What me Worry? – Video by Guruka Singh

Why do we worry about things? Why do we spend so much energy thinking about what could happen? In this video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts on the topic of "worrying". I hope you take the time to think about it after you watch it. Then, start to be more conscious of how you are thinking in the coming days….and when you start to worry try changing your thoughts.

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22 Responses to “What me Worry? – Video by Guruka Singh”

  1. Shan Singh says:

    Hmmm..Very neat and useful talk. If only it was that easy, I think as with most things it is not a simple matter of worrying and not worring but praciticing over a period of time to eventually reach the state of not worrying along with the help of God.
    Thanks for the talk! Much appreciated!

  2. It takes practice. When I notice myself worrying or getting stressed out…I have to just realize that I am starting to feel that way and consciously relax and not let myself get into the emotion of that feeling. The point is to not give energy to it

  3. Sifar says:

    To worry is nature of Humans. Excessive worrying may be rooted in personality types. It can also be traced back to negative childhood events. More serious anxiety disorders can be due to a disturbance of chemicals in the brain. When we worry too much, we obsess over situations that we have no control over or we can only partly control. We also worry about things that, realistically, we are powerless to change, such as being in a accident.

    Sometimes, the process of worrying about a problem becomes much bigger than the problem itself. So we often need to learn to deal with worries head on. We tend to worry more when we are stressed, so it can help to allow ourselves breathing space. Learning to relax (be it doing meditation or doing yoga or what ever relaxes you) can reduce worrying, improve sleep and relieve stress-related physical symptoms such as stomach pains and headaches. Worrying can make life difficult, but there are many ways one can get professional help, leaning towards spirituality is one of them. Although it takes time and energy, the result can be a less stressful, more fulfilling life.

  4. mandeep singh says:

    The older you get the more propblems and pressure come along. That’s my experience from school, high school, college or university. More and more responsibilities come and things become difficult.

    P.s Check out this video it’s not related but its so funny. It will take away your worries for a few secs at least lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX1WUZ6_NWI

  5. Thanks for sharing Mandeep. That video was great…hahaha…

  6. Guruka Singh says:

    Yes, worrying is a habit and that habit is formed over many years. But habits can be broken, and the first step is to decide to do it and to want to do it. The small prayer I gave in my video is a way to anchor yourself each morning to have a reference point to break the habit of worrying. You can decide not to worry and break the habit.

  7. terry says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve bin feeling really down lately, i feel like each day of my life is the same, nothing new or special happens to me.

    I know god loves me, but i feel as though god is not helping me with the stuff that really matters to me.

    Could you make a video with guruka singh just to idenify why life can be like this!

    thanks anyways

    Terry singh

  8. Gurdeep Kaur says:

    The video on ‘Worry’ really helped me to put things into perspective. It was very emtionally hearing those words by Guruka Singh.

    It is so easy in theory and I guess when you are worrying about something so much you can lose your self in it all.

    I can tke this on board as my guru handles all my affairs.

    Thank you.

  9. dre flores says:

    I love the Guruka Singh videos…..I hope you make more I enjoy them so much….this one seems especially relevant to my life….it made me chuckle a bit when I heard it…SO TRUE…such a waste to worry…”save that energy for seva” LOVE IT!!excellent advice….THANK U BOTH

  10. harjotik kaur says:

    i just wanna say that ……our guru sahib also said …..
    “chinta chadd achint raho”…..and
    leave every thing on god nothing can harm u then

  11. Hari Avtar Singh says:

    This video has been really helpful. I quickly transcribed it and have it posted on my bulletin board at work. Periodically looking at it helps ! Thank you for making this video lesson possible. Maybe you could make a video on people suffering from anxiety or depression ??

  12. Gursharan Singh says:

    Gur Fateh,

    I also get myself into such troubles of worrying about the future and spoil the day just because of this bad habit. I am studying and hence I tend to not study and waste time on – “what if I doesnt get successful”, forgetting that Guru Sahib is always with Khalsa and khalsa has been blessed with Guru sahibs powers and qualities. “Nirbhau hoye rahe liv ekai” is what then strikes me, “Jo hova hovat so jaane, prabh apne ka hukam pachaane” is what Guru sahib says, “Jin paidaish tu kiya soyi de adhaar” is what I forget and forgetting this and implementing it in life is what brings troubles. Believing in what Guru sahib says and even then worrying is what irritates me more. Am I questioning the sayings of my Guru? Am I not being a good child of my Guru? I wonder infinitely in search of these answers and think too much. Please share your thoughts on this and what Guru sahib says for fools like me.

