Setting your direction for this next year

Ok, so 2007 is here and everyone is wishing "Happy New Year" to each other. Good wishes are great… but what are you going to do to help have a "Happy New Year"? What does this next year hold for you? Starting a new year is a good excuse (if you want to call it that) to make some positive change in your life.  Chances are you have been going with the flow of every day life; taking whatever comes. Letting the "river of life" drive you will lead to unexpected places which might not be what you want (Waterfall up ahead??).

I have found that it can be hard sometimes to focus on your goals and figure out what you want in life. It’s easier in the short term to just do nothing. For the past couple weeks I have been trying to "find" some time to think about goals and direction for myself and my family. It’s as if I have to schedule some time for my brain to actually focus and think about these things. If I don’t, then I just stay busy with everyday things. There is always so much going on (especially with two kids!). You have to make the time for yourself and forge a direction for yourself!

A couple of weeks ago Guruka Singh posted an awesome film documentary called "The Secret" on, but I wasn’t sure if many of you had watched it. I highly recommend that everyone watch it. It will really make you think about your life what you want. I have already watched it three times. There are so many details in the video to think about and process that watching it once didn’t do it for me.

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