What is Sadhana?
Sadhana is the daily practice of waking up in the amrit vela time (2 1/2 hours before the sun rises) to meditate and chant God’s Name. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, "Sadhana is nothing but where a disciplined one, the love, talks to one’s own soul. It is nothing but where one cleans his own mind."

What is the purpose of Sadhana? Why do we do it?
"Sadhana is nothing but where one prepares for the day to become kind and compassionate for everyone, including the enemies. We get up early in the morning, we rise, and we do our sadhana so that we can match up with the day, so we can match up with absolute reality. Face the reality with reality. Don’t face the reality with laziness and slowness. If you do so, you will never be successful and then you are your own enemy. You can’t make it. And that’s why sadhana is an act."

How do I experience my Soul?

"Everybody has God’s light and it must be lit by a person’s own discipline. And the glass to keep it lit and shining should be kept by the person’s own courage, strength and grit. I believe it. I believe this is the love. I believe everybody has the chance to love one’s soul and every soul has the right to shine and every shine has to bring light and brightness, beauty and bountifulness to all, generation after generation.

You love your children? You do. They are beautiful. Isn’t that innocent soul in you also your life child? Have you kissed the soul? Have you hugged the soul? Have you communicated with the soul in the morning at the ambrosial hours when there is absolutely no disturbance? Sadhna is nothing but where a disciplined one, the love, talks to one’s own soul. is nothing but where one cleans his own mind. Sadhana is nothing but where one prepares for the day to become kind and compassionate for everyone, including the enemies.

If you think you are poor, you are poor because you do not communicate with your soul, the source of prosperity, the source of reality. If you think you are desperate, you are desperate because you have no Sadhana. Desperation, depression, and a feeling of destitution comes only to those who have no discipline or Sadhana. Only a house which is not cleaned looks dirty and the mind which is not cleaned, stinks. sadhana is the most selfish act of every act, because it is a self-cleansing. Cleanliness is Godliness. It is good to wear good clothes, look good, be bright, beautiful. But when you want to be blissful and bountiful, you have to have a clear mind, a mind through which your soul, your spirit can shine.

When you stand, take a stand, and stand tall. Walk tall and stand by the strength of your soul. Not the strength of your intellect, intelligence and your cowardice. If you want to speak to anybody, to deal with anything, to have any relationship, just have relationship by the strength of your soul. Otherwise you will miss the goal of life." –
Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

How do I start and keep up a Sadhana?
You start with what you think you can handle. First, try getting up one hour earlier than usual; this may mean going to bed earlier. It is good to start with some simple yoga exercises to stretch your body and get it going, and then practice a meditation/bani of your choosing. Do this routine until you are able to do it easily, daily for a month or 40 days. Then slowly expand it to an hour and a half, then two hours. For some people, all they can manage of a morning sadhana is one 11-minute meditation, but doing that is certainly better than doing nothing!

It is important to understand that yoga and meditation bring light energy into the body, and over time, this replaces the need for that extra hour or two of sleep in a normal routine (not counting illness and late nights!!).

It helps a great deal to have a sadhana partner or community. Then you can support each other to get up and take turns leading the exercises and meditations. Yogi Bhajan used to say that half of sadhana is showing up, so if your local Sikh community has an organized sadhana routine, participate in it whenever you can get there, even if it’s only for the last 20 minutes.

Many of us find that the more we do sadhana, the more we find we need it and the support it gives us. In other words, it grows on you.

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13 Responses to “SADHANA and the SOUL”

  1. mandeep singh says:

    I had a summer job this year and had to work morning shifts 6am to 2 pm for 3 months.
    My experience of getting up at 5am was by end of the shift I was so tired and as soon as I got home I couldn’t manage to stay awake or have any energy to do anything. I’m not trying to make an excuse but if you work full time it’s nearly impossible to have enough energy to wake up in amritvela and have enough energy for the rest of the day. Its interesting how in one of your posts its say after a while the Guru’s light comes in your body and the extra hour’s sleep you miss doesn’t affect your body? Maybe the online sangat could share their experiences and tips on how they manage there daily sadhana? Also Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa Ji have you got any links to possible yoga exercises that you said will get you going?


  2. Pritam Singh says:

    I just got done with my Sadhana. Its 6:30am and I am going to help a guy build his house today. Have a good day, and remember Waheguru with each breath.

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh Ji!!!!!!!!1

  3. “Sadhana is nothing but where a disciplined one, the love, talks to one’s own soul. It is nothing but where one cleans his own mind.”

    … that’s beautifully worded.


  4. Angad S says:

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh ,

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji – This is a very very good Post . I was totally engrossed and liked going thru all the Related Blog Posts . Waheguru’s Love and Blessings be with you .

  5. inder mohan singh says:

    pritam ji, i also like your blog so please update your blog whenever you find a time. i also like your blog along with gurumastak, prabhu, sukhmani, and others also.

  6. Prabhunam Singh says:

    Sat Nam

    I life in Amsterdam Holland and am doing a 40 day early morning Sadhana at the moment.

    Mandeep singh wrote as a response to the post concerning sadhana that he has trouble keeping up during the day, especially when he has to work.

    This is the second third time I’m doing a 40 cycle.
    Welcoming Sadhana into your life in a relaxed open way is step one, realise that any tension you might have related to the dicipline is a invitation to surrender what ever it is to Guru Ram Das during Sadhana.