  13. Hari Avtar Singh says:

    Dear Gur Fateh:

    Could you translate the Gurmukhi/Panjabi phrases you used in your comment ?? It would help me a lot for learning purposes.
    Sat Nam

  14. Gursharan Singh says:

    :), Gur Fateh is short for Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh! and by God’s grace, my name is Gursharan Singh :)

    Nirbhau hoye rahe liv ekai – means just meditate and remember one Lord God without any sort of fear

    Jo hova hovat so jaane prabh apne ka hukam pachaane- means what has happened, accept it as the will of God, it is he who wanted it to happen, and respect and accept his will

    Jin paidaish tu kiya soyi de adhaar – means the one who has created you, and brought yo to this world will take your care and will give you food and whatever you need.

    Hope it helps!


    i love this so much , i am not geeting any word for this what should i say its really good…..

  16. Hari Avtar Singh says:

    Gursharan Singh:
    Thank you for your responses. The translation from Gursharan was most helpful for someone like me that is new to Sikh Dharma and Gurmukhi. I have studied all the major religions of the world over the past 2 years and finally I am at Sikhism and Kundalini Yoga. It is the first spirituality that speaks to both the mind/body connection. Worry ?? Anxiety ?? yes…especially living in Los Angeles and being in a new romantic relationship. But Guruka Singh’s words are so true and so comforting. As I mentioned earlier, I review Guruka’s words daily, realizing that I can only put my faith and trust in The One, The Naam, The Guru, GOD and have faith and comfort in myself. All other attachments bring worry and anxiety. By centering onesself in the light of GOD all worry starts to leave. Giving into the will of GOD, all things will come to pass as they should and predestined. Worrying about what may happen other than what is actually happening is the weed that must be pulled from the garden of the mind. And I begin each day with “Oh One who created me, you can rotate the earth, so manage my affairs and allow me to relax and serve you today”.

  17. Gursharan Singh says:

    Just for my brothers who felt its great that Guru is trying to teach us something-just pray to the Akaal and things just go fine.

    “Aukhi ghadhi na dekhan deyi aapna bird samaale, haath de raakhe apne ko saas saas pritpaale” – meaning that oh Lord God, Oh my One, please dont make me see hard time ever, please save and me, i am yours, give your hand to me and do my “prirpaal”(care) at every saas(breath).

    Please note that I am a bhullanhaar(who commits mistakes) and the translation may not be literal.

    And whenever you feel bad – just say, “Hey pran naath gobinde, kripa nidhaan jagat guru, ey sansar taap harne karuna mein sab dukh haro” – that O the owner of my soul, O lord, you are so merciful, the Guru of the world, you cut away al the suffering from this earth, please do your grace on me and help me do away with my sufferings.

    Gur Fateh

  18. Balbir says:

    Waheguruji ka khalsa! Waheguruji ki fateh!

    It is really nice reading this blog. Sometimes we forget all what we have been taught by our Dear Guru Sahib and go on doing our own things which actually bring worries to us. If we always remember what we have been taught by Sri Guru Granth Sahib, I think, no worries can trouble us in anyway. The daily early morning prayer can save you from this bad habit of worrying. It does not mean that you do nothing else the rest of the day. For everything you want to achieve, you have to work hard everyday. I have experienced the results of the prayer. Someday I will share it with everyone. Thanks.

    Waheguruji ka khalsa! Waheguruji ki fateh!


    I am currently a serving Police Officer in the UK, thank you for sharing the video, I shall try and follow Guruka’s example.

    Thank you. Wahe Guru Ji Ke Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ke Fateh


    god bless Gurukh Singh, I wish I came across more people like him

  21. Tina says:

    i really love this site. could you please keep me up to date by sending me many emails?

  22. MANOJ says: