The Passing of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji

Bhai Avtar Singh

I just got news that Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi, has passed away peacefully at about 10.50 PM (IST), November 24th, 2006. At 81 years, he was at his residence, with his whole family.

A few months back I had heard that he had Leukemia and possibly didn’t have much time to live, but sometimes with these things you just imagine that their life will go on in spite of it. It somehow seems unreal.

I remember as a young child in Los Angeles listening to Kirtan by Bhai Avtar Singh. He used to come to our Gurdwara from time to time and we listened to the recordings from these Gurdwaras often at home too. In more recent years he would come to Espanola, New Mexico with his family/jatha every year to teach Gurbani/Raag to the Sangat. It was always so nice to have him and his family.

As I think about his passing It reminds me of how many Sikh leaders and elders have moved on in the recent years. It makes me think about how time and life passes away fast, and how we need to not let the precious life go wasted. One should not leave this earth without leaving a lasting mark.

I also think about how the Sikh community is changing. Eventually our elders, parents, leaders, etc will pass on and it will be the responsibility of the younger generation to carry on the mission and lead. Many of us complain about problems in Gurdwaras and Sikh leadership. Changing these problems is of course up to us all, and we all have to take responsibility if we want to make some change.

Bhai Avtar Singh spent his whole life devoted to Gurbani and spreading the musical knowledge that was passed down to him from the 10 previous generations. Let us all remember his life dedicated to Gurbani, and use this for inspiration to do something in our own life to better humanity in some way. Guru Nanak taught timeless wisdom on all aspects of life, which has been passed down to us from generation to generation. Bhai Avtar Singh’s passing is just another reminder for me of how important these gifts are and how we must treasure and keep them alive.

In memory of Bhai Avtar Singh I have picked out a few live audio recordings that were from our Gurdwara in Los Angeles, from when I was just a child. These were recorded when Bhai Avtar Singh and his brother, Bhai Gurcharan Singh used to play  together. They have always have been a beautiful family and I have always seen them as a whole family doing Kirtan and carrying on this musical tradition.

Recordings of Bhai Avtar Singh with
his brother Bhai Gurcharan Singh 

Gobind Preet Lagee
[Audio:] Download

Prabh Jee Ko Naam Japat Man
[Audio:] Download

Jai Tegang
[Audio:] Download

48 Responses to “The Passing of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji”

  1. Balraj says:

    That is sooo sad, I remember hearing their keertan in Barcelona right infront of Sagrada Familia, it was amazing. Truly an amazing Ragi, up there with Giani Amolak Singh Ji.


  2. Mohinder Singh says:

    I had the god fortune of hearing him few times and I was tuched by his humility as much as by the heavenly kirtan.

    They are a beautiful family, carrying on Guru’s work for centuries. I am sure his presence will stay with his through the beautiful Gurmat Sangeet he imparted to many others before departng.

  3. Angad says:

    He is in the God’s durbar now singing kirtan with his father the great Bhai Jwala Singh Ji.

  4. Indeed its a very sad news. He will sure be missed!

  5. What a wonderful presence of kindness and grace.
    Bhai Avtar Singh, his brother Bhai Gurucharan SIngh, their constant Tabla master Bhai Swaran Singh ji were part of our evolution in the USA Sikh Dharma since the early 1970’s.

    They gave us our first wonderful experience of classical Gurbani at the “Broadway Ashram” in Los Angeles in 1974.

    I loved to watch Bhai Avtar Singh. He always greeted people with sincerity and grace. He remembered us all. In the evening at people’s homes where he played, I remember watching him take a vigorous stroll in the back yard or down the dusty road of Espanola to recite Rehiras.

    He came and taught us Raag and Drupaad kirtan in Espanola for many years. His son Kultar Singh joined him in his later years,,,,leaving his engineering career to sing Guru’s Bani with his father.

    Bhai Avtar SIngh was very devoted to his service.
    He worked VERY hard traveling even this year. He traveled to Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) regularly to play kirtan often once a month.

