of cool things.

One of the features which I have been playing with is called a "Skypecast" which is a cross between a chat room and a conference call. There are lots of skypecasts that are going on all the time that anyone can join. I thought that this would be a cool way to get a bunch of people together to talk about different things related to being a Sikh, or just whatever comes up.

So, I scheduled my first skypecast for Saturday, January 6th, 9:00PM (Mountain Time – USA). Come join me if you would like to hang out and talk about whatever. We’ll see what happens :)  To get on the skypecast you need the skype software  (free), a computer headset (with a microphone), and then all you need to do is go to my skypecast page and click on the link to "Join this Skypecast"  (which won’t show till the scheduled time). 

See you later…I mean……hear you later…  :)

2 Responses to “Come Join me for a Skypecast”

  1. I missed the skypecast did it go well? Hopefully I can be there for the next one.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  2. I had a few kinks getting going… but we had a good discussion. It was fun. Next time I think we’ll do it a bit more organized with specific topics for discussion.