Your Unique Identity as a Sikh

In this video my old friend and former India school mate (Satsang Singh) shares his thoughts and experiences on being a Sikh.

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11 Responses to “Your Unique Identity as a Sikh”

  1. Gurinder Singh says:

    Very nice message, God bless you Satsang Singh ji.
    Gurinder Singh (UK)

  2. Meher Kaur says:

    Beautiful! So true. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I am glad theres still people like you around. Keep Shining Khalsa Ji.

  4. Inni Kaur says:

    Satsang Singh ji:
    “If you are born a Sikh you can’t run away from it – it is in your soul – it is who you are”- your words – so true so very true. I too walked my paths and returned to the path that I was born in – why I do not know – deeply humbled with the “Grace” that has been bestowed. Looking for that something everywhere when it was right infront of me and all I had to do was trust it.Your words brought back many memories.Guru ang sung Satsang ji Guru ang sung

  5. Harleen Kaur says:

    You are true sikh. Thumbs up to you!

  6. Gurkireth Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Your video is very inspirational and uplifting for a 9 year old growing up in the UK.

  7. Very good video.

    To the point, short, sweet and inspirational.

    Would be a great video to show youngsters at camps and youth events.

    Keep up the good seva :)

  8. Nice background music too ;) Its from the new Breathwalk CD which is available from Spirit Voyage as Breathwalk Vol 1, Inner Calm…

    (sorry for the shameless plug ;))

  9. Tejpal Singh says:

    Thanks for this very nice message, so well addresses the inner conflict that almost every sikh has.

  10. Gurpreet Singh says:

    What a sundar dharaa he has…wow

  11. sarabjit singh says:

    sabat surat dastar sira,sabut surat jo bhane so beiman