Sir, Are you a Genie?

Guruka Singh told me a story of how back in the 1970’s a little boy walked up to him and asked , "Are you a Genie?" The boy had probably never seen a man with a turban, long beard and white kurta/pajama before. Sensing that this was a time to imprint the magic of bana, Guruka Singh answered…"Yes!" and gave the youngster a big smile. Wide-eyed, the child asked, "Can I have three wishes?!"  "Of course! " Guruka Singh replied, whereupon the child’s mom ran up and yanked him away scolding him for talking to strangers. We often forget just how powerful an impression our bana creates in people. This little video is a remembrance of that moment. We’ve come a long way since 1974 and now many more people know what a Sikh looks like.

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2 Responses to “Sir, Are you a Genie?”

  1. Randhir says:

    Wow..what is that music playing at the end of that video ? its quite inspiring. I want that cd.

  2. The music is from a CD by Prem Joshua