The Secret

Here’s a film that has been making the rounds lately. It’s called "The Secret." The message of the movie is: thoughts become things. Well that is how the universe works. It is the most basic concept of meditation. In the movie, everyone from quantum physicists to philosophers state that everything is energy: Ek Ong Kar, we and God are one. Basically, if we think negative, critical thoughts, we attract negative manifestations in our lives and if we think positive, loving, creative thoughts, we manifest those things in our lives. What that means is that passionately fighting against something you dislike actually produces more of that very thing. For instance, why do people protest war instead of being pro peace? We have the power to choose what we wish to think about. It’s the most important power we have. What do you choose to think about? Take a look:

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  1. Harleen Kaur says:

    Thanks for sharing the secret/insight that many may know but are afraid or doubtful to practice. Power is to think positive, feel positive and create positive.

  2. Harinder Singh says:

    This movie is truly amazing. A must watch movie. Gurumustuk I was wondering if you have heard of deepak chopra and listened to his inspirational words?

  3. This is an awesome video! I downloaded it from google video and you can watch it full screen on your computer.

    I highly recommend that you all watch it!

  4. Kiran says:

    I totally agree, this is one wicked video. Lots of positive psychology being shown. Bloody Brilliant. Gives u a whole new outlook on things.

    Lots of Pyar


    P.s It was well cold in London today with a mere 2* and lots of fog everywhere

  5. Harkiran Kaur says:

    this is really brilliant stuff, I mean I endup listening to it more than once and its just great!

    thanks for putting it up!

  6. Nihal says:

    To be honest its a bunch of crap, its like a infocommerical nothing else.

    I mean there are thousands and thousands of motivational video floating around, there is nothing special about this one…

    Its just a motivational video, these guy are trying to give a name to it and create a hua ha in your head…stop being sooo naive.

    Positivity helps and its a know fact, naming it as law of attraction isnt really uncovering a secret.


  7. Guruka Singh says:

    Nihal – Yes, the tone of the video is overly dramatic and a bit “over-the-top,” I agree. But the message is a true one, and for people to become aware of just how powerful their own thoughts are is a very, very good thing. I think the people who made the video were trying to appeal to the widest mass media audience, not to people who already understand the LOA – which I call ‘resonance’ because that’s what it really is. It’s not about getting ‘stuff.’ It’s about taking responsibility for the world in which you live and consciously vibrating infinity so that your life, and the world, manifests that infinity more and more.


  8. harpal says:

    I’m studying physics myself and during this period of time when i have been learning, i have noticed that people have come up with ways to determine outcomes in nearly all situations from basic things like throwing a ball at an angle and and from just the speed and the angle, we are able to work out the maximum height it reaches and the horizontal distance it goes. These sort of things come uo in Laws of motion, which to me make sense. In the same way, the Laws of attraction are about pre-determined expectations of what are likely to happen, eg if i put the north pole of a magnet next to a south pole of another magnet, i predict that they will attract each other. This is a simple prediction on the basis of the law of attraction. Again, if I put the magnets but north pole facin the north pole of the other magnet, they will repel.
    This is law of attraction is a very simple thought, but just like any other law of the universe, it can be used to predict very big things.

  9. Yasmine says:

    A interesting theory. Sometimes it seems true. Other times it seems not to work. For example when I first got out of college, I was really worried about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.( I had been an Art major) I decided it would be really great if I could win some type of lottery, because artists don’t always make enough to live on. I imaged winning a sweepstakes and allowed myself to feel the elation. According to the law of attraction, I ought to have at least 10 million dollars by now, but I don’t. Their is something pyschology called a positive affirmation bias, you hear a theory and if it’s semi-reasonable, you tend to want to affirm it, especially if it’s a theory you like. I wish it were true, but if you use too many credit cards, for example, you will get bills whether you worry about them or not.

