Prosperity Consciousness – Vandh Chakana

In this short video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts on the concept of giving and receiving (Vandh Chakna), and how when you give it creates prosperity for yourself and you receive many times in return. This is also the concept in dasvandh where you give 10% of what you earn to help others.

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Lessons in Letting Go

"I was recently sitting with my friend for a cozy afternoon tea. I had the baby with me. One of his new accomplishments – a typical baby action – is dropping things, waiting for them to be picked up and given back to him and letting them fall once again. My friend commented that we should learn from children – they have no problem letting things go!

This is the first exercise in letting go because if we are grasping on to something tightly, how can we be open to receive? It is by opening and letting go that we enable God, Guru, the Universe, the Infinite to provide for us, to provide us with abundance. A child has no doubt of this, he or she freely drops things, and always expects to receive more. Young children are never worried about what they will get – they simply expect it and it is so for them. Perhaps that is why it is said, that children bring their own prosperity with them.

If we cling tightly to the belief that what we have is not enough, how can we be open to receiving more? If we hold on tightly to a system of dealing with our personal finances which does not work for us, how can we expect God to provide better for us? By the same token, when we learn to give within our ability to give, we are letting go, and thereby opening the door to the flow of prosperity in our lives. We must examine what it is that we are holding on to so fiercely, and we must learn the simple trust of children again. Prosperity consciousness is a journey. Releasing of convictions which impede us from giving and receiving is one step on the journey." – Darshan Kaur

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    I would just like to say these videos and this website is such a blessing from waheguru. This website has changed my life, and these videos always seem to come at the moment i need them. Wonderful! Bless all of you, and thankyou! :)