Drug Addiction in Punjab – 3HO SuperHealth

Drug Addiction in Punjab – 3HO SuperHealth

I think most of you have heard at least something about the major problems of drug addiction in Punjab. This problem is growing from bad to worse with little remedy in sight. One might wonder why the Punjab government doesn’t get involved and help setup programs to deal with the problems. From what little I do know about the situation I think it is possible that people involved in the government either don’t care, are not seeing the urgency of the problem, or benefit in some way by all the drugs/alcohol, etc. Just in the area of alcohol I heard that Amritsar city consumes more than Rs 1 crore (approx. US $225,000) worth of liquor EVERY DAY! So you can imagine how the money revolving around alcohol and other drugs might control people in government. There is too much money going around to write off the possibility of corruption and politics influencing these things. It’s no wonder there are very few if any programs organized and funded by the government to deal with the issues of de-addiction. So the question comes, how do we help the thousands people who are already addicted to drugs, and prevent the many youth who might soon get into drugs? There is no easy answer, that is for sure! My community is no stranger to drugs and de-addiction. Many of my parents generation were teenagers/"hippies"/spiritual seekers of that era (1960’s/70’s). This was a time when people were seeking an experience of higher consciousness; many of whom used drugs as a way to try to find that. At this same time Siri Singh Sahib ji (Yogi Bhajan) came to the USA and immediately saw this drug culture and how it effected the lives of millions. He began teaching Kundalini Yoga, meditation, spiritual philosophy, and loving acceptance. He gave the soon to be called "Baby Boomers" an effective alternative to the prevalent drug culture. He called it the "3HO" (healthy, happy, holy) way of life. [photopress:YB_September_1970.jpg,full,centered]In 1973, Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO SuperHealth, a remarkably successful drugless, drug rehabilitation program, blending the proven ancient yogic wisdom of the East with the modern technology of the west. The philosophy of 3HO SuperHealth was based upon the belief that natural healing techniques such as Kundalini Yoga, meditation, special diets, hydrotherapy, and massage utilized in a structured environment such as a holistic therapeutic community, are the most effective way of treating people who have problems with addictions. 3HO’s SuperHealth Program had excellent results helping thousands of individuals to not only free themselves from alcohol or drugs but to begin to lead a life without negative addictions. SuperHealth was accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization and received its highest commendation. In 1973 it distinguished itself as being in the top 10% of all treatment programs throughout the U.S, with a recovery rate of 91%. Then in 1989 Yogi Bhajan met with then President Mikhail Gorbachev and established addiction treatment programs in Russia based on the 3HO SuperHealth model. Since 1993 Yogi Bhajan had also been persistently contacting the Punjab Government offering assistance with the drug problem in Punjab. Year after year would go by with little or no response. Yogi Bhajan was a very forward thinking person and after going through the issues of youth and drugs in America he knew that this would become an issue in Punjab as well. He had all the details worked out and had a whole plan on how to tackle the drug issue in Punjab. Reading the details one can understand that he had put a lot of thought into the issue. In talks with other staff at 3HO, they would ask him "Why are we still writing letters and proposing different drug re-hab programs? No one seems to care or respond to us?". That of course didn’t matter to him and he knew it was something that we had to keep working on and hopefully someone would eventually respond. It wasn’t till after 12 YEARS of letters, phone calls, emails, meetings etc., did any progress even come about. Finally (in 2004), the Punjab government entered into a "collaborative" effort with 3HO SuperHealth to provide a 90 day pilot program for de-addiction. They basically gave some space (rooms) in a wing of a hospital in Amritsar and placed an advertisement in the newspaper (that’s pretty much it). The rest was done as seva by dedicated professional individuals who volenteered their own money and months of time. You can ready one of the news stories about the 3HO SuperHealth pilot program in Punjab. This was a hugely successful test program, however the Punjab government hasn’t done anything to continue or implement the program now that it is complete, which is unfortunate. It’s as if it was just for pubilicity. It is so amazing to hear the transforming experiences and stories of the 10 people who participated in the program. When the test program was first announced there were long lines of hundreds of families stretching down the hospital hallway of people who wanted to be a part of the test pilot program. Every single person in that line had to be interviewed (with a translator), since only 10 people could participate in this initial program.The other day I was reading information and a report gathered by some Sikh Youth volunteers relating to drug addiction in Punjab and this article really hit me. We all hear about the drug problem, but I never really understood how deep the issue was.I remember being in boarding school in Dehradun, India and seeing first hand how drugs took their hold on friends/classmates. Things went from smoking and alcohol to pharmaceuticals and hard drugs. People would try to get high in any way they could; glue fumes, cough syrup, uppers, downers, bung/hash, on and on. There are too many drugs to even name! Much of it started with a simple curiosity and peer pressure as it spread around. Luckily many of these people saw how destructive these things were to themselves and stopped eventually, but many of the people I know had serious permanent damage to themselves (mind/body) and will never be the same. This is one of those difficult topics that I can’t even write about in a clear way. It is so big and so many different thoughts come to my mind. People get into drugs for so many reasons and there is no simple solution. It will take the weight of the whole community to overcome these problems together. To start addressing this issue I am planning to talk with other youth that are working on related projects such as this, and figure out more ideas and solutions that we can do together. We can’t wait for some organization or government to do something, otherwise things could continue to worsen in that time. The city just outside Espanola (Chimayo, New Mexico) I have heard has some of the highest drug addiction in America. This is right in my "back yard", so there is this same type of problem locally here too! Our local S.E.V.A. group is starting to get involved in the local problem. Just down the hall from me in our SikhNet Gurdwara offices is Mukta Kaur who has been involved with the 3HO SuperHealth program for a long time (since 1973!). I was discussing with her the Punjab drug issue and we were trying to come up with different ideas on how to use the 3HO SuperHealth program in a way without having an actual residential program (because there is not currently any funding/support for such a program). We were thinking that a simple training manual could be developed for volunteers who could use the 3HO Superhealth techniques and get involved locally in different ways. Other types of "Manuals/Guides" could be developed to for a variety of purposes (Addiction can be to anything not just drugs). We are still trying to work out the ideas though and figure out how to make it happen. It always comes down to who is going to do it and how. At this point it is a matter of how to pull all the information together in an organized manner for these purposes. We’ll probably have to find committed volenteers and a bit of funding to get this going. So, I hope you all take some time to think about all this and get involved in some way. I highly recommend that you read the below two articles which will give you a clearer picture of the issues.Related Articles