  10. Guruka Singh says:

    Yasmine – Thanks for sharing your experience. Actually, resonance is an ongoing process of consistency – being confirmed in the vibratory frequency of one’s thoughts. It takes time – like a plant growing. It’s about one’s ongoing state of mind and to what one choses to give attention, each minute of each day. That’s why the Guru says: “Slandering others is nothing but putting others’ excrement in your own mouth.” (SGGS p.15) One’s projection becomes one’s reality.


  11. Jasmeet says:

    absolutley brilliant! thanks for the post paji. I cant help but imagine that this is actually true. My brother always says that everything happens for a reason and now as i sit typing this at 3 in the mornin im looking back at all my family has been thru over the past decade. Even winning the Sikhnet filmfest…i really didnt think it would happen but in the back of my head I always told my self that i am a film major and I cant sit around expecting to get a big break or something major to happen for me to succeed. I strived for success in my field and told my self that I have to make something out of myself and winning this filmfest was the first sign of my success. Thanks again for this post paji. Gur Fateh!

  12. Kamalpreet Singh says:

    Really good movie veer ji, but I would say take the good, positive things out of it (specially the one’s which comply with Gurmat e.g. not slandring others, get rid of bad thoughts, read as much gurbani as possible and do as much naam simran as possible because it will give you a positive enegry and you will feel good etc.) and leave the bad things out because I think that they are just trying to sell a product nothing else.

    One more question, how can I download this on my computer because I want to show it to my friend and he doesn’t have internet as home and the flash google player wouldn’t run on the university computers.

  13. Jaipal says:

    This video is a perfect lesson in marketting.
    1.) repetition
    2.) use “experts” to sell a point
    3.) re-package what has grown old and stale

    This is NOT a secret, my mum taught it to me years ago, its called positive thinking. The power of the sub conscious. Nothing in this implies any mystical power being involved.

    But still, i agree thats its a useful lesson. But would appreciate if it werent sold in such a cheesy and irrational way. its an insult to our intelligence

  14. Kaur says:


  15. Siri Chand Singh Ashton says:

    The Secret is great! Not often does a variation on the way we look at things comes around, and this film is it! Clearly it reaches out to a broad group of people, and in doing so maybe a small amount of people will understand what is going on. Just as this one is out there I’m starting to see other positive films are also out there. We need as much help as we can get…thank you for making this film available!

  16. Manjinder says:

    Parts of it did remind me of our sikh scriptures. Video describes the basic priciple of our thoughts triggering actions, creating our destiny. When our thoughts are clouded, clear it with thoughts of the name(god). I liked the description of energy and god at the end of the clip, it was just as the mool mantar describes. In the Japji, Guru Nanak describes that the giver keeps giving and that there is enough for all as described in the clip. Being happy and carefree is what the guru asks of us and repeating his name is all one needs to gain all ones inner desires. There is truth to the video, that why it will work and make somebody loads of cash.
    Our sikh scripture is the real secret that should be marketed mainstream to gain the readership it deserves in order to iluminate souls worldwide.

  17. Jason Yeo says:

    The Secret is an awesome film. Many of the people involved in it also can be found on myspace if you want to contact them.

  18. richard bartlett says:

    hi guys..just wondering why this link of the movie does not work any longer? I have told many freinds about this site in the hopes that they would watch the movie and explore your site.
    Thanks so much.

  19. Richard… it works for me. Do you have the flash player installed?

  20. Anonymous says: having the same problem as richard..i checked on youtube and couldnt find teh movie there either. any suggestions?
    thanks so much!

  21. Hardeep says:

    I was also wondering why this link doesnt work any longer? nothing seems to show when i click on to this page. theres nothing there and i have installed flash player but it still doesn’t work

  22. For some reason the video doesn’t display in Internet Explorer. If you have the Firefox web browser then it will work fine. An alternative is to go to to the “Audio Video Archive”, scroll down to the “video player” , select the “Various videos” option…and then scroll down to “The Secret”.