    Use your voice, sing and rejoice. Open up and expand to the day ahead ;)

    If something (sleep) bothers your performance during the day, take it allong with you to Sadhana and place it at the feet of the Guru. Create a relationship of trust, vibrate it and realise you are lot limited.

    I also used to get very sleepy, fuzzy, wuzzy etc.
    The sleepiness, fuzziness was me not being in reality! When you are in reality you are not sleepy!

    Wide Awake, Wahey Guru

    Love Prabhunam Singh

  7. The Siri Singh Sahib always said that sadhana was the most “selfish” thing one could do for oneself. It is the time and place where we are most available to hear what’s out there on the cosmic internet. Instead of the chatter of daily life, with our mind always calculating and strategizing we can slow down, clear the rubbish out and become a receptacle for divine wisdom. All sorts of creative ideas come to me in sadhana, as well as things I have been meaning to do, people’s faces float in and I know I have to call them. I remember the things that are important to me and find myself in a state of gratitude and deep inner peace. But…beware when you first start doing sadhana it is a challenge, as your STUFF will come up and the monkey mind will do its best to deter you from your practice. That is where “KEEP UP” comes in and if you do that’s when the magic happens. Sadhana is done in the morning but it is with you all day and affects you in a million ways that you are not even aware of at first. If there is a “magic bullet” out there for the stresses of this world it is sadhana, even if you only do 15 minutes every day and build on that it will change you and the world around you. Sat Nam.

  8. Kumi says:

    Hey ima singh from the uk!! WOoHoo, well ive never herd of this SADHANA, but it sure sounds like amritvela, so this makes me think that your amritveleh are different. So what do you espanola folk do as amritvela?

  9. jasbir kaur says:

    Im impressed

  10. hey, iam impressed by the way i read about sadhna.So, i want to start the sadhana. Can anyone of you tell me how to do the sadhna ??
    Your act will be higly appreciated.
    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  11. Simran says:

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh I love this website, it has so much information that one can learn from but its so hard to read at the same time. I would say background of the website is too dark and organge on top makes it even harder to read. Sorry I found it really hard on my eyes, if anybody could do something about then it would be appreciated.

  12. Jeffery Lu says:

    Sat Nam to all,
      I’m so glad to see this website and here I would like to share with you my experience about morning Sadhana. My name is Jeffery and I’m an expat in Shanghai. Originally from Malaysia.
      Previously, I did do morning Sadhana but only weekly basis, that’s mean only once a week. Thanks to God and Yogi ji HImself had guided me.  One day, out of no way, I’m in mood want to surf Once i hit the button, I saw a short video clip about Morning Sadhana by Yogi Bhajan. Then I on it. The most impressed words that been said by our Yogi Bhajan, “At morning Sadhana hour, is a time whether you decide to death or to be alive in this world. IF you don’t do morning Sadhana, when the problem come, you only blame the circumtances.” From here, these words just like hits into my neuron and straight away send to my brain and installed in by use like magic lock! What he said is true!! This is what happens to most of us, most of the time. Is because our energy is very low, and that’s why the negative energy attack us easily.

    After this video, I told my guru, Rebecca(Angad Kaur), I would like to take a challenge to begin the 40 days Sadhana. Rebecca said no other word but YES! Let’s do it. I’m really happy when she said that. Today, when I write my letter to share with here is my 3rd day on morning Sadhana. You must be wonder it just 3 days how could I see such a good effect on it? There’s a story behind of this 3 days. If count on total i had done almost 12 days morning Sadhana. The reason behind is because this for the previous day, I’m not consistent enough as I miss 1 day. Plus, I was fell sick one day 9. So, that’s why I start counting from zero again to start as beginner.

    For the first few days, I really can’t stand it cause really feel dizzy to challenge wake up early morning everyday. IT’s just lucky that i start work at 12noon. So at least after morning Sadhana I could sleep for while. But now, even after morning Sadhana, still sleep for while but the timing became shorter. Last time, i need to sleep till 11:30am after morning Sadhana, but now, I could wake up at 10am after morning Sadhana, or when I get very busy, I’m energize for the whole day. 

    Morning Sadhana really powerful and really help me improved my life. It helps me to balance all my chakra and as an artistic person, 2nd chakra blockage is really bad. Thru the classes I attended with Guru Rebecca, it had improve my lower back so much. Now thing chasing after me bit by bit, and I’m not really need to put too much efforts to get it, but it’s just come. Believe your inner Self is very important. Once you found your Inner Self, soon you will realized that you are part of God. One more thing, once good thing come or not come to you, remember do charity. Helping people without asking for return will train u to achieve the Infinity and Real you better. Because I myself a Buddhist and had been vegetarian for 15 years ( committed myself for whole life), all the teaching in Kundalini yoga really match on what I learnt from my Buddhism teaching.

    Just a little word to share with here and hope for those who read this message will help you to improve your life. Always pray to God before and after sleep, thanks to the Creator had gave you life again for wake up in the morning to serve Him and this world to make a better life and better place. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Humbly yours to share with,

  13. student says:

    Is it discipline , love , HIS mercy or all which help us to become one with Guru?
    Is it one's hand to become one with Guru?
    Doing sadhana is only cleaning mind which again get dirty everyday or asking for Guru's mercy to submerge us to HIS feet sothat we never have to cleanup again?
    Can this happened without contemplating, reciting, loving Guru Granth Sahib Ji everyday for a Sikh?