Here are some creative spoofs of commercial logos translated into a Sikh Message. I love it when people use their creativity to  come up with fun things like this that give a message.

A spoof on the Gatorade Logo 


The Sikh translation of the Nike Logo 

6 Responses to “Amrit”

  1. Harleen Kaur says:

    To become an amrit dhari, doesn’t a person need to let go of attachment with family? And it is so difficult for me to let go of anger. I am comparing my life with others people’s life. They are people who are not amrit dharis and they have been rewarded with so much more (not just financially).

    It is easier said than done.

  2. RSC says:

    FYI – the second image was not created by him. I designed it for use at a Sikh youth camp t-shirts this past summer.

  3. Great thanks. It’s a nice image :)

  4. Tarun Singh says:

    For your information the first image was not created by him either, I know this because my friend and I spent 2 hours getting the image exactly right over the summer.

  5. loll this is funny! surprised no1 has anything against it! amrit just chaak it LOLL!! excellent work keep it up!

  6. Vikram Singh says:

    I just noticed this image has spread all over hte web, without due credit. My friend Tarun Singh and I created this design awhile ago. I’m sure we both now regret not putting a logo on it.