Winter Solstice Pictures

Well, I am back in New Mexico. I had a great time with my family and at the winter solstice camp. The camp activities were so packed that I hardly had a chance to take any pictures. Here are a few picture, mostly from one day when I was with the kids camp and watching the 5-7 year old boys. 


Charanjeet being her normal smiley self.


Narayan at breakfast on my mother’s birthday


Narayan is learning about money so wanted to sell some stuff to make some money. Here he is with some friends selling sodas and almond butter balls.


The lake at the Winter Solstice Camp Site


During winter solstice people either stay in tents or in camp style cabins.


The kids doing yoga in the morning.


Some of the kids getting ready to ride horses


On on of the days I was the guide for the 5-7 year old boys. Here is a picture of some of the boys and girls from the day.


The horse checking out Charanjeet. Looks like he thinks Charanjeet is a candy or snack.


Here is charanjeet’s excited reaction with the horse right in front. I guess she is a horse lover :)



A picture that Narayan took of me when I was in a tree.



Swimming time!


Some of the kids swimming in the lake.


Making cools stuff with the sand and plants.


Narayan carrying a candle in one activity celebrating the winter solstice



Bonfire! On the last night we had a huge bonfire.


Nararayan watching the fire.



We were just about to leave the camp and Narayan jumps in the lake with all his clothes.


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  1. singhni says:

    Charanjeet is a happiest camper!!!

    Chardee Kalaa!