    He was a wonderful example of grace and devotion and someone I will truely miss only until I put on’one of his many CD’s that he recorded for all of us.

    May God bless his memory and I know that he truely lived a life of love and shall be remembered with the same love. I am so grateful to have known him and to have studied with him as well.

  6. Rajinder says:

    This is a sad news, he was suppose to visit our humble home in August when he suddenly got very sick and had to return to Delhi immediately. I wanted to record him singing previously unsung Dhunis from Guru Granth Sahib. He liked the idea and started humming one or two of them when I mentioned “Lallan Behleema di Dhuni”, he promised me that he would love to. I guess, either my wish was not strong enough or Guru doesn’t want those Dhunis published. I don’t know, I’m just sad that this project will never be completed. Hopefully those unheard tunes haven’t expired with him. May Waheguru bless his soul.

  7. i remember Ragi Avtar Singh ji in barcalona too! the only time i saw him! all i remember was a man expressing tears musically! and meeting him after a warm big hug that elegent smile in his eye that has mesmerised me! We all need to work hard on passing the Gem of Gurmat Sangeet on! and it is no easy task! it will take many life times just to have the wisdom of Ragi Ji! sat sri akaaaal!

  8. Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Piaare

    May the mission and seva which Bhai Sahib started flourish and spread with Guru Sahib’s Grace.

  9. Shanti Kaur Khalsa says:

    I know that the heavens celebrate when a soul of this purity returns home – but as the angles cry “Jai Jai”, we on earth struggle with our heavy hearts. What can we say? What can be said? He was a man of rare depth and insight – and he will be missed by many.

  10. Angad says:

    well i believe his brother is still alive and he may still know these unsung reets…also his son bhai kultar ji might know of them..hopefully its not all lost.


    • bikram jit singh says:

      yes, dear Angad Singh ji, by God Grace the elder brother(Bhai Sahib Gurcharan Singh ji Ragi) of Bhai Sahib Avtar Singh ji Ragi is still alive and knows all reets and keep on doing kirtan at home even at the age of 95+yrs. If you are interested, do visit his home at B-5, South Extension, Part-2, New Delhi-110049 INDIA.

  11. Prabhu Singh says:

    I’ll never forget Bhai Avtar Singh Ji. He’s such an amazing man! Although I only took one short course with him, I have always considered him my ustad. With respect to all other masters of raag that I have been blessed to know or study with or hear, he was the first master that taught me.
    I’ll never forget when I was in graduate school, he came to teach a course in Española. I was too busy with work and school to take the course that year. One evening after work I was walking on the dirt path that leads to the Gurdwara. I spotted a few Sikhs walking towards the Gurdwara, and I thought to myself ‘Do I spot a couple of world class raagis, walking on this dirt path in this small town in a remote part of the world?’ It was Bhai Avtar Singh Ji and Bhai Kultar Singh Ji. I went to greet them and Bhai Avtar Singh Ji, gave me a great big hug. As other people will remember when he hugged you it was just like he was your grandfather and like he was sharing his gifts and his spirit with you.
    Your physical presence will be missed Ustad Ji, but we will always feel your spirit with the blessed tradition you so graciously propagated.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  12. Jasvinder Kaur Chaggar says:

    I am the daughter of Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi, and I’m touched by the kind words everyone has posted here.

    He was a great father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Our whole family has been very blessed and proud to have him as our father and having recieved all the love and affection from him.

    He was the strength of the family, and his positive attitude gave us the power to go through the ups and downs of life. It is a great loss to us and has left a void that can never be filled. Physically he is gone but spiritually he will always be with us.

    We are currently developing a website in his honour – If you wish to contribute to the webpage (either via comments or photos etc), please send an email to [email protected].

