5 Year Old Father and Son

27 Years ago when I was 5 years old my mother took a picture of me in front of the Harimandir Sahib. My son Narayan has always liked this picture and loves to wear a Dhumalla and Kirpan. Last Sunday our friend Himmat Singh came over to show us how to tie a dhamalla on Narayan (which I video taped). I realized that Narayan is now the same age as I was in the picture so thought it would be fun to take a picture of him and put it next to my old picture. Two five year olds. Father and Son….

As an afterthought it would have been fun to dress him exactly like I was in the picture. Oh well. Maybe in 5 years when Charanjeet is five years old.



7 Responses to “5 Year Old Father and Son”

  1. Harleen Kaur says:

    Cool effects, cannot tell that the picture is of you and your son. It looks like recent picture of two friends, brothers.

  2. Sifar says:


  3. thats beautiful man! like father like son :)

  4. Very smart, young Khalsa! With Guru’s grace may it continue!

  5. Sunny Singh says:

    Fateh Gurmustk Ji,
    I last hear Himmat Singh was doing an anti drug program in amritsar, so is he back permanently?
    P.S. Lovely pics

  6. Gurufateh Kaur says:

    Sat Nam – Himmat Singh was in India from September to December and took part in a Habitat for Humanity building project in Lonavala (outside of Mumbai) with Dharam Singh and Simran Singh. They were 3 of about 2,000 volunteers from all over the world. President Jimmy Carter, who founded Habitat, was there. You can visit their website to learn about the project and see photos. If you want to see HS, DS and SS, they worked on house #24 (there are group photos on the site). http://www.habitat.org/jcwp/2006/
    Himmat came home to NM for a few weeks and had his 19th birthday on Dec 28. He then left to attend college in Eugene, Oregon. He is great and happy…
    Blessings from Himmat’s Mataji – Gurufateh Kaur

  7. Manmeet Singh says:

    May God bless with all love and grace

    Manmeet singh