SikhNet Toolbar

A long while back I was playing around with creating a browser toolbar which allows you to have some common areas related to SikhNet always at your "finger tips". (SikhNet Radio, Live Kirtan from Harimandir Sahib, SikhNet News, Hukamnama, etc). I never did add all the things that I wanted to add….but thought I would share the concept with you. There are some cool features which you might find useful. You can even create your own customized toolbar too if you like!

Download the SikhNet Browser toolbar

2 Responses to “SikhNet Toolbar”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    It is a good idea you have brought forward. I downloaded the SikhNet toolbar.I find it really wonderful and easy to use. The SikhNet Radio worked but not Radio Harminder Sahib.Thank you.Wish all the best.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:


    Exactly what i was looking for. Especially with the updated news section, now the information comes to me..

    Love it!