    Guru Fateh

  13. jagmohan singh bammi says:

    I am one among most fortunate persons having known to this Ragi jatha since my childhood.i have been listening to their kirtan during their various programs in Delhi fact i live Greenpark area, very close to his place of stay i.e South Extension Pt.I.One of his nephew S.Bikramjit Singh s/o his elder brother S.Gurcharan Singh Ji,is very well known to me.When i came to know about his demise through Sh.B.S.,after his short illness,it was martydom day of Guru Teg Bhadur being celebrated in Gurdwarw Rakab Ganj New Delhi,I was shocked.His son S.Kultar Singh had to perform kirtan Sewa on the same day between 1100 hrs. to 1200 hrs, while the creamation of Bhai Sahib had to be performed at 1530 hrs.the same day.This is the living example of a gurmukh parivar accepting ‘ TERA BHANA MITHA LAGE’gracefully in its true spirit.
    I don’t think that we need to pray Wahe guru to make a place for him in heaven as HE has has to keep him with HIM.We only need to pray Waheguru that HE should give courage to all of us and his family members to adopt his shown path.
    Wahehuru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh.

  14. Anmol Singh Soor says:

    Bhai Shaib Ji,

    Was one of those very few Sikh Kirtania that followed what they preached. His own life was a mere reflection of what he taught. He was the most kind and sweet hearted man that you could imagine. I met Bhai Sahib for the first time when i was 11 years old. He made a deep impression on me and due to him I went on to study Kirtan, Sikh philosophy and the like.

    May we all Learn from his example and carry on with Sikh Kirtan Tradition.

    Anmol Singh

  15. Ardaman Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, whaeguru ji ki fateh!
    Khalsa ji, I am saddened at the news of Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh Ji’s passing. He was a great man. Having known him as a father figure during my life, I have always appreciated his kind and uplfting words of wisdom. His advice was so valuable to me as it helped me succed in life.
    He was a ragi unparalled. He and my father, the late Giani Gurdeep Singh were best of friends. How they would enjoy each others company and talk about religion, kirtan the worldly events. I learned so much from his visits to NY. I learned so much from their company. I am blessed to be in the company of such saintly people.
    I know that he is in heaven as I type. His contributions to the Sikh community are boundless. I will always treasure my memories of him and my sincerest condolences go out to his family.
    God Bless Us All.

  16. rajinder parmar says:

    BHAI AVTAR SINGH ji, was with us in b.c.canada just
    few months back.he came to ourhouse and this was our
    last get together.
    i am 62 year old and i still remember when bhai sahib
    ji pedlling his bycycle towareds gurdwara sis ganj in delhi india, for erly morning kirtan of sri asa di var,
    i listen to this divine soul for last 50 years.bhai sahib ji was a true gur sikh, and areal saint.
    may akal purakh bless his soul. bhai sahib jiwe all gone to miss you as i will never see you again at
    gurdwara sis ganj in delhi

    P.s. i got some live recordings of bhai sahib ji and
    i would like to send to SIKH NET> thks

  17. Kanwal Jit Singh says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Passing away of great Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh is a great loss to Sikhism. Its similar to our loss of Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskin because what Giani Ji was to Katha / Vyakhya so was Bhai Ji to Kirtan.

    He had an aura which very few have and grace which is a rare these days.

    God Bless Bhai Avtar Singh Ji’s soul

    Guru Fateh

  18. Angad Singh says:

    Rajinder Veerji,

    If you can upload your recordings to

    i would be really greatful..

    you can reach me at angad.s.sodhi[at]



  20. Dr.k.s.jhita says:

    kulwant,baldev,sukhdev…….we are the nephews of bhai avtar singh ji,we have been shattered by the demise of our beloved uncle,but reading all the respones from all over the world we are sure his kindering spirit will live on and that we would like to thank all those sikhy and kirtan lovers for their kindest comments.

