Snow, Snow Everywhere!


Well, we have been lucky this holiday season to get the best of both worlds. We just got back from sunny warm Florida with ocean and beaches….and now that we are back in New Mexico we just got a ton of snow. How often does a kid get warm beaches and snowy fun all in one week? It snowed all last night! Yipeee!! In the morning it was like a winter wonderland. I love waking up to seeing snow all over. As soon as we woke up we got dressed in our ski/snow gear and went out to play in the snow. Lot’s of fun! I just wish the snow didn’t melt away so fast.

I’ve had a bit of a cold since I got home so have been trying to rest. Perfect weather for just snuggling up and watching a good movie. The fireplace has been burning all day keeping the house nice and cozy.

A friend lent me the first season of the American TV series called "The West Wing". I don’t watch TV much so didn’t get into any TV series (I hate commercials). I just rent movies/DVDs and watch when I have time. I ran out of movies to watch so when my friend had the "West Wing" series DVDs at langar….I thought I would give it a try. One of my neighbors used to be pretty fanatic about recording them and never missing one so I thought it might be worth a watch. Now I’m addicted….and finished the fist season…waiting to get my hands on the next set of DVDs. It’s nice to just relax and get my mind of normal day to day stuff with a good movie. I guess you could call this my distraction/getaway of sorts.


Arjan and Charanjeet in the back of the house watching us play in the snow.


Our Dogs, Sophie and Khalu having fun playing around in the thick snow.


Narayan taking some jumps on the trampoline which is covered with snow. There was so much snow on it that you didn’t get much of a bounce.

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