The Birds

Today was another fun day at the beach. As we were sitting eating some sandwiches for lunch a few seagulls flew around us. We then threw a few chips and the next thing we knew a bunch were all over. Because of the strong wind they would just glide/hover right above our heads (just feet away). Here are a few pictures of the birds.




Narayan held his hand up with a chip and the bird came and took it right out of his fingers while hovering above.



3 Responses to “The Birds”

  1. dre says:

    this first picture looks touched….its so perfect and beautiful….nice snap….thanks for sharing…enjoy ur rest with the familia

  2. Jenny Miner says:

    Wonderful pictures Cous we love you and miss ya i hope you all are having a wonderful time down there be safe and have fun we would love to see disney world pictures lol Love you from your Cousin Jenny

  3. wow man i didnt know you were a good photographer!