Sledding Down the Hill

Yesterday we were lucky to get a bunch more snow. I don’t remember the last time we got this much snow. So, we called around and got a bunch of friends to go sledding with us. It was so much fun! We made a few different sled tracks…and then I ventured off to find a spot to make an “adult” sled run. I found one spot on the hill which I dubbed the “double diamond” run (AKA: the fast and difficult one). It was even scary for me! Snow blowing in your face so you can hardly see….while you rush down the hill…trying to avoid big rocks. 

Any other people having snow in their area that you can sled in?



Even Charanjeet went sledding a couple times with Arjan. You can see Charanjeet bundled up on Arjan in this picture.


Post-sledding Relax time after some yummy home made dutch hot chocolate

After a day of sledding, Narayan and Charanjeet were being silly as usual. Here is a video of Narayan making lion growl sounds (endlessly!), trying to make Charanjeet Laugh. These two siblings love each other so much. I just love watching them laugh hysterically together, it really makes me happy seeing their bright faces with so much joy.

2 Responses to “Sledding Down the Hill”

  1. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Really you guys have experienced an edge on climates…. must have been a blast.. u guys dont seem tired or anything of that sort . Looks like u guys r still on vacation…ha ha

  2. Sim says:

    waheguru! lol
    thats one of the cutest laughs! :D