Vacation Time! Two Weeks of R&R

The time has finally come for a much needed break, for a bit of rest and relaxation. I’m off to Orlando, Florida to visit with some family and for fun with Narayan at places like Disney World, Sea World, etc. A week of that…and then down to the Winter Solstice camp in Lake Wales, Florida. This will be our 10 year meeting anniversary (where me and Arjan met 10 years ago!).

For those of you who are regular blog readers, it is likely that I won’t be updating this blog very often for the next couple of weeks (till after Christmas). I know if there is internet access available I’ll be tempted to at least post some pictures from time to time when I am able. I’m trying to take a break from the computer to allow my body to heal a bit and spend some time with my family (I practically live on the computer).

If you think you might go into blog withdrawals from not getting your "blog fix" (or just want to see some interesting blog posts) you can browse through my picks of the interesting blog posts of 2006. 

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