537th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak (Nov 5th)

 Guru Nanak gave us something very special. When, by the grace of God, he merged into the Divine, Guru Nanak discovered that God-realization is actually very simple for a human being to experience. What happens is that schools of thought, philosophies, debates and mental manipulations about God get in the way. In fact, every human being has a direct and clear capacity to know God within himself or herself as a very divine and dignified reality. The only question is spending the time to have the experience.

Guru Nanak gave us, ‘Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Naam. God is Creative and in the Creation. This Truth is my Real Name.’ God is not outside of us in some seventh heaven. He never was and never will be. God has always been right within us, all along, through the play of creation, the 8.4 million lifetimes that it has taken to get to this moment. God is that Divine Spirit within that has been guiding your path all along and will continue to guide you unto Infinity.

So rather than inventing complicated spiritual practices, Guru Nanak gave us something simple. He gave us a self-conversation between the Divine within us and our mind. He gave us a direct and divine language so the God within has a way to speak to us. Guru Nanak knew the power of sound to open the heart of the human being. And he also knew that God lives in the heart of every person. So he created a Sound Methodology for us to awaken. He gave us Japji, the Song of the Soul, – so simple, so pure and so powerful that its very Sound Current opens the heart and allows the Divine within to consciously guide our lives.

Gaavee-ai, sunee-ai, man rakhee-ai bhaa-oo. Dukh parhar, sukh ghar lai jaa-ay
– Japji Sahib, Pauri 5
"In a deep state of oneness within yourself, joyfully sing, deeply
listen, and, oh my mind, let the power of love protect you. All
sufferings will vanish and peace, sweet peace, will make its home in
your heart."

 On the 537th birth-anniversary of our beloved Guru Nanak Ji, the first of ten Sikh Gurus, we celebrate and send our prayers and blessings, to our Global Community this auspicious holiday, Sunday, November 5, 2006. Learn more about the life and teachings of this amazing spiritual leader Guru Nanak.

Video Stories on the life of Guru Nanak

16 Responses to “537th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak (Nov 5th)”

  1. Rochelle says:

    Love and blessings on this auspicious day, Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday. I feel lucky to be able to celebrate it at the Golden Temple today. This is my first trip to Amritsar, too. (-:

  2. Heartiest Congratulations to the cyber sangat on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Janam Diwas….May his eternal message of love, honesty, humitlity, equality and more reign supreme in all of us…

    (November Issue out today!)

  3. Kaur says:

    Happy Birthday Guru Nanak Dev Ji



  4. Kaur says:

    With his kirpa may we be able to get the English transaltion up and running once again!

  5. Gurinder says:

    Many thanks to Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the great gift of Sikhi, may all around the world be blessed with his wisdom on this great day!!

  6. kiran says:

    He done good. Go Guru Nakak Dev ji. I wish he were here today to see the progression in his quest for Sikhi. Congutalations to all my fellow Sikh brothers and Sisters.

    May Waheguru bless us all.

    Lots of Pyar


    P.S it was a cold 12* in London today. Very cold and grey!!!

  7. Parvinder Singh says:

    Guru Nanak message of equality, peace and justice was for whole universe and we have to spread this message to the universe.

  8. Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib jee, the Greatest of the Great who revealed the Truth and showed us how to live, breathe and walk the Truth.

    Bhaji Gurumustuk Singh jee – The Story videos are great. They are an inspiration and a great resource for children. Hope more well be made.

    Happy Gurpurb to everyone and peace to all.

    Guru Rakha

  9. raja says:

    waheguru ji ki khalsa wahe guru ji ki fate
    i wish guru nanak dev ji was here today so he can see us sikhs and that we are not afraid of anyone and will die for our religion
    happy birthday guru nanak dev ji
    ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β ٩β


  10. Gur k darshan, dekh-dekh jeevaan,
    Gur ke charan, dhoye-dhoye peevaan,
    Nanak Naam mile taan jeevaan,
    Nanak Naam mile taan jeevaan.

    Saadh sangat nu gurpurab di lakh lakh vadhaayi hove ji!

    I’m new to this site n I’m extremely inspired by the way true Sikhi iz made to visualize with such inspiring thoughts.

    I thought of sharing with all the sangat, how beautifully Gurpurab was celebrated with so much zeal, here, in this part of India. I hope sangat doesnt minds.

    Please find pics of Gurpurab celebrated at Bangalore.
    Gurdwara was beautfiully decorated.

    So, do click on the below mentioned url n then click on slideshow to find 2minz of absolute pleasure to eyes :-


    PS: No intention of advertisement frm my side, will delete the pics soon.

    Comments n suggestions most welcome,
    Bhul chuk maaf
    Aap ji da nimaana veer
    JasJeeT SingH

  11. sawaranjit Singh Pan says:

    Congratulation Happy Birthday Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

    Congratulations again to Everyone.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahwguru Ji Kee Fateh.


  12. Devakaur Khalsa says:

    JasJeet Singh– I enjoyed the wonderful pictures! Thx for sharing!

  13. Tizarat Kaur says:

    umm….i was thinking is Guru Nanak Dev Ji really not the Guru that did not fight? and how so people know how the gurus looked like?

    I hope to get my questions answered

  14. Gagandeep says:

    I love my god he is kindful to me he is the best god to me he is thankful to me he is the god that we neat my god is the best god he is a thoughtful god. He never lies he speak the truth and never gives up path and and what ever he dose he never gives up

  15. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has been a great person. H’s the founder of Sikhism and lets all of us pray together for the bright future of Sikh and we all shall not forget our religion and humongous teachings if Guru Ji.

  16. Jitender Singh says:

    waheguru ji ki khalsa wahe guru ji ki fate