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  1. Angad S says:

    Waheguru , This is such an un-fortunate direction that youth in Punjab are turning to .
    Having not lived in Punjab , I am not sure what the reasons for this problem assuming larger pro-portions day by day . Feel really saddened to read about this. May Waheguru , bless those addicted and give them the power and determination to come out of this quagmire .

  2. singhu says:


    I believe the so called leaders in India and Punjab are trying to inject as all sort of drugs into Punjab mainly coz of one simple reason. They don’t want Sikhi to spread across punjab/world and one of the best way is to destroy the young generation first!…If we recall during the painful days of 1984, Various Guru Sikhs and Saints did fight for justices and the Government start shaking. It is usually the insiders of same religion people who are corrupted. And the major problem is we don’t really have a True Sikh Leader to implement any ideas that were suggested by various Gurusikhs/Saints!.


  3. Minu Gill says:

    Do you have records of the success rate of the programme? How many actually managed to stay clean?

  4. Harleen Kaur says:

    The “positive” 3H (Happy, Holy and Healthy) Super Health Program is an answer to the progressing problem of drug addiction not only in Punjab but also around the world. This program for opposing drug abuse can be applied as a preventative method to drug overdose. As you know, not all drugs are used to enhance loss of mental stability. Drugs will always remain available to public. Someone needs to find the cause of drug abuse rather than remove drugs from the market using 3H. Someone needs to know the influencing factors of the high epidemics of drug abuse instead of simply eliminating it through teaching happy, holy and healthy living. 3H has to be a step-by-step procedure in which you find the source of unhappiness, unholiness and unhealthiness leading to drug abuse. If you like the quick-fix then you can use coercive behavior and call it “3HO” to temporarily subside the problem. You cannot teach someone happiness, holiness, healthiness, though, you can teach someone how to eliminate the cause of unhappiness, holiness and unhealthiness. You can teach someone how to control themself and his or her life without depending on drugs.
    Because the problem is worldwide, the funds can be collected from outside of Punjab. This problem related to drugs is not a protest against Sikhism, therefore; sikh community is not the target. 3H can be more than a preaching manual. If the manual is revised, perhaps, a greater number of people including the government will be interested in the subject. The manual has to have a broader message.

  5. Rajwinder Kaur says:

    I can’t say much about drug addiction in Punjab since I have not lived there since I was very young. However, I do work in the addictions field here in Toronto. Alcohol is the primary substance for the older generations; however, drugs are becoming more prevalent within the youth populations and believe it or not….females are also getting involved in drugs and developing addictions. Alcohol seems to be impacting many families. I think one of the main reasons why it is becoming a problem is if you look at the media such as certain Punjabi songs – there are a lot of songs that portray alcohol as being fun, enjoyable and as a necessity when celebrating any occasion. These songs are what children/youth are listening to. There are many other reasons for alcohol/drug addictions. Most people grow up watching their father/unlces drink so they learn the same behaviour and assume that it must be normal to drink. It is very difficult to overcome an addiction as it becomes a coping mechanism for many people. Some people drink/use drugs to cope with problems such as family, work, financial, legal, relationship issues, health, depression, etc.

    I believe that if nothing is done soon about this issue, we will not only see more youth men but also more females developing addictions. No one talks about females using alcoho/drugs because of the stigmas attached.

  6. Kamaldeep Singh says:

    I cannot believe that 80% of Punjab is under the control of narcotic substances.
    When I read this, I felt incredibly upset and that something needs to be done.

    I too believe that the 3HO is the answer to the problem and would be willing to contribute monthly to help our Sikh brethren.

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji, may I ask what you think the start up costs are and how much you believe would be needed to keep them going?

    Re the Government of India, please pay no attention to them. Throughout the whole of Sikh history, they have done nothing but try to subdue us.

    Though I do not reside in Punjab, I am pretty sure that they can be set up.

    Also, as a collective, I believe that a significant difference can be made.

  7. Ravinder Singh Randhawa says:

    I can believe the 80% figure in Punjab. In fact i could believe the 80 – 90% figure for Sikh youth outside Punjab too, in Australia, US, Canada, etc. There is a very high percentage of youth that take drugs, whether it’s alcohol or other substances. The major contributing factors are seeing their parents drink, family problems, influence through music where alcohol is popularised and peer pressure / friends.

    This issue is effecting the youth everywhere and they are leaving Sikhi as this is what they see as a regular and normal thing in Sikhism and socially acceptable. We have to make changes in Punjab as well as worldwide. I can guarantee that everyone on here knows a Sikh that drinks (at least), their behaviour can only change by you discussing it with them how this is not permitted in Sikhi, in fact the taking of any intoxicants is not permitted. Not only is it not permitted in Sikhi but they should realise how it is impacting other peoples lives as well, along with the thought of how their grandfather would react if he found out what they are doing drinking.

    Let’s take this posting further.. what can be done? Well firstly there has to be a categorisation of youth and a tackling of the issue at different levels, the 0 – 8 year old’s would need a specific level of teaching that would be different to each of the age groups 9 – 15, 16 – 21, 22 – 30, 30+.

    For too long have i heard we have youth teachings but for a 24 or 27 year old sitting around with 5 or 6 year old kids is not going to be where they want to learn. We have to realise the different age groups, youth are not just young kids but also young adults. This issue has to tackle all the age groups and this is vital especially since most Sikh youth are now partaking in alcohol and other substances so they are already older than 18 and you all must know how once they have their behaviour changes but this can only be changed back by sitting down with youth in their age bracket.

    Another important aspect is youth leadership. It is important for Gurdwara’s worldwide to now change their ways and let the youth run the show to put it as for too long the older generation always said they knew the way and left the younger generations out, so no wonder they feel left out of their own community (sangat) and partake in other things.

    Change starts with you and everyone should be focusing this in the Gurdwara’s. How many times have you seen kids running around in a Gurdwara? Too many if you ask me. What are they learning running around? Well i don’t think much so remember change starts in your backyard as well as in Punjab. Honestly being a young adult i have seen too many Sikh youth on the wrong path and their parents are powerless but if caught early and with teaching we can make a difference, but you have to start it now. We also should be reaching out to all irrespective of age to tackle this issue. Everyone here should be trying to outreach to everyone in their society.

    At the end of the day the Gurdwara is the best place to do this as this is where the Sangat gets together to discuss and talk about God and to learn and teach each other as this was the system taught by the Guru’s instead of the current Sunday procedure of doing kirtan, followed by ardas, followed by parshad and ending with langar. Where is the outreach? What happens if the youth have questions? There is no one to discuss with apart from other youth who are mostly not Sikh or Sikh’s influenced by what they see on tv and music. So please please make a difference worldwide the youth are begging for it, but the problem is most of them don’t know… I beg you to please bring about youth leadership in Gurdwara, give them more say, give them leadership roles in events, etc.

    I beg of the Sikh Sangat before it is too late as it is getting that way now… a generation of lost youth.

  8. kiron patel says:

    it seems that the ideology of the 12 -step penerates regardless with comments of how many stayed clean….

  9. Raising spirits to combat alchoholism
    By By Tracey Logan
    Presenter, Health Check Alcoholism special
    Source- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6309619.stm

  10. Hello All Sikh’s, Punjab and other ancient peoples,

    I was alerted to this article by my friend Martell who has built this site.


    I am an activist for a potent experimental treatment which acesses the unconscious mind directly and am posting a copy of an email I’m sending to an executive of “usnodrugs.com”.

    If any Sikh medical professionals reading this understand the proposal and can support it comment from their authority on it, this would be much appreciated.

    I am sending this mesage to;

    [email protected]


    Greetings Ryan,

    This proposal for support of an experimental treatment concerns the exploitation, usage of primordial instinct. Most standard treatment programs do the same thing but do not address the unconscious mind directly which is where the instincts reside. That fact underlines the limits of success of the standard methods.

    By your organizations name “usnodrugs” I conclude that your treatment program does not use drugs. This is what I’ve often seen but this treatment has potentials so great that I still must present it because it really only relies on drugs to initiate its effects. past that initiation, it is completely natural and effectively exploits the subjects own instincts.

    There are very good reasons why we are currently unable to utilize the natural methods that can do exactly the same thing I propose with no drugs what so ever. That discussion is not the purpose of this message. This message is about how to unequivocally protect the lives of the many addicts of the many substances that currently destroy lives in our society.

    Please, examine the attached scan of a letter from the Santa Barbara County Department of Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health Services from September 24, 1999.

    Please be aware that no response from the State Mental Health Department was ever received and I’m quite certain that was not because of reluctance of Merna McMillan or DR. Charles Nicholson to follow through with the proposed treatment. I believe that the their superiors interfered and forbade them to continue with the process the began. That process is completely in accord with California State law, Health and Safety Code 1370.4 which directs municipalities using a State HealthCare plan to work with the public to develop “investigational or experimental treatments”. That interference, I believe was founded in religious principal as they are improperly blended into interests of the state.

    Here is a factor to consider when reacting to the use of nitrous oxide in narcohypnosis. In my discussion with addicts of this treatment, I found them very open, indeed, even eager to undergo the treatment because they saw in it a powerful drug experience, which it is. The treatment I propose, which was presented to the Director of Santa Barbara County Mental Health and its Chief Medical Doctor, includes rendering the subject totally unconscious for 1 or 2 seconds prior to a very standard administered mix of dentistry consisting of 67% nitrous and 33% oxygen. It is during that state where the hypnotic suggestions are given.

    Those hypnotic suggestions invoke an absolute recognition of the subjects purposes in living and if they do want to live, commands them to do whatever is needed to protect their lives.

    What this treatment represents to the addicts I’ve spoken with, as they understood it, is a method to create a resolve so deep that the discomfort; anxiety, cravings, depression, angst, whatever recovery/withdrawal; is offset by their deepest instincts to survive, to be happy and to find or protect love in their lives.

    What this treatment represents to the addicts I’ve spoken with, as they understood it, is a method to create a resolve so deep that the discomfort; anxiety, cravings, depression, angst, whatever recovery/withdrawal; is offset by their deepest instincts to survive, to be happy and to find or protect love in their lives. And this was done within the onset of a powerful drug experience, something they are familiar with and enjoy. The nature of the treatment is that deep respect will be created for that experience as it protects their lives and the lives of the ones they love. Basically, at best, representing their last drug experience. From the research I have conducted which sources commonly available texts, indeed historically authoritive texts, there are no greater naturally present instincts that exist within a human being that can be relied upon to compel their alteration of self destructive or other behaviors.

    Please consider this proposal and respond with any thoughts you may have.

    Know that I am ready to assist in the immediate development of this treatment and have already refined some technology needed to administer this safely which was also described to the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Department personel.

    Thank you sincerely,

    Christopher A. Brown


    Here is my email address for any Sikh’s who might wish to comment or communicate with me on this subject.

    [email protected]

  11. ARTY says:


    We are a small record label which makes music that inspires the youth to awaken to deeper truths. We have birdged the subcultured with the missing knowledge of the Sikh and Sufi, to serve and love God.

    Please consider mail ordering music from us….

    We are hopeful that you are willing to share with others, build community and recognize the young talent which is manifesting antidrug messages by saying yes to the music.

    Whisper back

  12. Simran Kaur says:

    Waheguru! Waheguru! WAHEGURU!

    Ok… I’m excited about helping to come up with some solutions for getting this program spread WIDE AND FAR! Age appropriate booklets are a good start… however, usually Kundalini practices are purposefully NOT taught in such a way due to potential malpractice… Yes? I mean… it so potently affects the endocrine system that for someone in recovery, even holding their limb at the incorrect angle could be detrimental to their health… hmmmm… drug free solutions… YES!

