Weekend Fun in the Snow

This weekend we took full advantage of the snow! The snow doesn’t last that long so we made good use of it. The Santa Fe Ski Basin doesn’t open till next weekend so we all drove up the mountain with our plastic saucers and had some good fun sledding down the ski mountain. It’s a pretty good workout hiking up in the snow; slide down…and then back up again. I tried my best to avoid rocks and frozen snow (AKA: ice boulders)…..but had some good crashes. Ouch! My butt is still hurting. I need to get some inner-tubes, instead of our old plastic saucers which are kind of like riding on a trash can tops. Hahaha…



Even Charanjeet went once with Arjan down the hill on the saucer.


Every sunday after Gurdwara we play an awesome sport called Ultimate Frisbee. We play every week (almost all the time),  whether  it rains (though this doesn’t happen much)….it’s sunny (it’s almost always sunny)…. the wind is blazing (this happens a lot)…or it is snowing. This afternoon I showed up and was surprised to see that the football field was still covered with about 6 inches of snow. So much for making fast cuts back and forth. Too slippery. By the end…my toes were like ice-cubes and shoes all wet. Brrrr (but fun!).


Narayan normally comes with me to the field when we play sports on Sunday. Here he is with a CD player listening to some music and eating a snack. 


The window of my office had some really cool looking icicles hanging down from the security bars.

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  1. Jenny Miner says:

    Hi cousins looks like you all had some fun in the snow i love the video clip i was lol at it very very cute you guys Love you all