The Many Faces of SikhNet


Here is a cool video that myself and Gurujot Singh put together for the SikhNet year end fundraiser. I hope that you will feel inspired and support the work of SikhNet by giving generously. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, please give whatever you can. Every dollar makes a difference.

Please also consider signing up to give a monthly donation. In order for SikhNet to operate we need to be able to count on regular support from the sangat. Our goal this year is to get $5,000 in monthly supporters. If you look on the SikhNet home page you can see our progress. We are just a bit over half way to our goal and hope you can help us get to the "Finnish Line".
My personal thanks and gratitude goes out to all those people who have made a donation to SikhNet so far!

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 Ps. If you liked the cool morphing animation sequence in the above video you can Download it as a Screen Saver.

7 Responses to “The Many Faces of SikhNet”

  1. Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa says:

    Sat Nam

    this is so cool !

    I like the many faces of sikhism – ALL morphing into ONE another – beautiful …

    great editing and music too !

    Hari Bhajan Khalsa

  2. blajeet kaur says:

    veers and phans, instead of having your hand out constantly asking for money from sikhs, why don’t you all establish the good careers and do this work as sewa? i notice more than 95% of punjabi sikhs make their Money outside sangat and more than 90% of american sikhs make it within. we should create money and bring it in instead of feeding from inside, every dollar given to you is one less dollar for sikh coalition and saldef. right now there work is more important. please get jobs and start supporting yourselves like most punjabi sikhs. i woudl be embarassed by how often i ask for money on and here. these sites are non-essential, if not here, some sikh would have created them and not asked for money all the time. sorry for harsh words but maybe they will help you learn how this constant asking for money is seen by punjabi sikhs. get the education, careers and start working.

  3. Baljeet Kaur, it is not as simple as you might think. First, I don’t think it would be possible to build and maintain the many services that SikhNet offers on a solely volenteer basis. You obviously do not understand the scope of what is involved running a large website like SikhNet. It requires a HUGE amount of time and skilled professionals on a daily basis. I have tried to get skilled technical volunteers many times before and normally they want to help…but in the end are just too busy or cannot devote much time.

    Secondly you are making a guess that “american sikhs” mostly make money from inside the sangat. This is not true.

    In regards to priorities…that is a judgement call by you. The efforts of Sikh Coalition are awesome but I personally think that inspiring and teaching within the Sikh community is just as important…if not more. There are many needs…and one isn’t necessarily better. People give towards services and projects which they relate to and feel serve them, so money given to SikhNet doesn’t necessarily mean less money for Sikh Coalition or any other organization. There is plenty to go around. In the end we are not begging for money. We are merely offering an opportunity for people to give to help serve others. This is the concept of Dasvandh, giving one tenth of one’s earnings back to the Guru’s mission.

    Right now there is so much emptiness and lack of understanding about being a Sikh. It seems like Sikhs have more enemies of other Sikhs than anywhere else. So much in-fighting. More and more people are loosing touch with the essence and spirit of being a Sikh. If this is not an important issue than I don’t know what is.

  4. Ravinder Singh Randhawa says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    I would have to say that i agree with Gurumustuk Singh that with every human being there are two sources of inspiration, one is inside the person the other is the external environment.

    Sikh’s need to have a better understanding of themselves and to improve the situation around them. I can honestly say that the Sikhnet website has been a source of inspiration for me in relation to donating to various charities (Sikhnet, United Sikhs and the local Gurdwara) along with making a difference in the local Sikh community.

    In regards to the external environment this is facilitated through community programs such as United Sikhs and Saldef.

    I consider both equally as important as they are doing something not only for me but doing positive for Sikh’s globally as well. Alot of times what i notice is that the cyber Sangat is actually the place where alot of youth come to, to ask questions they usually don’t get a chance to ask at Gurdwara or from their parents or immediate peers. I do think that both things are equally as important and that perhaps everyone could work together to achieve unity and love that the Guru’s taught with.

    Born again Sikh,
    Ravinder Singh.

  5. Jasmeet Singh says:


    My personal opinion is that I have learnt more from and other services that it provides about Sikhi than the local Gurudwara. I will support it in anyway I can, so it inspires more youths to adopt Sikhi.

    Baljeet Benji, your comments on getting jobs and volunteering etc..are good but is not possible in reality. Maintaining these websites is a FULLTIME job.

    Bhul chuk Maaf,

    Jasmeet Singh

  6. Shera Dhillon says:

    Dear Baljeet Kaur: First of all, please don’t do any comparison between American and Punjabi Sikhs. By doing this you are going against a very basic principle of Sikhism.

    I am a Sikh from Punjab and I disagree with your comments/thoughts and please don’t claim that all Punjabi Sikhs share the same views. You are free to express your thoughts but please don’t make any claims on behalf of Punjabi Sikhs. I have always heard great feedback from my Sikh friends (Punjabi Sikhs) about sikhnet.

    Sikh coalition and SALDEF are also doing great work and we should not do any comparison with sikhnet. All these initiatives are helping Sikhs one way or the other.

    One thing I would also like to add here is that sikhnet carries info about other Sikh organizations and their projects, and I was able to make small donations after learning about some projects at sikhnet. Now, you can very well understand whether sikhnet is helping other Sikh organizations or not.

  7. Deva Kaur says:

    Siknet is my virtual sungat and I am very grateful for this connection!

    Since it’s run by volunteers and on donations I realize I’m obligated to pitch in– which I gladly do through a monthly dontion. I feel it’s my blessing to be able to give back in this way.


    Deva Kaur

    (I like your comment Ms Shera Dillon Ji.)