The Guru’s Roop – Standing out as a Sikh

The latest interview with Guruka Singh is on the topic of looking different as a Sikh. The question was something along the lines of, "What is the purpose of Bana and looking different as a Sikh?".

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A few weeks back I was recording a video message for our upcoming annual fund raiser for SikhNet. I had all the video equipment setup and wanted to make full use of it, so I cornered Guruka Singh with a few of the latest questions that many of you had emailed (this being one of them). I have been trying to get some interviews with other people (for variety), but it’s always hard since most of the people I want to interview are not local here or always busy. Guruka Singh and I office together, so it’s always easy to do these recordings with him. Plus, he’s just lots of fun to record! You never know what is going to come out of his mouth!  Hahaha… It always seems to just flow out so easily without any thought or preparation and come from the heart. Wahe Guru!

If you would like to suggest a question for a future video interview with Guruka Singh or others feel free to drop me an email…or post a comment here. Questions/topics should be universal in nature so that others would benefit from it.

9 Responses to “The Guru’s Roop – Standing out as a Sikh”

  1. Prabhu Singh says:

    Yesterday my coworker said ‘I think of you like a high priest. Are you a high priest?’
    I said ‘Sikhs regard all people equally.’ We don’t have priests, but all Sikhs live with the discipline required by priests of other religions.
    Other people have told me I look like a prince or a king. Other’s said they wish they could dress like me.
    Everytime somebody from Washington DC comes here (I can tell because they wear suits) they stare at me. It’s so funny, because they have no idea what to make of me, but I’m being seen. Any positive attention towards me is for the panth.
    I take the responsibilty of representing the panth very seriously and I think of the goodness of the panth when I act as a representative.

  2. Pritam Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh Ji !!!!

    I think you should organize enough info to make a documentry about Sikhis teachings and philosophy. I like watching the videos with ambience music and I think people pay more attention to someone speaking over their own head while reading alone (dont get me wrong I love to read) I would buy a video if they were mixed and mastered like anyonther video that is out about Sikhi related things. All these short 5 min videos are so impacting that you seriously need to think bout gathering enough info to share to the people. Alot of Sikhs these days are idle and need to be put back into gear. Their emotions have taken over their bodies and they need a spiritual jumpstart, their souls beg for this chance to see you video that isnt even out yet or planned etc. I know alot of cybers that are searching far and wide to get that info that will vibrate their ears and open their hearts. Too many live the day to day with persecution and dont see the big picture of society trying to turn their thoughts away from GuruJi. It will never happen with me but I see others stuck and dont know they need help. We need more video documents about Sikhi, the more the better. The quality is good and the message is deep, people I know could also learn alot from these types of video because they ask alot of questions and the video is more detailed and saves me a little bit of breath(sometimes people ask the same questions throughout the day and its funny having to answer the same thing 4-5 times in one day might as well over weeks,months etc. (I dont mind telling them but the video would speak for itself, literally :)

    Sorry for my ramblings hehehe

  3. Ram Das Kaur says:

    I sat down to listen to this before going to work in the hospital. I am in Indiana and finishing nursing school. I began wearing my turban one year ago. sometimes i feel a struggle. It is committment. But I love what was said about it being freeing. In my experience it changes the projection. It allows me to see others as souls, and look beyond the personality. It is worth the struggle with the ego. It is growth, and that gets us closer to the truth. thank you.

  4. Gurpreet singh says:


    That was a well good video! nice work!

    All the best


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

  5. Pritam Singh, late last year I made a really nice DVD of most of the best videos. We gave this as a gift to SikhNet donors who gave $50 or higher. I chose the title “Inspirations” Volume 1 …. assuming that there would be more. I think when there are enough videos I’ll make another DVD.

  6. Hari Singh says:

    Excellent video. Thank you Guruka and Gurumustuk Singh. It is refreshing to view these wonderful short video which show the true Sikhi values and the many different facets of our amazing dharam.

    You are doing a beautiful job by presenting these on a regular basic – How about doing one every week??

    There are so many topics to deal with. The Sikh way of looking at everything is unique – so you can almost select any topic.

    1. Relationship of a Sikh with his or her parents; children; friends, etc;

    2. What is the correct attitude to have towards others outside the Sikh faith?

    3. If you think Sikhism is so good, why don’t the Sikhs have missionaries to preach and convert non-Sikhs into their religion? Wouldn’t you be doing them good long term – even if you used a little bit of “force” on them so they become Sikhs. Surely they would gain by becoming Sikhs.

    4. How should we deal with people who engage in anti-Sikh ways and perform rituals such as tilak, fasting, circumcision, etc – what is the Sikhi stand on this? Should we not be speaking against these things?

    5. What is Nimrata and why is it important for a Sikh? Isn’t it a sign of weakness? Shouldn’t a Sikh be strong and dominating? We say “Raj Karag Khalsa…” How can this be possible if we are being humble and submissive all the time.

    6. What is Daya and why is it important for a Sikh? In Japji, Guru ji say “Dhoul Dharam da-i-aa kaa poot. santokh thaap rakhi-aa jin soot.” What does all this mean?

    7. Why should a Sikh keep these five in check – Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar? How do you manage to keep these in check?

    8. Why do the Sikhs bow to the SGGS? Is this not the same as idol worship?

    9. I am inherently a good person; why as a Sikh should I take Amrit? Isn’t just good karmas sufficient to gain a position in heaven?

    10. Most of the world drinks, take drugs, smoke, parties and generally enjoys life; why as Sikhs are these things shunned? Aren’t we being a bit backwards?

  7. Shan Singh says:

    Hari Singh
    Alot of those questions are answered in the Sikh Youth Forum, a seach will give you alot of the answers.

  8. Gurmeet singh says:

    Dear Gurumustuk Singh sas ri akaal ji
    my name is Gurmeet Singh i have just turned 21 and i am a haircut, i am feeling lost and have tried in finding my path and it has lead me to guruka ji, i smoke and i drink sometimes but i think it is inner peace i am starving for i just dont no where to start, i am sorry if u dnt understand what i have said as i do not know how to explain, i hope to hear from you, sas ri akaal ji Gurmeet

  9. puneet kaur says:

    Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh,
    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring video by Guruka Singh Ji.. there are some videos where the Chardikala Jatha have talked about their love for Baana and Baani… which is also very inspiring Ji… i look forward to more such videos!!