The Distortion of Women’s Beauty

Media and pop-culture shape so much of how people think about themself and what is "beautiful". We are constantly being bombarded with images of twig like "perfect" women. Glamour magazines are FULL of so called "perfect" looking women. I have never seen a magazines so THICK AND FULL in my life (than glamour mags)!! I can only imagine what it must be like as a women growing up with these images. These women are SO unnatural looking. It’s no wonder many girls/women these days have a low self esteem and are self conscious about their looks. Everyone is doing extreme dieting, getting boob jobs and plastic surgery to try to reach this artificial beauty.

As a society we have become so disconnected with ourself and can no longer see the natural beauty that we all have, both inside and out. Our youth especially have started to equate this as real and as a result having a low self esteem about how they look.

One thing which you may not even realize is that most of the images you see in the media are actually unreal. Seriously! In this digital age it has become ever easier to artificially change and "beautify" images.

Below is a 1 minute video, produced to show how an average looking woman got transformed into a supermodel image, and ended up on a huge billboard. This is a campaign started by Dove to promote Real Beauty and help women with self-esteem.

Have a watch, and think about what you can do to educate your friends or children about Real Beauty!

Watch another of the Dove videos on the same topic of beauty

13 Responses to “The Distortion of Women’s Beauty”

  1. What a real eye-opener this video clip is, but a good one! Thanks for sharing it with us. I always thought magazines must be showing the women exactly as they are (i.e. perfect- no spots, double chin etc). I found that bit where they stretched the woman’s neck very amusing. I had some professional hair model photos taken of me, and the photos looked amazing, but somehow it was not me there, they weren’t natural at all, but of course it boosted my confidence and I realized I don’t look that bad after all. No human human being looks ‘bad’ anyway, there is beauty in everyone.

  2. gurkipreet kaur says:

    u beat me to it by postin this veer ji hehe but im glad that u did. i watched operaz and Dr.Phills show(i know!!… please dont roll your eyes lol) and they were talk about this same issue. it is very negtive…and sometimes kids dont get it.if we start talkin about the affects would be a very long “comment”haha
    point is:
    it is up to the parentsor us as a whole community to make the kids feel good about them selves help them see the real self…jus like Gurbani helps us see what we REALLLYYY ARE! we an’t body…the whole of us is something beyond what we think…and is realllllly beautiful

    bhul chuk muaf karni

    Akal Sahai!

  3. Lionchild says:

    At least I know how to do photo shop…

    Its a shame really, she looked just as good before.

  4. Khalsa says:

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  5. Michael says:

    It makes my day when I see just <i>one</i> female who is not overweight, does not have dyed hair, nor tattoos, nor makeup, nor any pearcings. Such women are so rare that I feel like a freak for being attracted to them. But then when I see one, I feel so warm and know that I am right. Natural is beautiful.

  6. Theresa says:

    I am against makeup, liposution, boob jobs, hair dye, streaks, piercings, or anything else that changes appearance. You may not know it, but everyone is perfect the way they are. Changing it is wrong. I never wear makeup, I have no piercings, and I’ve never had an operation or changed my hair. I think THAT is beautiful. The girl in the video looked much better before in my opinion.

  7. fariba says:

    although I coudn’t see the video but I agree with you. I sometimes mke makeup but not so much. I love it because it make me fresh when I’m unhappy or sleepy and it can make diversity and freshing in my appearance life! but I don’t like makeup in all time. and I think i don’t need it and plastic operation and etc because I think every thing is ok on me and I’m beautiful!
    unfortualtely in my country (Iran) wearing makeup is growing up so rapidly. girls and women do tatoo, plastic operation specialy on thei noses, and wear makeup very much now and this is growing day after day! one of most importat reason of that is the cutural changing because of Iran government! (it has historical-political reason)

  8. Teddie says:

    I’m 15, and I know what it’s like to turn on T.V, or watch a movie, even just open up a magazine and think, is that what i’m supposed to look like? I hate looking in the mirror now, looking at my body, and suck in, just to see how thin I can make myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m attractive, but sometimes I wonder, if being me isn’t enough.

  9. izzy says:

    While I like the idea, sadly, the Dove campagn is also manipulated. The New Yorker magazine has an interview with the photo retoucher for that ad.

  10. Angel says:

    I am 15, and I’m one of those grils who is really skinny and tall naturally. I don’t diet or anything, I actually eat a lot. People at my old school would always tell me that I was perfect, and I hated it. “Perfection,” as we learn from this video, does not make people feel good about themselves. I just want to make people happy, but that’s hard to do when people are mad at you about how you look. I find myself wearing big, baggy clothes a lot so that people will not notice my body. It’s a shame that some people want to look like me, but they don’t realize that it’s not that great. We just need to learn to love ourselves, and not to make ourselves feel better by making others feel bad.

  11. DayDreamer1997 says:

    This Is Really Good…It Shows How Everything Isnt About Outer Beauty, Its Inner Beauty That Really Counts…It Shows That Everyones Beatiful, Whether Ure Up To 'Perfection' Or Not
    I Love This Video…x

  12. Olivia says:

    This is interesting. I am doing a project on what beauty, in today's society, actually means and I'd love it if people would send me some feedback. Because of the media displaying only one kind of "beauty" other people in this world feel left out and unworthy and I'd like to hear about it, whether this person is you or if you just have a comment.
    Thank You
    [email protected]

  13. Neesha says:

    This article is an eye opener, including the clip. But, with the comments saying "only if you're natural, you're beautiful" I think that's a load of bull. What you guys don't understand is people don't get piercings and tattoos or dye their hair because they think it'll make them prettier or attract more people to them, they get it done because they personally think it's beautiful and want to display the art on their body. I'm currently 17 with a few piercings (monroe, tongue, and stretching both 1st and 2nd holes in ears (currently @ 0g and 2g)) I didn't get all my piercings because I thought they were going to make me beautiful, I got them because I thought they were beautiful and they intruige me substancially. Tattoos are the exact same way. People who get surgery like breast implants, tummy tucks etc might get them done to bost their self esteem but that's their business, that's their choice.