  21. Jaswant Singh says:

    Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Passing of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji is truly a grat loss in the World of Gurmat Sangeet.
    It was in early sixties when I had the good fortune to listen to Kirtan by Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh and Gurcharan Singh Ji at Sis Ganj Sahib and Bangla Sahib Delhi for several years. I had the opportunity to meet him once in Canada a few years back and only a year or so ago in Dayton, Ohio. He was truly a great soul. His contribution to Gurmat Sangeet has been enormous. He was blessed with unique talent to perform Kirtan to create semblance of heavenly presence.I hope and pray his students carry on the Gumat Sangeet tradition into the future. I am very fond of his Keertan style and to date, I sing some of his compositions. He will be greatly missed.




  23. Rishipal Singh says:

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke fateh

    Apologises as I realise this is not the most uptodate blog discussion.

    I cannot express my love for Bhai Avtar Singh in words as words cannot do justice for his greatness.

    It is because of Bhai Avtar Singh and through Gurus countless blessings that I am in the image and leaving the life that I am today.

    I worshipped (if that is the correct word to use) for many years. I never thought I would ever have the opportunity of hearing them live let alone seeing them in flesh. But Guru ji blessed me with such divine grace that I got to spend some very appreciated quality time with them. So much so that he made me his son and taught me a shabad.

    He came to my house and sung kirtan for the chardi kalla of my disabled sister.

    He did not speak much but when he did it was full of love for his words were poetry either that or he told a very good joke.

    I was very shocked to hear the news that he had been diagnosed with leukhemia. I spoke with him immediatly. He was as radiant as ever, although I could only hear his voice and not see him. To me he said, “Son I am fine why are you worried? Maharaj has blessed me with 2 months. 2 months is plenty of time do you know how many akhand paths you can do in this time?” To this a sudden burst of happiness came to my face for the realisation came that such souls as Bhai Avtar Singh have already got their Golden Ticket to the chocolate factory (excuse the metaphor).

    His memory will live in for when ever I listen to his kirtan with countless of others it digs deep right to the root of my heart and soul.

    Please let us not forget him and carry his message of gurmat sangeet and kirtan forward.

  24. Harjeet says:

    Dear All,

    Me and my wife Jaspreet were fortunate enough to have met bhai sahib and his jatha many times during his recent visit to Toronto. Words can not describe the greatness of this man as every time we met him in person he greeted us like his son and daughter (and for that matter he greeted everyone with the same warmth). Both of have been so shocked that we could not gather courage to call Kultar virji of Ranjeet Virji (his sons), whom we came to know very closely during their Toronto Visit. Indeed, bhai sahib and all his jatha left a lasting impression in our lives. I can not believe that in a matter of just 2 months or so, things changed so drastically. A small incident I would like to share with you all…as I think I’ll cherish this rest of my life. We regularly met bhai sahib at Gurudwara Rivalda Road in Toronto, where he was staying. We did not have a car or a house at that time, as we were planning to buy these things after completion of my MBA, and we used to go on bus to attend bhai sahib’s kirtan programmes in almost all the gurudwaras in GTA area. And during one afternoon casual meeting at his simple room where he was staying with his jatha at Rivalda Road gurudwara, he told me and my wife that when they’ll come back next year, we’ll have everything (He meant House, Car etc.). And its only been 2 months or so since we have moved to our new house and bought a car, but the dream of inviting bhai sahib to our small place and listen to his kirtan one more time will always remain unfulfilled. Maybe this is what waheguru decided…but we’ll miss bhai sahib and his kirtan our whole life. CD’s and Recordings simply can not fill the void of his great style of kirtan and the ambiance which was created in the hajoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib….

    Guru Fateh,

  25. G.S.Guglani says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I first learnt about Bhai Avtar Singh Ji’s demise from live telecast of Chardi Kala Jatha kirtan on nov 25 at Gurdwara Rakaab Ganj sahib when jatha leader dedicated singing of a hymn remmbering Bhai avtar singh Ji.
    Best tribute to bhai sahib ji would be to apprciate and propagate old raag based shabad compositions by making these available easily .
    I lament that our main organization like SGPC at amritsar are doing little in this regard regarding propagating and honouring such distingiushed raagis.