  23. By the way… where is everyone finding this page? Is it showing up in google searches? The above video was originally on google video as a promo from the “Spiritual Cinema Circle” and also had the download option (which is how I got the video) but I noticed that it is no longer there.

    Anways…just curious how people are finding this page.

  24. Hardeep says:

    I think its been removed! becuase i got an email from the yoga crew about the link for it. And when i clicked it and it was gone – its not there anymore, its gone!, ITS GONE FOREVER!! No more secrets ITS ALL BEEN REVEALED!

    Okay, No seriously its gone i checked it (im not joking around)…..

  25. Hardeep says:

    firefox sorted it out. All i had to do was download firefox. I cant believe it, all this time it was firefox explorer. Firefox is the answer to all your problems.

  26. Anonymous says:

    lol! i tried playing it in firefox..and although now theres something there to play, it wont start! oh well, ill try figuring it out. thanks gurumustuk ji! also..i know about this page because i watched the secret video when you first put it on your blog..i just wanted to watch it again and realized then it wasnt working! thanks again.

  27. Anonymous says:

    just tried going to various videos….and it works!! sorry about all the posts..thankyou again :)

  28. Singh says:

    Wait…. I just got does that mean when we are reading shabads from Gurbani that talk about the five demons..prayer shabads when we ask God to free us from these evils…then arert  we really attracting them because we are thinking of them…???Confused please help

  29. Hi all,

    The secret is a very important movie in terms of understanding what is possible when we set our intention. However it only scratches the surface, and does not address one very Important fundamental – our moral code. The beliefs and values that we learn early in life from family, friends, school and socially (mostly through the media).

    Many of these  beliefs and values are not at all empowering, and in fact restrict us. They are very deep-seated. I call these Inconvenient Beliefs, becuase they are inconvenient in terms of our destiny, but we still believe them, and they are always driven by things that we are trying to avoid instead of things that we are attracted towards.

    A simple example: Most people want to be rich, to have money, to be wealthy. But there is an inherence contradiction here. Either you want this because you have been poor, bankrupt, or penniless in the past, and you are tryig to avoid it. Or,  you have been in this situation and people told you it’s ok to be poor, because “Money is evil”, Money won’t give you happiness”. and you accept this lie. I’m sorry to tell you that Money is not evil. It is the want of money. the attachment to money that is the problem, not money itself, as money is only an abstraction or work. Is work evil? And again the attachment to money is born out of a fear that you will lose it. Again an away-from inconvient belief.

    The basic fundamental here is that people are desperatelly trying to scramble away from poverty, rahter than attracting abundance. This is why some people don’t resonate with The Secret, and therefore it does not work for them, until they can address these deep-seated beliefs and values.  

    Pretty much the only thing on this planet that is actually a scare commodity is money, and this is by design. If you don’t believe me watch “The Zeitgeist Addendum” and be prepared to get angry.  There is more than enough food, resources and raw materials in the world to feed and clothe everyone and give them a good standard of living.  But the Piscean age of Power and Control prevents this from happening. It was the age of the 3rd Chakra. Those that had power and self-esteme and control would prevail.

    Peak oil is a myth. The Oil Cartels benefit from the belief that oil is a scarce commodity. I’m not promoting the use of more oil, but there are many benefits of having oil selling at over $75 a barrel. In fact, if we can force oil to a consistent $200 per barrel, then is makes it a lot more vaiable to invest in extracing Oil Shale and in deep sea exploration

    The new age of aquarius that we are now entering is the the age of the 4th Chakra. The Heart Centered age. And, to quote one the sutras of the aquarian age, “Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstan the times”. Anyone who seeks to remain stuck in the old ideas will encounter much fear, suffering and pain, but if you can let it go, and flow with your Sangat, your fellowship, and your community, you will do ok.

    So, let us being to understand what it truely means to be human, and help each other to raise consciousness and to move beyond a world of power, fear and greed.

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

    Love and Light,


  30. Gurmeet Singh Kapoor says:

    hey navdeep singh, I read ur comment but Im still wondering do u support the secret?