    I’m a busy woman, however, with my experience in yoga, past drug use in the rave scene, my experience with recovery programs, and my current ever expanding knowledge of sound and light frequency healing… this is just the project I’ve been searching for to give back to our global community and make the world a better place for ALL of our children.

    Delegate me please! I desire to be of service!

    Sat Nam

    Yours in Love and Light

    Simran Kaur

    P.s. Attn. Arty!

    Also, I am a musician with electronic dance music currently rising on some US record pool charts… Having produced some tracks in India, I know this style of music is very popular there too…. The youngsters LOVE it. I would also like to perpetuate the message that we can all have fun and dance SOBER! How can I contact you?

  13. manuel arqueros says:


    I am manuel, and need help to see the light, I am tooking drugs, i and want to stop. I am 40 years .
    I am from Madrid (Spain), a friend of mine told me about us.
    I want to go India, for 40 days,20 julay 1 september, is that posible?
    [email protected]

  14. kapil sharma says:

    Gentlemen & ladies
    i am from patiala, i studing in punjabi uni versity patiala . i argued that things in , now, punjab youths are very attractive in drugs & alochol . not in young generation but also in ous’r elders are commited in these things . i m also include in drurgs addtiction

  15. samar says:

    Warm welcome,
    As we are working for those who are dishearted by there numerous tries to come out of drugs, we are helping those dishearted to become a responsible and productive member of society. As we are not doctors , but we have practical experiences which no doubt help to make there dream true.
    As we are all Professionals working with the different -2 companies, and we have our families too to look after.
    But we give little time to the people who are in pain.
    1. As we dont have any membership charges.
    2.The only requirement is to Just Ask for help.
    3. To any religion or creed u belong is not our concern.
    4. Every thing from name to city (i.e personal information will remain Anonymus.
    5. we genrate the funds by selling small stickers with the massage to society, (which never cost more than 5 rs)
    6. Apart from this we help the girls/boys of slum families for studies till class 5.
    so plz we need ur support and suggestions for fund raising and want u to be part of our group
    Any suggestions,
    email :- [email protected]

  16. Sat shri akhal ji,

                                 The Pharmaceuticals companies for gaining the high Profit,they  are targeting the youth of punjab  by manufacturing the Drugs like .Microlit pouches,Lomotil pouches,Phenotil  pouches etc The Punjab Drugs control Department have no authority
    to restrict the  Chemists  for posessing the limited quantity  of these types of manufactured drugs,State Govt. should Amend the Drugs & Cosmetics Act,1940.The pharma companies has given the offers to the Chemists to sale these drugs as much one can sell.The highest seller of these drugs has been awarded with the free tour of  foriegn contries Inian Govt. want to snub the youth of punjab by distributing these drugs to the schools & colleges of punjab
                                                     Lets join our hands to amend the rules
                                                                                                                  MANJINDER SINGH DHILLON, DDI,Asr 

  17. AMRIT PAL SINGH says:



    1.no. of patients suffering from drugs

    2.sex ratio

    3.female foeticide

    4.below poverty line

    5.no. of students appearing in




  18. nawab says:

    Dear Sir,

    Punjab today is a sick or failed state.

    It is waethering state and its heritage,history,culture and laguage were facing a great threat.No one ever imagined that the state inhabited ny the most hardworking and hardy people would face such a bleak future.Punjab is melting lik an ice cube.Our political leadership has failed us.It has stabbed Punjab in the back.Politicians of all hue ar responsible for the fall of the state.The people of Punjab made the largest contribution in the freedom struggle of the country,but they were never rewarded suitably.Farmers later made a huge contribution to make country self sufficient in food ,but even they were not given their dues.Now farmers are committing suicides,most of the youth have become drug addicts and Punjab as a state has been burdened with debt of Rs 70000 crores.Punjab is a tree ,the roots of which were dying..The most distressing truth about the state is that no one is keen to stay in this state.Its old and young ,talented people waste no opportunity to settle abroad.To achieve their goal of settling abroad,they sell the lnd and their ancestral property.

    Please do something for this Punjab.

    Brig nawab singh

  19. Rammi says:

    Waheguru, Waheguru. mai sab nu ahi kaha gi k tusi apne friends nu drugs ton door rahan lai advise karo. never taste drugs. kyu k je kar asi ik vaar drugs taste kar lande ha duji vaar vi taste kar lande ha. is tara aadat ho jandi hai. jo sadi barbadi kar dindi hai. mai sab nu hath jor k request kardi ha nashya to door raho. SAT SRI AKAL . NANAK NAAM CHARDIKALA , TERE BHANE SARBAT DA BHALA.