    I hope if some TV agency like ETC punjabi promotes a contest in traditional raag gurbani singing with the sposorship of some sikh busines houses or institutions like “punjabi mutiar contest”and selects “world Gurbani traditional raag kirtinya” it would spread the values possessed by Bhai Avtar Singh Ji.

  26. Avtar Singh says:


    Guru pyaree Sadh Sangat jio
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

    In loving memory of Bhai Sahib Avtar Singh Ji

    With the support of the Sangat and committee at Gurudwara Ramgharia Sabha Oswald Road Southall there will be a special Kirtan Durbar with prominent classical kirtani jathas on 23 December from 7pm to 10 pm . Please make a special effort to attend and grace the occasion with your presence.

  27. Gurdyal Kaur says:

    Dear all
    I read news of Bhi Sahib’s passing away in sikhnet news which I read daily without fail. I was very toched by the blogs written about Bhai Sahib ji. Although I am very fond of listening to Gurbani Kirtan esp. when sang in ragas. I was not lucky to have the chance of hearing Bhai JI. I listened to 3 shabads posted on this blog and enjoyed them very much in that I keep on listening to them again and again. I would very much like if any more are posted here. How about taking Rajinder Parmar’s offer? I am sure there are lot more like me who are longing to hear some more.
    May Wahiguru keep Bhai Sahib in his lap for ever and ever.

  28. Sarvjit Singh says:

    Bhai Avtar Singh Jee was such a person that once you meet with him he stays with you forever.
    I had the chance to listen to his Jetha’s Kirtan many times in New England. No tribute to him is enough. I sincerely hope that Sangat can raise enough funds in any capacity everywhere in the World so that his son Kultar and remaining Jetha continues on his father’s legacy. Otherwise Sikh World will loose a very important legacy of it’s Gurbaani rahat maryada.


  29. Govinder JS Flora says:

    I have heard Babaji’s recordings and am deeply touched with his voice and his command over shabad gurbani. I truly regret not being able to meet this great soul in person.
    Govinder JS Flora; PhD
    Virginia, US

  30. Parminder Aujla - VA, USA says:

    I have met Bhai Avtar Singh Ji a couple of times in the USA around 2005-06 – he was the Gursikh true to the Guru’s word – a sikh who possesed a magnetic personality and would leave an everlasting impression on you – irrespective of whether you met him for a second or knew him since long.

    I requested of him once about unhealthy thoughts and “NAFUR” avastha and Bhai Sahib very politely advised to perform Ardas to Guru Granth Sahib – as Ardas can only help you get there – which is an approach only a True GurSikh can share/preach with others.

    Bhai Sahib you will continue to lead us in the Right direction with your melodious and deeply spirtual Kirtan. May the family of Bhai Sahib get the courage from Allmighty to share this loss and May this great family continue to serve the Sikh Jagat with their son Bhai Kultar Singh.

    Lastly, Thanks go to Sher Singh & Family as it was their efforts owing to which I and many others from D.C. area met Bhai Avtar Singh Ji.

  31. Harvinder Singh Virdee says:

    Dear all,
    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
    Another soul leaves the Sikh community
    Bhai Sahib Avtar Singh, Gurcharan Singh and Swaran Singh came to Neville Road Gurudwara London E.7 in the early 1970’s the very first tour of u.k. We were honoured that we were able to listen and learn from the knowledge they had. My father late Sardar Gurmit Singh and Tayee Ji late Gaini Harjit Singh of Ramgarhia Sabha Southall became good friends and during there subsquent vists to u.k they were more like brothers then friends.
    I still remember their last conversation with me at The Golden Temple Armitsar when they offered their condolences for the loss of my sister they said ” one forgets the we are all offered a chance to redeem ourselves but we forget this and carry on with life as there is no tomorrow but death is there waiting in the wings so remember waheguru as this is the only true path”
    Bhia Sahibs will be missed by all our family and friends.

  32. Manmohan Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Feteh
    I have known Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi since my childhood i.e. for over 50 years. He was a great Ragi, greater as a Sikh and greatest as a Human, I have ever known. He was puran Sant to me. He was very close to me and we did shared very intimate relationship. I have never seen him worried but with having full trust on Ardas – directly or through kirtan. He told me more then once that he has been trained to recite kirtan thinking that Guru Sahib himself is sitting in front and listening. He was like a Light House for me, who preached and lived Sikhism to the fullest.

    I hereby fold my hands and pray to the almighty Akalpurkh to bless his soul and send us one more of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi on this earth, to bless us all.

    Bhai Sahib’s youngest son, Bhai Kultar Singh Ragi is the torchbearer now. I wish him good luck and hope he will succeed in quenching our thrust of kirtan in the time to come.

  33. well,its very good for our new sikh generation.
    so please keep it up and and take them at the right platform …………………..

  34. Jasvinder Kaur Chaggar says:

    Bhai Kultar Singh Ragi, Son of late Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi, and Jathha are visiting Australia and Newzealand during the months of May and June. We can never replace Bhai Avtar Singh’s holy aura he presented when he recited kirtan. We can, however, visualise him through Bhai Kultar Singh who sings with same passion and style.

  35. Kuldip Singh Virdi says:

    Gur Fateh.
    Indeed he was a Ragi of distinction…always carried with him the Maryada of reciting traditional kirtan of Gurbani.Rarely we find such dedicated and knowledgeable scholars.May his soul rest in peace.

  36. Jasbir Kaur Osahan says:

    Bhai Avtar Singh Ji was gem of a person,noble and of high values.He was living the teachings of Guru saheb while rendering Gurbani Kirtan for his fellow human beings.That is really great.

  37. harein says:

    Late Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi,I know he was a great personality.
    I know him from the past 5 years.I am a 10 year old.
    I know him because he was the grandfather of my best friend,I’ve heard his kirtan many times and I love it.
    I would do his massage when ever he called me ,with my
    best friend [Ranjodh Singh].When ever my best friend did
    his[Late Avtar singh ji] alone Pitaji’s[LATE Bhai Avtar
    Singh JI]he would always ask where I was.He called me
    Baba BERAM in a loving way.I WILL NEVER FORGET HIM.


  38. Jagjeet Sahota says:

    I knew Bhai Avtar Singh Ji very well as i am Giani Gurdeep Singh Ji’s grandson. For me he was another grandfather, i was lucky to have grown up in the presence of such wonderfully blessed and loving people.

    I live in vancouver now and was told the news by my father and was really suddened that the world has lost another great person. You only ever get to meet someone who is very spiritual if you are lucky in your life time. I must have done something right to have been born into a family such as mine and be able to sewa for them.

    My grandfather and Giani Gurdeep Singh ji from NY and Bhai Avtaer Singh were very close. I am sure the are together in God’s house.

  39. Jasvinder Kaur Chaggar says:

    It is almost one year since Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi left us. The Saheg Pathh bhog and Kirtan for his first barsi was held on 30th September at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, New Dehi, India. In Sydney, Australia, it will be held on 3rd october, 2007. Let us pray that his style of kirtan be continued.

  40. Rajveer Singh says:

    Bhai Avtar singh was a great ragi, he was one of the old timer ragi living. He was a honest, cooperative and good person.

    I do not know why he murdered AVTAR SINGH a supreme court of India’s employee who was son of Granthi Pritam Singh Dalla. The charge was that AVTAR SINGH
    (who died) was after Avtar Singh Ragi’s niece and he misbehaved with her.

    But murdering for teasing a girl is too much. I felt that AVTAR SINGH RAGI and Gurcharan Singh (his brother) must have forgiven him.

    Still I appreciate RAVI AVTAR SINGH as great ragi and his contribution to kirtan was a lot.

    Rajveer Singh

  41. Raminder Singh says:

    A good family

    I remember his son Ranjit Singh Bambi was an employee of PSB and very good person. A true sikh

    His daughter in law DALJEET was working in Indian Overseas Bank and was very good person. She respected elders and worked hard. Also she was always ready to help any customer who came to bank for any work. He helped everyone similingly.

    I wish the family good wishes


  42. Davinder Singh says:

    A great ragi jatha and served sangat for 50 years.  I remember sangat waiting for hours and hours to listen to their kirtan.  I heard some SIKH girls/ladies waiting and waiting to see the TABLA  player (who served with AVTAR SINGH for 50 years.  These girls and ladied were saying besides listening to kirtan we want to see the ‘HANDSOME TABLA WALA”  Realy he was one of the most handsome sikh ever seen.

  43. sukhdev singh says:

    Bhai saheb had been to my home when guru gave me a house in texas, USA. He was also apart of the Akhand path saheb in New jersey. My family always remembers him and we sincerely beleive that he is in mere guru’s lap and is in peace.

  44. Jasvinder Kaur Chaggar says:

    Bhai Kultar Singh Ragi (Late Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi’s yougest son) and Jathha are currently visiting the USA. The detailed program of their visit is posted on Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi’s home page. Bhai Kultar Singh Ragi is continuing the ‘Gumat Sangeet’ prampara. May Waheguru bless him.

  45. Balvinder Singh says:


    Indeed – the passing of Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi was very very sad. I remember our family following his jatha around the Gurudwaras of East London when they visited the UK in 1971 (I was 18 months old).

    Bhai Swaran Singhs tabla playing kept me mesmerised for the whole 90 minutes and was the inspiration for me to learn tabla myself.

    My father recorded a large number of these programmes on a Grundig reel-to-reel machine and I have digitised the recordings. I would like to share this priceless material, so if anyone can assist in this it would be greatly appreciated.

    I had not listened to some of these recordings for many years, and it was a joy to spend the time on them. Bhai Avtar Singh would sometimes explain the provenance of the reet or bandish, Bhai Swaran Singh would mesmerise with the clarity of his tabla, and the “violence” of his Pakhawaji bols, and Bhai Gurcharan Singh would have us in stitches of laughter when telling stories of Sikh History and Gurmat Parchar.

    The jatha performed the Kirtan after my Grandmothers funeral in 1988, and it was amazing to see the whole sangat entranced by them.

    Bhai Sahib – you will always be missed – but it gives me great joy that your art lives on in your son Bhai Kultar Singh and the other members of your family that are carrying on the tradition of Gurmat Sangeet.

  46. HARJEET SINGH says:

    bhai avtar singh A great ragi jatha and served sangat for 50 years……………..always carried with him the Maryada of reciting traditional kirtan of Gurbani.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,his son bhai kultar singh is continuing the ‘Gumat Sangeet’ prampara,with bhai swaran singh bhai manmohan singh in gurdwara sis ganj sahib gurdwara bangla sahib with the same tradition………., who says bhai avtar singh ji passed away he is still with us, his soul changed his name only.

  47. guru-pyaray khalsa ji, bhai avtar singh ji is a blessed soul which can be pulsed when he humbly says ” sabb pyaar naal aakho, satnaaaaam shri waheguru “. some years ago i developed awareness and then later love for keertan in ‘Asaid Raagas’. i went berserk and started downloading raaga keertan from all over the net i.e. et al. but after sometime as my fondness grew, i bumped into (by guru’s grace) and downloaded bhai avtar singh jis ” jo kirpa gobind bhaee ” (includes viyakhya by him), after hearing which i realized that i have got the raaga-based-sehaj-keertan i was looking for all this time.
    bhai sahib ji has not gone anywhere, i believe. hes with us through his thoughts and his keertan.
    sangat ji bhul chukk maaf
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh